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Bamboo Mug Display Item

Display this georgic traditional mug made out of bamboo with tribal figures painted on it. This bamboo mug also makes for an ideal souvenir. Made in Mizoram.

Rs. 157

Cane Napkin Holder Rings - Set of 6

Keep your table napkins in place with the help of these handmade and eco-friendly circular cane holders. Made in Mizoram.

Rs. 245

Handcrafted Bamboo Mug

Pour some good old ale into this bamboo mug and enjoy the earthy taste acquired from natural bamboo. Made in Mizoram.

Rs. 370

Apple Shaped Fruit Basket

In order to keep your fruits in hygienic place where they may not get spoil, place them in this Natural and eco-friendly Bamboo Apple Collapsible Fruit & Vegetable Basket Bowl which is stunning and spacious in appearance as well to enhance your interior decors. Made in Manipur

Weight: 600 g
Dimension: L-30cm ; B-27cm

Rs. 516

Bamboo Bucket Basket

Handmade bamboo basket in a bucket shape makes it more spacious. Made in Tripura

Weight: 160 g
Dimension: 12"x 8"

Rs. 427

Bamboo Designer Hanger

This sturdy hangers made of bamboo are the perfect choice to keep your precious clothes organized and free of wrinkles or damage. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 100 g
Dimension: 11.5" x 3.5"

Rs. 95

Bamboo Laptop Stand

This simple Bamboo laptop stand gives a comfortable slant to your laptop, which can make you be at ease while working. Made in Tripura

Weight: 350 g
Dimension: 16.5" x 10.5" x 2"

Rs. 723

Bamboo Mug & Sipper

Touch up your home interiors with elegance of this pair of bamboo Mug and Sipper, traditionally exclusive. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 250 g
Dimension: 7.5" x 2.5" Diameter

Rs. 1,793

Bamboo Mug and Sipper

A bamboo mug and sipper in light hazel colour, is an eye treat for those who loves indigenous products with classy look. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 666

Bamboo Pen Stand

Classy black pen stand, carved out of bamboo, stands tall as a symbol of utmost sophistication. Handcrafted in Nagaland.

Weight: 200 g
Dimension: 4.5" x 4"

Rs. 691 Rs. 622

Bamboo Pen Stand – With Bison Horn

Northeast symbol - Bison bamboo pen holder for official purposes. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 605

Bamboo Scratcher

Now get relief in those troublesome itchy parts of your back that you just cant reach with your hand conviniently with the help of this bamboo scratcher. It also makes a great gift for your aging grandparents who finds difficulty in stretching their hands and reaching troublesome itchy spots. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 10 g
Dimension: 13" x 1"

Rs. 52

Bamboo Tea Mug - Black

Polished and refined black mug with a cream crown, made of bamboo is a stunner in looks. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 144

Bamboo Tea Mug - Dark Brown

Dark Brown bamboo tea mug, has a unique naughty touch to it, yet is an incredibly fancy thing. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 202

Bamboo Tiny Cup Shape Key Chain

This lovely tiny cup shaped bamboo key chain will make a stylish key holder while at the same time serving the purpose of keeping your importnant keys safe. Made in Mizoram

Rs. 60

Bamboo Tray

Curvaceous and carved to perfection is this bamboo tray, which will add a dollop of elegance to your interiors. Handcrafted in Tripura

Weight: 500 g
Dimension: 11" x 13"

Rs. 623

Boat Shaped Bamboo Pen Stand

Crafted by hand, this boat shaped bamboo pen stand will fit perfectly well on your work or home desk. Keep your pens, pencils, rulers and essentials handy and organised with this artfully crafted design. Made in Manipur.
- Bamboo
- Eco-friendly

Rs. 321

Flower vase with ballet dancer

This handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo flower vase that features a vale dancer motif epitomizes timeless elegance and creates a striking focal point for any mantle arrangement. Made in Manipur

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimension: Height-46cm, Diameter-11cm

Rs. 948

Flower vase with Lizard motif

This handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo flower vase that features a lizard motif ensures that this vase complements both contemporary and traditional décor styles. Made in Manipur

