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Buttonless Waistcoat

Sensuously constructed and expertly structured for all-day perfection. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, Khumanthem aims to bring traditional methods of weaving into our modern world. Sophisticated cuts and an everlasting silhouette sums up this bright and trendy waistcoat with rose designs. Made in Manipur. COLOR: Yellow MATERIAL: Handwoven Cotton

Rs. 3,400

Striped Summer Coat

Expect stylish riffs and innovative construction, like this thin striped summer coat. With a mix of modern silhouettes and nostalgic detailing it brings out an aura of elegance to your ensemble. Expertly crafted and handmade by skilled artisans, Richana Khumanthem goes back to tailoring methods used in the time of kings and queens. This method of creating fine designs is only practiced by very few. Unique in every way, you will love this eco-friendly summer coat with anything from your favourite denims to that feminine skirt. Made in Manipur. COLOR: Red and Black stripes on cream base MATERIAL: Handwoven Cotton

Rs. 3,555

Acrylic Elegance Overcoat By Khumanthem

Sensuously constructed and expertly structured for all-day perfection. Meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans, Khumanthem aims to bring traditional methods of weaving into our modern world. Sophisticated cuts and an everlasting silhouette sums up this delicate black overcoat. Richana Khumanthem keeps her creations eco-friendly. When you wear Khumanthem you'll be making more than a style statement. Made in Manipur.
- Acrylic
- Regular fit
- Knee length
- Long sleeve
- Button closure (eco-friendly buttons)

Rs. 6,530

Applique Work Hand Woven Jacket By Khumanthem

Your perfectly preppy finish to fine tailoring and femme skirts. Applique work, that is handcrafted by skilled artisans using methods from the times of kings and queens, adds a contrasting finish to this eco-friendly jacket. Hand tailored from rich black fabric, there is a story in every stitch. The tiered hem lends a dramatic effect while the over all appeal is simply nostalgic with a modern edge. Richana Khumanthem cares for her planet and makes sure that every detail of the garment remains eco-friendly. Made in Manipur.
- Eco-friendly
- Regular fit
- Full sleeve
- Mandarin collar
- Zip closure

Rs. 33,900

Braided Cream Coat By Khumanthem

Timeless silhouette curated into quintessential feminine style. A perfectly sophisticated finish to your day to day look in a cream colour that lends an aura of pristine perfection. Richana Khumanthem is immensely proud of her roots and shows it well in every stitch. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, in a method used from the time of kings & queens, they are tailored from rich fabric and assembled to produce an eco-friendly garment. Braiding lines the neck, placket and sleeves adding a natural finish to this coat. The soft shell buttons are as eco-friendly as the coat itself. Made in Manipur.
- Eco-friendly fabric
- Regular fit
- Button down
- Long sleeves
- Round neck

Rs. 11,286

Designer Soviet Overcoat

Feel gorgeous and relaxed as you wear this coat from the house of Khumanthem.Team it with a pair of ankle length jeans and wedges. Made in Manipur.

Weight: 1500 g

Rs. 12,092

Designer Tiered Kumjingbi Jacket

Tiered black with white stripes acrylic Kumjingbi jacket. Kumjingbi is a traditional wrap around design, usually in black with white stripes, worn by the Meitei Queen during the King's coronation. Made in Manipur. Made in Manipur

Weight: 800 g

Rs. 7,333

Khumanthem Cropped Black Jacket/Blouse

Bursting with unexpected textures and patterns it is expertly structured by skilled craftsman in a traditional handwoven manner. Innovative in construction with diagonal contrast stitching and defined cups for a unique touch. Red piping along the armhole and the smallest part of the waist accentuate the elements of this design. Methods used to make this versatile jacket/blouse date back to the time of kings & queens. Richana Khumanthem uses her expertise to add a taste of Northeast culture to our modern day look. Made in Manipur.
- Acrylic
- Regular fit
- Storm collar
- Zip Closure
- Full sleeve

Rs. 4,983

Semi-Sheer Black Coat By Khumanthem

Inspiration pulled from nature and fantasy, this coat is your building block for countless looks. Perfect to team with fine tailoring or a pair of jeans, it features ditsy floral-inspired motifs placed on the end of the sleeves and above the hemline leaving the rest of it in semi-sheer black. This coat slightly cinches at the waist to define your feminine curves. Tailored by skilled artisans, Richana Khumanthem ensures a touch of culture in every stitch. Khumanthem is an eco-friendly hi-fashion brand that takes its inspiration from the Northeast. Made in Manipur.
- Silk
- Regular fit
- Eco- friendly button placket
- Round neck
- Long sleeves

Rs. 9,602

Stylised Kimono Jacket By Khumanthem

Combining a contemporary aesthetic with an appreciation of the past is what Richana Khumanthem does best. Hand crafted by skilled artisans, using traditional methods practised from the times of kings and queens, an art that is only practised by very few. Khumanthem believes in eco-friendly products and each of her products are carefully crafted to avoid using machine or any form of unnatural steps. The front is longer than the back for a dramatic flair, while the contrast panels and stripes add an edgy finish. Made in Manipur.
- Acrylic
- Regular fit
- Open front
- Long sleeve

Rs. 4,125