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Aloe Vera -all Purpose Gel-pure & Unscented - 120 g

Natural & unscented pure aloevera gel from La Flora Organics. This wonderful multi-purpose aloevera gel is quick absorbent and it softens and nourishes the skin, making it radiant and smooth naturally. Rich in vitamin E, aloe vera helps to tighten skin pores, lightens blemishes & scars, heals inflammation & wounds. Its helps to reduce wrinkles & fine lines, acne & pimples. Use it as a hair care gel to prevent dandruff and scalp irritation or as hair styling gel. Apply it as an after shave gel, after waxing or any skin treatment. Can be used as nappy or drool rash cream for babies or as a detanning face care gel before bed time or even as a sunscreen. Ideal for all skin types and ages. Contains 95% pure aloevera juice. No added harmful chemicals or artificial colors or perfumes.

Rs. 194

Aloe Vera Gel - Sea Buckthorn - 100 g

Flaunt flawless looking skin with this exceptional moisturizer from Tvam Naturally Yours which is suitable for all skin type. This gel is anti- bacterial and anti acen. It cleanses, smoothens and softens the skin. It can be used on face and body and also for styling hair. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 549

Baby - Bath & Body Massage Oil - 100 ml

Specially handblended massage oil containing organic olive oil, almond oil and calendula oil is the best massage oil for baby's sensitive skin. It is pure and nourishing for the skin.

Rs. 294

Baby - Bath & Body Massage Oil - 200 ml

A multi purpose oil for your baby, specially hand blended using pure coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil ,calendula oil,lavender oil, and Vit E oil.

Rs. 584

Babys Bottom Balm-nappy Rash Balm - 25 g

A natural way to treat nappy /diaper rashes. Enriched with organic olive oil, almond oil and calendula oil that soothes and nourishes the skin. Ideal for babies. Also heals sunburn,any skin sores or rashes.

Rs. 174

Barva Skin Therapie Neem Peppermint SLS Free Facewash SLS Free- 50ml

Barva Skin Therapie Neem Peppermint SLS Free Facewash is a mild facewash that combines the antibacterial & skin soothing benefits of organic neem extract & peppermint essential oil. It gently cleanses your skin without stripping away the natural oils & maintains healthy skin ph. Get naturally glowing and radiant looking skin with this SLS free natural facewash !

Rs. 219

Basil Body Massage Oil - 100 ml

Basil oil has traditionally been used since ancient times to cure headaches, migraines and respiratory disorders. It has been beautifully blended with wheatgerm oil and almond oil to give you various benefits.

Rs. 524

BioBloom Anti Tan Oil - 100 ml

Protect your skin from the harsh sun with this anti tan/sunscreen oil from BioBloom that is enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like liqoruice, cedarwood and carrot seeds. This anti tan oil is a blend of pure essential oils and cold pressed oils. It not only protects your skin from the sun but also leaves your skin smelling pleasant and looking radiant and glowing. This product is free of any chemicals and harmful subtances. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 498

BioBloom Baby Hair Cleanser - 100 ml

Made with soothing natural sweet orange, aloe vera and olive oil, this baby hair cleanser from BioBloom is gentle and perfect for your child. This hair cleanser is toxin free and Sulfate Free (NO SLS/ SLES) and is a safe, effective baby shampoo and hair cleanser. Gentle, pure and natural, it also smells amazing with natural sweet orange essential oil. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 398

BioBloom Baby Hand & Body Wash - 100 ml

Gentle hand and body wash for your infant from BioBloom that is enriched with aloe vera which moisturizes and softens the skin. This Sulfate Free (NO SLS/ SLES) hand and bath wash also has neem extract with gives it an anti-bacterial and natural cleansing properties. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 398

BioBloom Baby Massage Oil - 100 ml

This Baby Massage Oil from BioBloom is a blend of cold pressed sweet almond oil, olive oil and organic vegetable oil to nourish your child's skin. This Biobloom Baby Massage Oil is free from all Petrochemicals & Contains NO LLP. It is rich in vitamin E and takes care of your baby’s skin the way nature intended to. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 498

BioBloom Baby Moisturizing Lotion - 100 ml

A mild and nourishing Natural Baby Moisturizing Lotion from BioBloom which is made of cocoa butter, jojoba oil and liquorice extracts. This Paraben Free & Fragrance Free Moisturizer is a natural skin conditioner that provides the required oil to the skin and repairs damaged skin if any. Use this gentle lotion anytime to nourish your baby's dry skin. It absorbs quickly and is mild for your baby's skin. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 398 Rs. 358

BioBloom Face Wash - Tea Tree - 200 ml

A mild and gentle tea tree face wash from BioBloom for oily and combination skin type that is enriched with tea tree, turmeric and grapeseed oils. This Sulfate (NO SLS/ SLES) Free Face Wash has anti-fungal benefits and healing effects especially for acne. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and assists with skin repair as it has mild astringent and antiseptic qualities too. Weight: 200 ml