Weight: 900 g
Dimension: Height-46cm, Diameter-11cm

Rs. 869

Flower vase with Owl motif

This enthralling handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo flower vase features a traditional owl motif that lends your home a conventional yet stunning charm. Made in Manipur

Weight: 1000 g
Dimension: Height-50cm, Diameter-11cm

Rs. 869

Flower vase with Sangai (Brow-Antlered Deer) motif

This handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo flower vase features a traditional Sangai(brow-antlered deer) motif and lends a true style statement for your living spaces, beautifying your home interiors. Made in Manipur

Weight: 1.2 kg
Dimension: Height-43cm, Diameter-11cm

Rs. 1,027

Hancrafted Bamboo & Wood Photo Frame

A fine combination of wood and bamboo, touched up with glossy finish to create a beautiful, handmade wooden frame. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 200 g
Dimension: 12" x 8"

Rs. 1,099

Handcrafted Bamboo & Wood Photo Frame

Handcrafted wood and bamboo frame, polished to make it an exquisite show piece for your interiors. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 350 g
Dimension: 8" x 12"

Rs. 1,264

Handcrafted Bamboo Pen Stand

Handcrafted pen stand made of bamboo and cane. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 196 Rs. 176

Handmade Bamboo Mug Showpiece

Enhance the decor of your room with this handcrafted bamboo mug, this beautiful showpiece is light weight and ecofriendly. You can keep this anywhere in the living space and will surely fetch a lot of compliments from the guests. It is the best gift option for your near and dear ones. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 50 g
Dimension: 2.5" - Diameter, 3.5" - Height

Rs. 100

Hexagon Shaped Pen Stand

This simple yet charming Handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo hexagon pen stand will add unmatched beauty to your kid's study room or your office. Made in Manipur

Weight: 100 g
Dimension: H-9.5cm, D-9cm

Rs. 86 Rs. 77

Lip Shaped Pen Stand

This meticulously handcrafted bamboo pen stand that is natural and eco-friendly and painted with natural black dye, will make your office table look traditional, royal and desirable. Made in Manipur

Weight: 400 g
Dimension: L-21cm, B-13cm, H-12.5cm

Rs. 349 Rs. 314

Manipur Kanglasha Pen Stand

This handcrafted bamboo pen stand patterned with the famous Kanglasha idol of Manipur, painted with natural black dye which instantly gives a culturally rich look. Made in Manipur

Weight: 400 g
Dimension: L-25cm, B-11cm, H-27cm

Rs. 463 Rs. 417

Mizo Bamboo Coasters - Set of 6

Add an ethnic charm to your dining table with this bamboo coasters with a stand. This six piece set is worth buying online for its old world feel and elegance. Made in Mizoram

Dimension: Diameter - 4"

Rs. 449

Oval Pen Stand

This Serene and traditional yet beautiful and modern handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo oval pen stand, will be a classy accessory and add elegance to your work station. It as light weighted and durable. Made in Manipur

Weight: 100 g
Dimension: H-9.5cm, B-11cm

Rs. 86 Rs. 77

Painted Bamboo Flower Vase

Handmade flower vase, painted with white pretty flowers, with the vase made of bamboo. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 875

Painted Bamboo Flower Vase

Bring home the tradition of North-east with this bamboo vase, painted with tribal prints, handcrafted with precision. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 875

Painted Bamboo Flower Vase

Traditional tribal paintings adorn this beautiful bamboo flower vase, handcrafted to perfection. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 1,139 Rs. 683

T-Light 3 Piece Set

T-light set is a beautiful asset, to be placed anywhere in your home,Made in Tripura

Weight: 120 g
Dimension: 2"x 4"

Rs. 338

Zig Zag Pen Stand

This Handcrafted and eco-friendly bamboo pen stand in zig zag pattern, painted with natural black dye, is so classy and elegant that it will instantly make your office table look royal and high class. Made in Manipur

Weight: 500 g
Dimension: L-26cm, B-12cm, H-11cm

Rs. 349 Rs. 314