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About Us is an exclusive online shop for eco-friendly and natural lifestyle products.

Our vision is to deliver distinctive value to customers worldwide by providing a powerful market access platform to unique eco-friendly, organic and natural handmade products through innovative use of modern technology. 

GISKAA (pronounced ‘dʒɪskaa’) stands on 3 foundational pillars - Health, Environment and Social. Every product that we promote is reviewed and rated based on a comprehensive rating system that uses specific parameters to measure the impact to health, environment and society. This allows us to arrive at a eco-friendly/natural score which is published on every product page.

GISKAA is 'inspired by nature' and so is our 3-petal logo. Giskaa is deeply rooted in the principle that we hold the key to change in our hands. We shape our environment and our future by our very own hands. Giskaa also values the skilled hands of hundreds of amazing craftsmen who provide a unique taste of India. Hence, our logo, subtly honors the craftsmen by contouring the two petals in the form of two hands. The hands in yellow and red represents the passion and warmth while making the products by hand, also reflecting that the key to eco-friendly and natural lifestyle lies in our hands. The leaf in green represents the end product which is environmentally friendly and natural.


1. Our mission is to build a customer-centric company that focuses on how to deliver the best value to its customers by making unique handmade eco-friendly and natural lifestyle products accessible to them

2. We will continuously promote and propagate the benefits of using natural products to our customers, about how these products benefit not only the customer consuming these products, but also the farmers, artisans and craftsmen behind these products, and how in overall contributes towards environmental well-being

3. We will continuously endeavour to provide the most seamless of shopping experiences for the products that we promote, through which customers not only see unparalleled value by buying from us but also reflecting in the way their lives have improved by way of using these natural products

4. We will always follow a "customer first" policy and want to be solely identified by the benefits and value that the customer derives after shopping with us

We in GISKAA persistently strive and promote healthier and sustainable lifestyles to our customers through the promotion of unique products which are environmentally friendly and natural. Our rewards program has been designed with exactly this objective in mind - rewards customers who make eco-friendly purchases. The more natural and eco-friendly a product is, the more reward points you earn! Through this journey, not only will you get the opportunity to learn about the diversity, uniqueness of cultures, and the joy of community living, but maybe get educated and encouraged to live life in a more healthier and eco-friendly way. In the end, we hope to have helped you realize how satisfying it can be to live in close harmony with nature and enjoy what our beautiful planet has given to us, and to realize that we can equally give some of the beauty back.

We work closely with all our artisans and craftsmen on the ground with a mission to deliver a sustainable means of livelihood for them through GISKAA and generating employment at the source. is the eCommerce venture of Catena Technologies Private Limited, a company registered and based in Bangalore, India. All orders are fulfilled through our warehouses in Guwahati, Assam and Bangalore, Karnataka.

GISKAA Guarantee

GISKAA is an enterprise with a full-fledged supply chain infrastructure/network in place. Be it our partnership with the best payment and delivery vendors or our exclusive collection of artifacts designed by top-league designers, GISKAA represents a large organized network of artisans. Right from the moment that you enter the Giskaa webstore, we take the utmost care to give you the best and most seamless experience possible.

Secure Payment & Order Tracking

At GISKAA we want you to only focus on the magic we have to offer. Let us worry about safeguarding your purchase. We offer you 100% secure payment and order tracking on your fingertips.

What you need to know

+       All GISKAA online payments are processed through CC Avenue, PayUmoney, Citrus and OlaMoney, the online payment gateway providers that India’s leading e-tailers rely upon

+       All payments on GISKAA are secured through SSL encryption

+       We do not retain any of your sensitive information like passwords, PINs or CVVs

+       Order tracking is seamless with SMS alert and online tracking offering you an update on every movement of your order

Superfast Checkout

Don’t you just hate it when finding your product takes less time than actually placing the order for it? We’ve tried to make this easier for you. Our quick 4-step checkout process helps you make the most of your valuable time.

What you need to know

+       We accept all major credit cards and netbanking transactions

+       The checkout process is really very simple Order -> Shipping -> Payment -> Confirm

+       No more running through hoops of options and questions before your order is processed


When accessibility to a region and its artisans is limited, there is no way for you to know that you are holding a genuine product in your hands. At GISKAA, we bring you the best of the best and we deliver what we promise. All GISKAA products are authentic and genuine.

What you need to know

+       All GISKAA products are authentic and largely handmade

+       GISKAA is creating a large on-the-ground movement with the creation of an organized network of artisans across the Northeast region, creating a tight eco-system of specialists, designers, and artisans

+       We don’t work merely out of a remote office in Mumbai or Bangalore, our on-the-ground specialists are as close to the art and their creators as possible. We have local workers who are able to connect with the remotest tribes and artisans and bring their handiwork to you

+       It is this ground presence and intimate knowledge of the art that enables us to give you the most authentic and handpicked products

+       All GISKAA orders are packaged and shipped from our warehouses in Guwahati and Bangalore where a second level of Quality Check is applied on each item by our handling and packaging staff


Giskaa aims to bring you something that’s not only genuine and authentic but exclusive. We have on board top designers, government partnerships and experts who play a big hand in bringing you quality products that are of traditional origin but with a modern twist.

What you need to know

+       Your products are being designed not only by the local artisans but by top designers with a good knowledge of modern demands, preferences, and aesthetics

+       Each range of our products is endorsed by experts of the art, who are leading authorities on the topics. For example, our bamboo range of products from Tripura have been endorsed by the Tripura Bamboo Mission (TBM)

+       We strive to bring you ancient art but a modern twist. Have you checked out our Water Hyacinth wine case?

Quality Packaging

Beauty and art need to be handled with care. Ordering off random suppliers on the Internet always leaves room for doubt about the condition in which your product will be delivered. As a large-scale enterprise, we have the technology and facilities to provide you customized and expert packaging for each precious product you order.

What you need to know

+       All GISKAA orders are packaged and shipped from our warehouses in Guwahati and Bangalore

+       We use only high quality corrugated packaging material

+       All products are sealed with Giskaa branded adhesive tapes so that you know that they have not been switched or tampered with in transit

+       Expensive items like silk are packaged in natural woven bamboo bags and then packed in tamper-proof courier bags on top


The logo GISKAA - Bring Home The Northeast, the word “giskaa” and the slogan “inspired by nature” are all trademarks owned by Catena Technologies Private Limited.

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