Rs. 598 Rs. 568

BioBloom Face Wash-Green Tea - 200 ml

A gentle face wash for dry to normal skin from BioBloom which is enriched with Green Tea, Aloe Vera & Lavender oils. this Sulfate (NO SLS/ SLES) Free Face Wash is a powerful natural moisturizer and seals off loss of moisture. The natural antioxidants and collagens enhances skin cell renewal. It helps in formation of scar tissue and provides the correct skin balance and rejuvenates the skin. Weight: 200 ml

Rs. 598

BioBloom Hand Sanitizer - 50 ml

Baby care hand sanitizer from BioBloom for your child. This alcohol based Hand Sanitizer reduces the overall risks of infections and cuts the number of days kids stay home sick from school. This Hand Sanitizer contains neem extract that is hard on germs & helps keeps hands bacteria & germ free and the Aloe Vera gel ensures that it is gentle on the hands leaving them feeling moisturized & non-sticky. Weight: 50 ml

Rs. 141

Biobloom Natural Face Scrub - 50 g

This natural face scrub from Biobloom is enriched with ingredients like sugar and primrose and nutmeg essential oils that act as great exfoliating agents. Biobloom's chemical free face scrub also has grapeseed oil which provides anti bacterial action. Orange and almond oils provide nourishment to the skin. Weight: 50 g

Rs. 498

BioBloom Natural Massage Oil - Rejuvenating -100 ml

A rejuvenating aromatherapy body massage oil from BioBloom that is enriched with lavender and orange essential oils. This massage oil is made from 100% natural ingredients and does not contain any LLP or Petrochemicals. This wonderful lavender and orange massage oil works as an anti-depressant and a mild aphrodisiac and great to rejuvenate your love. Weight: 100

Rs. 798

BioBloom Natural Massage Oil - Relaxing - 100 ml

A bath care natural massage oil from Biobloom that comes with the goodness of aromatic ylang ylang and bergamot. This relaxing massage oil helps lower blood pressure and sedates & calms you by relieving anxiety. It is a booster for the nerves & reduces nervous stress. Sit back and relax with this wonderful massage oil. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 798

BioBloom Natural Under Eye Gel - 15 g

Aloe Vera under eye gel from BioBloom that includes vitamin A, E & C, which nourishes and heals the under eye skin. Cucumber juice soothes and aids the delicate skin. Mint and green tea extracts diminishes the sagging skin and dark circles under your eye. Weight: 15 g

Rs. 284

BioBloom Sunscreen & Day Protect Lotion - 100 ml

Sunscreen lotion from Biobloom that is Paraben free and chemical free daycare that is made from natural ingredients. This sunscreen isis enriched with liquorice and carrot seed oils. This sunscreen is free from all toxic chemicals commonly found in commercial sunscreen and protects the skin from external aggression. Liquorice protects against sunlight and UV Rays and Carrot Seed provides the daily requirement of protein & Vitamin E to the skin. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 332

BioBloom Sunscreen & Day Protect Lotion - 200 ml

Paraben free and chemical free daycare sunscreen lotion from BioBloom that is made from natural ingredients. This sunscreen isis enriched with liquorice and carrot seed oils. This sunscreen is free from all toxic chemicals commonly found in commercial sunscreen and protects the skin from external aggression. Liquorice protects against sunlight and UV Rays and Carrot Seed provides the daily requirement of protein & Vitamin E to the skin. Weight: 200 ml

Rs. 598

BioBloom Swimmers Oil - 100 ml

An oil for swimmers that protects you from any external aggression including the harsh effects of the sun and UV rays. Swimmer's Oil from BioBloom protects the skin and is LLP & Petrochemical Free oil. This oil is enriched with the natural ingredients like coconut, liquorice and carrot seed and also protects against chlorine damage. It revitalizes the entire body with its refreshing natural ingredients. Just perfect for the eco-friendly swimmers! Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 473

By Nature Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10 ml

Pure tea tree essential oil from By Nature. Enjoy the various benefits of tea tree oil as you soak yourself in the goodness and aroma.

Rs. 270

Foot & Heel Care Balm - 25 g

Special care for your wonderful feet & cracked heels. The foot and crack heel balm from La Flora Organics is 100% herbal. Our Feet are often subjected to a lot of daily wear & tear. To heal those painful, cracked heels or to simply soften & nurture your feet at the end of a tiring day, this balm is ideal. With organic coconut oil and castor oil that softens and moisturizes the skin, and tea tree and basil oils that have anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties which helps to heal the cracked area of the feet. No Mineral Oils/Chemicals/Perfumes/ Preservatives/ Gel/Ointment Base.

