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Dotted i Mystery Box Diwali Hamper

Do away with the tradition of gifting wish lists for Diwali and send your loved ones this mystery box which brings you a perfect blend of mouth watering sweet treats. This exotic gift hamper guarantees you sky rocketing levels of delight. Indulge yourself in this premium assortment of sweet delights or gift your loved ones and share the happiness.

Rs. 999

Dotted i Small Basket Package Hamper

All good things come in small packages. Gift your loved one the perfect Sunday afternoon with exclusive tea and cookies to go. We’ll add in some scented candles to mellow the mood and be the bright spot in their day. Make your friends feel good about it and be merry !

Rs. 998

Dried Berries Combo Pack

Boost your immune system with the goodness of dried berries. Not only packed with antioxidants, they are dried fruits spurting with nutrition and essence. Try out these dried wholesome berries as a treat for your palate.

Rs. 1,180 Rs. 1,062

Organicana Organic Basket

Organic Basket is portion sized grocery basket for 2 people for 14 days. The basket contains 17 items including grains, pulses, flours, rice, spices, tea and sweetener items for daily consumption. The basket contains products high in protein, nutrients, fibre and essential ingredients required for your body. Organic Basket is one of the most essential storage item in your kitchen.

Rs. 1,999

Naturally Yours Chocolate Lovers Hamper

A chocolate lovers delight packed in a beautiful box and containing the choicest of nuts covered in organic 72% dark chocolate. Our chocolate has been hand-crafted at low temperatures to preserve all the nutritional wealth naturally found in cacao i.e. Iron, Magnesium, Anti-Oxidants, the bliss Chemical Anandamide and promotes Serotonin production in the body, all of which is usually damaged during roasting in traditional chocolate. The box contains:
1. Dark Choco Hazels
2. Dark Choco Pecans
3. Dark Choco Macadamia nuts
4. Dark choco Brazil Nuts

Rs. 2,060

Naturally Yours Dry Fruit Hamper

A beautiful gift box containing a collection of handpicked healthy nuts:
1. Walnuts
2. Pistachio
3. Hazelnuts
4. Brazil Nuts

Rs. 800

Naturally Yours Gluten Free Gift Hamper

This gift hamper contains our hand picked selection of the best Gluten free products packed in a beautiful cane tray. The Hamper contains:
1. Quinoa 500G
2. Liquid jaggery 250ml
3. Sunflower seeds 50G
4. Hazelnut 50g
5. Foxtail millet 500g
6. Cane tray

Rs. 1,199

Naturally Yours Gourmet Delight Gift Hamper

This gift set contains our hand picked selection of the best organic products which will refresh your body, mind and soul naturally! The hamper contains:
1. Barley Flakes 200G
2. Pumpkin seeds 50G
3. Flax seeds 200G
4. Hazelnut 50G
5. Liquid jaggery 250G
6.Cane tray

Rs. 950

Naturally Yours Healthy Seeds Hamper

This healthy hamper includes a beautiful box containing a handpicked collection of :
1. Salted Sunflower Seeds 50g
2. Salted Pumpkin Seeds 50g
3. Salted Watermelon Seeds 50g

Rs. 359

Naturally Yours Nature Lovers Gift Hamper

This gift set contains our hand picked selection of the best organic products which will refresh your body, mind and soul naturally! The Hamper contains:
1. Flax Seed 200G
2. Liquid Jaggery 250g
3. Hazelnut 50G
4. Pasta - Fusilli
5. Cane Tray

Rs. 689

Naturally Yours Organic Exotica

This gift set contains our hand picked selection of the best organic products which will refresh your body, mind and soul naturally! The hamper packed in a beautiful cane tray contains:
1. Black Rice 500G
2. Cacao Nibs 100G
3. Coconut Sugar 200G
4. Rye Flakes 200G

Rs. 1,299

Naturally Yours Superfood Gift hamper

This gift set contains our hand picked selection of the best organic Superfoods which will re-mineralise the body, minimizing the desire for snacking on sugar rich foods, helping the body get back on track with a healthy lifestyle. The hamper contains:
1. Quinoa 500G
2. Chia seeds 100G
3. Apple Cider vinegar with Mother 500ML
4. Goji Berries 100g
5. Coconut Sugar 200G
6. Cane tray

Rs. 2,399

Naturally Yours Wellness Gift Hamper

Give your loved ones the gift of natural goodness. This gift set contains our hand picked selection of the best organic and natural products which will refresh your body, mind and soul! The gift hamper contains:
1. Coconut Sugar 200G
2. Rye Flakes 200G
3. Sunflower Seeds 50G
4. Quinoa 500G
5. Hazelnuts 50g
6. Cane tray

Rs. 1,499

Fitness First Combo Pack

Fitness combo pack for all you fitness freaks to keep you running through the day. Enjoy this fitness first combo pack from Nourish Organics.

Rs. 710 Rs. 639

Flavoured Tea Combo

Brew and drink a cup of goodness with this excellent organic tea combo. An assortment of healthy organic teas

Rs. 955 Rs. 860

Healthy Rice Combo

Step up your health game with this combo of exotic, super healthy and highly nutritious varieties of rice.

Rs. 631 Rs. 568

Healthy Seeds Combo

Healthy snacking combo just for you! A combo pack of super nutritious and healthy seeds

Rs. 697 Rs. 627

Healthy Start Combo Pack

This combo is a perfectly healthy way to kickstart your day.

Rs. 770 Rs. 693

Honey Combo

Soak yourself in the goodness of honey with this Honey Combo pack from Societe Naturelle. Each jar of honey with its rich and distinct taste is loaded with health benefits.

Rs. 759 Rs. 683

Kitchen Spices Combo

Spice up your meal with this combo of assorted organic spices. A perfect Indian kitchen spice combo!

Rs. 1,660 Rs. 1,494

Millet Combo Pack

Enjoy a hearty and healthy breakfast of varieties of millet. Millet is uniquely loaded with high content of high content of nutrients, impressive starch levels, very high B-vitamin as well as calcium content, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and also essential fats.

Rs. 397 Rs. 357

Naturally Yours Rice Combo

A healthy and nutritional combo pack of varieties of organic rice from Naturally Yours.

Rs. 424 Rs. 382

Organic Pickle Combo

Pickle lovers tease your taste buds with this assortment of organic pickles.

Rs. 832 Rs. 749

Spicy Love Combo

An aromatic, spicy and flavorful combo for your kitchen! An assortment of your favorite organic masalas now in a combo pack

Rs. 1,880 Rs. 1,692