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Chandhani Skin Naturals 3 In 1 Fairness Miracle - 60 gm - Pack Of 2

A unique combination of a deep cleanser, scrub and pack for a quick clean up. It exfoliates dead skin cells, removes deep seated cells and excess oil, refines skin pores, detoxifies skin, rejuvenates the skin, gives glow and lustre to the skin!

Rs. 320

Chandhani Skin Naturals 4 In 1 Herbal Hair Oil - 100 ml

4 in 1 Herbal Hair Oil from Chandhani Skin Naturals is an amalgamation of 5 medical sciences namely ayurveda, aromatherapy, arabic medicine, Moroccan Traditional Medicine and western herbal medicine. 15 Herbal actives has been carefully handpicked and blended in a 100% virgin coconut oil base. 4 in 1 Herbal Hair oil addresses 4 major concerns of hair care namely Hair Growth, Anti Dandruff, Hair Conditioning and Grey Hair.

Rs. 366

Chandhani Skin Naturals Acne Aloe Vera Gel - 50 gm - Pack Of 2

Aloe Vera Acne Gel has some potent skin healing properties. Aloe Vera Acne Gel contains saponin, a compound with anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti fungal properties which are very effective in treating acne and reducing redness caused by it!

Rs. 200

Chandhani Skin Naturals Peel Off Mask - 9 gm X 6 Pcs

This relaxing , soothing face mask is rich in ayurvedic powder extracts that tone skin, purge out toxins and enhance complexion while seaweed nourishes your skin. It repairs damaged cells, restores elasticity, fills wrinkles & fine lines and dramatically improves skin texture, leaving it soft, refreshed and youthful.

Rs. 288

Chandhani Skin Naturals Tea Tree Face Wash - 100 ml - Pack Of 2

This gentle yet effective face wash removes dirt, grime and oily residue to give healthy, smooth and acne free fresh skin! The natural acne riding ingredients of tea tree oil, nut grass and neem help to remove black heads and white heads. Regular wash prevents bacteria from affecting the pores and restore the PH of the skin!

Rs. 264

Chandhani Skin Naturals Venivel Whitening Face Wash - 100 ml - Pack Of 2

This gentle yet effective face wash removes dirt, grime, and oily residue to give healthy, smooth and acne free fresh skin! The natural melanin dissolving ingredients of Licorice, Tree Turmeric and Redsandal also helps lighten the skin. Thanaka has strong anti inflammatory, Significient antioxidantion, mild tyrosinase inhibition and anti basterial activities. In addition, it contains the active ingredient marmesinn which serves as a natural UV-A protection. Regular wash helps to prevent fresh melanin deposits and maintains skin fairness.

Rs. 264

Jaycee Organics Moringa Powder 100 gm - Regular Pack Of 2

Moringa Leaf Powder is a nutrient dense powder ever discovered so far. It is rapidly becoming a super food of our generation. Moringa Leaf powder is a very rich in source of antioxidants and dietary fibre. It is also a good detox agent. This combo pack includes set of 2 pure and natural moringa powder.

Rs. 320

Venitaa FF Cream - 75 Gm Pack Of 2

Venitaa Fast Fairness Cream is a revolution in the skin whitening industry. It is enriched with natural pro actives like glabridin and songyi mushroom extract, which inhibits trosinase production and reduces melanin content in the skin. Vitamin B3, controls melanosomal transfer and lightens skin. Green Tea polyphenols neutralizes fee radicals and protects skin. Triple sunscreen combo offers excellent protection from harmful UV rays. Its advanced 4 factor formula offers superior skin whitening characteristics to this product!

Rs. 444

Venitaa Rice Bran Soap - 75 gm - Pack Of 4

Rice Bran Soap is a glycerine soap with excellent anti-acne properties. Rice Bran Oil is a non comedogenic oil that will not clog the pores. It is light and has good penetrating capability. Rice bran oil is rich in Gamma Oryzanol and Vitamin E. It is a good anti oxidant and natural sunscreen. It also has good anti-oxidant and natural sunscreen. It also has good skin whitening properties. Calendula is a renowned anti acne ingredient with strong exfoliating, oil controlling and anti inflammatory properties. Apple cider vinegar has excellent exfoliating, pore cleansing and anti bacterial properties which makes it most effective for acne and oily skin.

Rs. 348

Venitaa Skin Whitening Soap - 75 gm - Pack Of 4

Venitaa Skin Whitening soap is a glycerin based formula enriched with 12 native Indian skin whitening herbs and the Japanese Mycowhite active, Songyi Mushroom extract. The Herbal Actives dissolves melanin deposits, inhibits melanin production and lightens your skin. Remove toxins, impurities and get a naturally glowing skin!

Rs. 276