Rs. 154

Future Organics Panchakavya After Shave Lotion - 100 Ml

After shave lotion from Future Organics that is made using pure and natural ingredients. This 100% organic after shave lotion is gentle and moisturizing on the skin. Care for your face with this gentle after shave lotion. This after shave lotion helps to clean and heal cuts from the harsh razor. Dab a generous amount on your face after shaving. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 159

Grenera Moringa Oil - 100 ml

Moringa oil from Grenera that is sourced from the seeds of the Moringa plant which is rich in mutli minerals and vitamins. Moringa oil works like magic for the skin and hair. It is also known to possess anti-ageing properties.

Rs. 469

Handmade Soap Bar-baby Soft - 100 g

Enriched with the goodness of organic coconut & olive oils this mild bathing bar for babies is known to have excellent moisturising properties. It does not contain parabens/triclosans, petroleum derivatives and artificial perfumes.

Rs. 194

Herbal Body Massage Oil - 100 ml

The calming effect of sandalwood aroma relaxes your senses. The goodness of saffron and turmeric oil on your skin brings an instant glow to parched skin.

Rs. 524

Herbal Hills Arthrohills Ultra Oil - 100 ml

Arthrohills Ultra Oil from Herbal Hills is a selection of herbs and is based upon a long standing use as a traditional solution to promote joint health, control natural inflammatory responses within the body and maintain healthy nerve and tissue function. Gandhapura tail and gandhabiroja tail are considered to have analgesic and anti inflammatory properties and sesame oil is nourishing and rejuvenating to the skin, bones and nerves.

Rs. 294

Indus Valley Bio Organic Oil - 60 ml

Indus Valley Bio-Believe In Organic Skincare Oil is a moisturizing oil that helps to improve uneven skin tones, scars and stretch marks. This powerful formula helps in reducing the ageing of skin by moisturizing and hydrating the skin. The ingredients used are all 100% natural and chemical free. Weight: 60 ml

Rs. 494

Indus Valley Fem Elixir Vaginal Moisturising Silk

Fem Elixir Intimate Moisurising Lubricant from Indus Valley is a light, non-greasy lotion, specially formulated for women’s body for long lasting relief from uncomfortable vaginal dryness. Can be used to instantly relieve uncomfortable dryness and also can be used on a daily basis to help & prevent vaginal dryness. It is fast acting and long lasting. It replenishes vaginal moisture. Weight: 100 ml

Rs. 194

Iraya Algae Serum Body Lotion - 250 ml

Nourish and moisturize your skin with this light Algae Serum Body Lotion from Iraya. This body lotion with the spirulina, green algae and aloevera, is a magical mixture that wonderfully moisturises and smoothens the skin. Leaves a hint of the exotic aroma of the East, keeping your senses revived, all day. This Algae serum body lotion leaves a hint of the exotic aroma of the East, keeping your senses revived all day! Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 494

Iraya Anti Acne gel - To Apply On Affected Area - 25 g

Stop those acnes from erupting with this Anti-Acne Gel from Iraya. A miracle solution for blackheads, pimples, acne, problem skin. Just squeeze a small amount and apply on the affected area. This anti acne gel from Iraya works wonders. It removes excess toxins to effectively heal breakouts and eruptions. Weight: 25 g

Rs. 294

Iraya Basil & Mint Balancing Face Wash - 150 ml

Refreshing smell of mint and basil face wash from Iraya. This balancing face wash is made with extracts of basil and essential oil of mint. Basil and mint face wash gently washs and deeply cleanses without drying the skin. Purifies and balances removing excess oil and impurities, leaving the skin feeling refreshed and comfortable. Weight: 150 ml

Rs. 344

Iraya Basil gel - Skin Soother - 50 g

Soothe your skin with this cool and soothing Basil gel from Iraya. This face gel is made up with basil extracts and lavender, being a light-weight face lotion that lightly moisturises the skin leaving a lingering and refreshing aroma of tulsi. Helps soothe, protect and hydrate the skin leaving a smooth and soft finish, all day. Weight: 50 g

Rs. 324

Iraya Grapes & Green Apple Shower gel - 250 ml

Immerse yourself in a fresh and fruity shower with this refreshing Grapes and Green Apple Shower Gel from Iraya. Fresh juices of grapes and green apples are blended with the extracts of brahmi and mimosa to make this refreshing shower gel. It cleanses and balances the skin, and the wonderful aroma of fresh green apples helps perk up and brighten the mood, all day. Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 294

Iraya Himalayan Berry Gentle Face Wash - 150 ml

A gentle cleansing face wash that comes with a convenient pump dispenser. Himalayan Berry Gentle Face Wash from Iraya is made with the finest Indian madder (manjishta), gotukola leaves and Himalayan berry extracts. This face wash cleanses skin of impurities and pollutants very gently and effectively. Ideal for dry as well as normal skin. Regular use helps maintain healthy glowing skin. Weight: 150 ml

