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Amaranth Cookies - Pack of 2 (2 X 150 g)

Cut down your calorie intake and switch to these healthy and yummy amarath cookies from Nourish Organics. These cookies are power-packed with natural ingredients that are high and rich in nutritional value.

Rs. 339

Brown Rice Cookies - Pack of 2 (2 X 150 g)

An excellent fusion of brown rice and handpicked organic nuts incorporated together to bring you this nutritional cookie. Get a taste of these yummy brown rice cookies from Nourish Organics.

Rs. 259

Buck Wheat Cookies - 150 g

These low-fat cookies from Nourish Organics are bursting with the goodness of fruits, raisins, seeds and rice bran oil, sweetened with honey, fragrant with cinnamon and fortified with buckwheat.

Rs. 209

Oat Meal Cookies - Pack of 2 (2 X 150 g)

Sink your teeth into the goodness of pure amla with the Nourish Organics Amla Bar that is packed with high nutritional food value and has a very pleasant taste.

Rs. 259

Pristine Organics Oven Organica Diet - 150 g

Enjoy these heathy biscuits with your evening tea. Oven Organica Diet biscuits from Pristine Organics is highly nutritious and made from mixed millets that are organically grown. These biscuits are high and rich in fiber. These light and nutritious biscuits can be enjoyed by all age groups. Weight: 150 g

Rs. 139

Pristine Organics Oven Organica Regular - 150 g

A healthy and transfat free oven baked organic biscuits from Pristine Organics. These biscuits are made from all natural and organic ingredients and is rich and high in fiber. It also has low glycemix index and is therefore suitable for diabetics. These biscuits are highly nutritious and suitable for all age groups, old and young. Weight: 150 g

Rs. 129

Snalthy Biscotti - 115 g

Fusion of dry nuts with wheat flour & cane sugar dough makes a splendid taste to biscotti. Perfect partner for your cup of tea. Weight: 115 g

Rs. 236

Snalthy Brownie - 115 g

Chocolaty thin brownies are sprinkled with chocolate chips made from natural cocoa powder & raisins which makes your mouth flooded with chocolaty melts of brownie. Because a brownie is not always sinful. Weight: 115 g

Rs. 236

Snalthy Raagi Spinach Cookie - 100 g

In this delectable cookie, spinach is mashed and hidden with ingredients to offer a well-seasoned healthy cookie which tastes divine. Spinach supports in reducing hypertension. Snalthy raagi spinach cookie is health packed in a packet. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186

Snalthy Seed Rusk - 100 g

A bread slice with inter fusion of pumpkin,flax and watermelon seeds that are baked until dry, crisp and golden brown to give a break time rusky feast. Watermelon seeds supports normal heart function. Pumpkin seeds are good for the liver and flaxseeds aid weightloss. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186