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Dried Bamboo Shoot (Mautuai Rep) - 60 g

Bamboo shoots are the sprouts that spring out beside the bamboo plant. Known as one of the fastest growing grass in the world, they are popular and used widely for their unique flavour. Made in Mizoram.
- Dried hygienically
- Does not contain carcinogenic soot
- Natural & organic

Rs. 77

Dried Fermented Bamboo Shoot - 50g

A key ingredient in many North East delicacies especially pork or other meat dishes, dry bamboo shoot enhances and intensifies the flavour of the curries and is adored by the North-easterners for its storage value. Made in Manipur

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 163

Fresh Bamboo Shoot (Partially Fermented) - 300 g

Bamboo shoot or bamboo sprouts are edible shoots of bamboo. These Bamboo Shoots are “dhekit khunda”which means that the bamboo sprouts are lightly hand pounded in wooden mortars in the most natural way practiced by the ethnic community to help release flavours which you won’t taste in any other. Add flavour to your dish by adding a little shoot to your dish be it veg or meat. Bamboo shoots are greatly enjoyed in various dishes in Asia and closer to home in the North-Eastern region of India. Get this incredible pack of fresh bamboo shoots straight from nature’s lap in Assam and enjoy a delicious feast. Weight: 300 g

Rs. 177

Fresh Fermented Bamboo Shoot - 250g

For those who love to use raw fermented bamboo shoot in their cooking but do not have ready access to it, we have solved your problem now. This bamboo shoot will last a long time and will only get better as with age, its pungent aroma increases. Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 182