Rs. 344

Iraya Manjistha Eye Contour gel - 25 g

Dark circles under your eyes worrying you? Erase those dark circles away with the Manjistha Eye Comtour Gel from Iraya. Easy to use, nutrient-rich skin care in a gel form. With the extracts of Indian madder (manjishta) and lavender essential oil, helps cool the eye area, reduce puffiness and swelling, and minimise dark circles and fine lines. Regular use protects and brightens the eye area. Weight: 25 g

Rs. 394

Iraya Purifying Neem & Basil Scrubbing Shower gel - 250 ml

Fight troublesome excess oil production, and pull harmful toxins out through your skin's surface with Purifying Neem & Basil Scrubbing Shower Gel from Iraya. Purifying basil and antiseptic neem blended with lemon leaves is the perfect care for oily skin. A light scrub with this shower gel polishes and balances the skin and restores a healthy glow. Excellent for areas like the upper back- that are prone to acne and blemishes. Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 394

Iraya Saffron Elixir - Skin Lightening Gel - 50 g

Get lighter skin naturally with the Saffron Elixir Skin Lightening Gel from Iraya. Prescribed in Ayurveda as a ’Miraculous Elixir’ for the skin, saffron elixir is a handy gel based adaptation of Kumkumadi, an absolute classic! This revered formulation contains pure Saffron and precious Ayurvedic herbs that have been relied upon through the ages to lighten and brighten the complexion. Weight: 50 g

Rs. 694

Iraya Sandalwood Shower Gel - 250 ml

Sandalwood Shower Gel from Iraya is made with pure extracts of basil and sandalwood,. This healing shower gel cleanses and soothes the skin. The woody aroma of sandalwood is known to relax the nervous system, and basil has excellent skin healing properties. Indulge in a relaxing bath with this all natural therapeutic shower gel from Iraya. Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 294

Iraya Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower gel - 250 ml

Let the zesty and crisp freshness of orange leave you feeling alive all day with the Stimulating Orange Scrubbing Shower Gel from Iraya. This shower gel contains the extracts of orange and arjuna tree bark and is truly a treat in the shower. Lightly exfoliates your body with walnut shell powder and orange peel and leaves a satin smooth feeling- all day. Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 394

Iraya Wild Flower Nourishing Body Lotion - 250 ml

With rich, aromatic floral oils and extracts of wild flower, lotus seed, aloevera and sesame oil, this nourishing Wild Flower Body Lotion from Iraya helps nurture, protect and strengthen the skin. Ideal for all types of skin, it enhances regeneration of skin cells and gives the skin a smooth velvety finish. For soft supple skin, all day. Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 394

Iraya Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash - 150 ml

Made with the finest margosa (neem), wild lime and Indian sarsaparilla extracts, this purifying face wash cleanses skin of excess sebum, oils and pollutants. Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash from Iraya is effective and comes with a convenient pump dispenser. Ideal for normal to oily & acne-prone skin. Regular use clarifies and balances the skin, all day. Weight: 150 ml

Rs. 344

Jasmine Body Mist - 100 ml

Drench yourself in this glorious floral fragrance of jasmine body mist from Woods and Petals. Jasmine is known to have aphrodisiac properties and also relaxes and calms the mind.

Rs. 349

Kazima Agarwood Attar Perfume Pure Natural (10ml)

Agarwood attar has a pleasing woody masculine fragrance and is made from natural agarwood. Also known by the name of oudh/aloeswood, it is derived from agarwood tree. The derived oil is most expensive oil in the world due to it being scarce. Having a classic oudh fragrance, it has a deep, earthy, musky and potent aroma, it blends well with all oils and has warming, purifying, balancing, deep woodsy & transcendent qualities.

Rs. 799

Kazima Ajowan Essential Oil (15ML) 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oils

Pure Natural Ajowan Essential oil is used as a tranquilizer or for whooping cough and toothaches. Ajowan seed oil is also of assistance to those suffering from a sore throat. Ajowan Oil is used in Medicines & Pharmaceuticals and as seasoning in soups and Salad. Ajowan oil from Kazima is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, anti-nausea, and a tonic.

Rs. 189

Kazima Almond Essential Oil (15ML) 100% Pure Natural & Undiluted Oils

Pure Natural Almond Essential oil is one of the best oils for hair and skin care. Almond essential oil from Kazima has got lots of nutrients and beneficial properties which make it such a powerful cosmetic ingredient. the results obtained by using almond oil on skin can be comparable to that of many powerful skin care products, sans all the side effects. It can help one get rid of dark circles in weeks. Sweet almond oil is also safe to ingested internally. In fact, it is well reputed as a medicinal oil in the Unani system of Medicine.

Rs. 194