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  •                   Bamboo seed/rice - 200 Gms
  •                   Jaggery - 500 Gms or Liquid Jaggery
  •                   Ghee - 100 ml
  •                   Coconut(medium) - 3 Nos
  •                   Cashew nuts - 1/2 cup
  •                   Thin coconut slices - 1/2 cup
  •                   Dried ginger powder- 1 Teaspoon
  •                   Cumin seed powder- 1/2 Teaspoon
  •                   Cardamom powder- 1 Teaspoon


  •          Grate the coconuts.
  •          Take 1 cup first milk, 1 litre second milk and 2 litre third milk from the grated coconut and set aside.
  •          Wash the bamboo rice properly with water and keep it aside.
  •          Melt the jaggery along with water and filter it or you can use the liquid jaggery.
  •          In a pan, pour ghee. Fry the cashew nuts. Once done take it from ghee and then add the thin coconut slices and fry till little brown.
  •          Place a heavy bottomed pan\vessel on medium flame.
  •          Pour third milk of coconut and boil.
  •          When it starts boiling add bamboo rice and cook till the rice is 3/4 cooked. (if its not cooked well add sufficient water and cook again)
  •          Add the filtered jaggery syrup into it and mix well.
  •          When it starts thickening, add the second milk of coconut.
  •          Add the powders and mix well.
  •          When it again starts thickening, add the first milk of coconut.
  •          Also add the fried cashew nuts , coconut slices along with the used ghee.
  •          Cook for another 5 minutes on a medium flame.Keep stirring.
  •          Switch off the flame when the payasam is thick.
  •          Allow it cool and then serve.


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True Elements Nutritional Grains - Bamboo Rice (Strength and Vitality) 1000 g

Bamboo Rice! When was the last time you heard those two words together? Bamboo rice has been credited with having multiple health promoting attributes. In addition, to the health benefits the attractive mild green colour and fresh aroma of the rice when cooked is enough reason to go for Bamboo rice over any other rice when you are looking for something apart from the usual. It also exhibits a lovely aroma of jasmine which would add a whole new dimension to your cooking no matter what it is that you're preparing.
Weight: 1000 g

Rs. 350