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Absolute Tea

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Absolute Signature Assam Chai - 100 g Pack Of 2

Assam is famous for producing the best CTC Tea in the world ideal to make a strong cup of chai! This blend celebrates that glorious tradition with the best in Assam tea. The blend has tea produced in the prime months of May - June, to give you a cup of chai that would linger on your taste buds long after its gone!

Rs. 428

Absolute Signature Assam Green Tea - 50 g Pack Of 2

Absolute Signature Assam Green Tea is the long leaf green tea from the lush gardens in Assam, made with the leaves of Camellia Sinesis Assamica that flourishes in the sub-tropical weather of Assam. Being an unfermented tea, Green Tea contains an abundance of antioxidants making it great for your health. This tea has a refreshing taste with smoky note and a feign aroma.

Rs. 428

Absolute Signature Darjeeling Black Tea - 50 g Pack Of 2

Darjeeling Black Tea from the summer flushes, carefully selected by expert tea masters to deliver the real flavour of Darjeeling to your cups. The tea is carefully selected from the legendary gardens of Darjeeling, giving you a cup that would remind you of the place itself. The cup would be an aromatic brew that would have the traditional hint of muskiness, the dry leaf would feature good amounts of golden tips.

Rs. 623

Absolute Signature Darjeeling Oolong Tea - 50 g

Long Leaf Oolong Tea from the mountains of Darjeeling! Oolong Tea means 'black dragon' tea in Chinese, a name that does justice to its boldness and drama! This traditional Chinese tea undergoes a unique process, including withering under the strong sun and oxidation before curling and twisting. Oolongs range between 8% and 85% oxidized, which results in a wide range of colors and aromas.

Rs. 573

Absolute Signature Silver Needles White Tea - 25 g

This Handmade Silver Needle White Tea from Upper Assam has floral aroma and flavour with a faint Apricot coloured brew. Appearance of this tea is impeccable with needle like buds having white strands on the leaf, giving it that royal touch. The ensemble lingers on the palate, with subtle hint of sweetness. Exceptionally low in caffeine, White Tea also has many health benefits. It's believed to lower blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and help to improve the health of the heart.

Rs. 398