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Devodhyog was established in Chennai by Shikha Kaushik, who from her childhood had the urge to do something for the soceity. She is special educator who also happens to be a mother of a special child, and belives that "A Divine spark exists in each individual, irrespective of caste, creed or color, which needs to be flared".

Devodhyog was started with the sole purpose of self reliance & economical empowerment of people with special needs along with school drop outs and other socially neglected and the underprivileged segment . What makes us different is that, we adopt  entrepreneurial approach towards acheiving our goal.

We encourage active participation of friends with special needs in order to enhance their capabilities to lead a meaningful & dignified life by providing exposure in different aspects of life to enhance their self esteem and also create a path of financial independence by facilitating holistic development.

Devodhyog - owns Brand "ETHERIC" which contains:  Natural, Eco friendly, Traditional, Herbal & Organic Home care, Personal Care and Lifestyle Products. The products are manufactured using quality herbs and other raw material, based on Indian Traditional formulations (or) "Grandma's Formula".

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Etheric - Garam Masala - 75 g

This mix of pure, organic spices from Etheric enhances the flavours of your food.

Rs. 117

Etheric - Idly Chutny Powder - 100 g

Make eating more interesting. Spice up your food with the Etheric Foods Idly Chutny Powder.

Rs. 117

Etheric - Paratha Masala - 100 g

Organically enhance the taste of your food. The spices and herbs from Etheric is 100% pure & natural.

Rs. 100 Rs. 50

Etheric - Raita Masala - 100 g

Organically enhance the taste of your food. The spices and herbs from Etheric is 100% pure & natural.

Rs. 117 Rs. 59

Etheric - Sambhar Powder - 100 g

The Etheric Sambhar Powder is made from the best mix of organic spices.

Rs. 100

Etheric Aleo Vera Leaves Powder - 100 g

Aloe Vera treatment for your hair! Etheric Aloe Vera Leaves Powder soothes and heals irritated scalp.

Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Etheric Amla Powder - 100 g

100% Herbal and naturally homemade Anti Oxidant for Hair. Use Etheric Amla Powder regularly for lustrous hair.

Rs. 140

Etheric Annato Soap (Natural Hand crafted) - 75 g

Prevent ageing with the 100% Herbal and chemical-free Annato Soap from Etheric.

Rs. 140

Etheric Anti Acne Kit

The Anti Acne Kit from Etheric is 100% Herbal and pure, consisting of Pure Neem, Pure Tulsi Leaves Powder and Multani Mitti.

Rs. 250

Etheric Anti Dandruff Hair Pack

Natural and Organic combination of Pure Fenugreek (Indian Methi), Powder of dried Neem Leaves and Tulsi Leaves makes this pack the ideal treatment for dandruff.

Rs. 220

Etheric Bhringraj hair Powder - 100 g

Rejuvenate your scalp with this Ayurvedic herb from India. The Etheric Bhringraj Hair Powder is an organic hair powder which treats hair loss and premature hair greying.

Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Etheric Bramhi Hair Powder - 100 g

Strengthen your hair with pure, sun-dried Brahmi leaves. The Etheric Brahmi Hair Powder also reduces split-ends.

Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Etheric Dish Washing Powder- 250 g

Eco-friendly and Baby-friendly! This dish washing powder from Etheric is 100% chemical free and environment friendly, you can use the waste water for gardening!

Rs. 160

Etheric Face & Body Wash Herbal Powder - 75 g

A naturale face and body wash with the goodness of herbs to nourish and protect your skin.

Rs. 160

Etheric Hair Darkener (Henna & Indigo Based)

Get darker hair without chemicals. The hair darkener combo pack gives you a natural, organic hair colour.

Rs. 220 Rs. 110

Etheric Healthy Hair Kit - 100 g

Let your hair do the talking with the Etheric Healthy Hair Kit that gives you longer, stronger and lustrous hair.

Rs. 200

Etheric Herbal Hair Wash & Conditioner

Get beautiful, natural hair with the Etheric Herbal Hair Wash & Conditioner. It Leaves your hair voluminous and bouncy.

Rs. 150

Etheric Herbal Henna

Herbal Care for your hair! Etheric Herbal Henna contains pure natural and unadulterated Henna and other natural herbs which is good for hair.

Rs. 180 Rs. 90

Etheric Hibiscus Powder - 100 g

The ancient traditional herbal secret to encourage hair growth! Treat your hair with the Etheric Hibiscus Powder.

Rs. 160

Etheric Indigo Leaves powder - 100 g

Herbal hair colors are here to stay. Get deep brown to natural black color hair with the Etheric Indigo Leaves Powder.

Rs. 160 Rs. 80

Etheric Khus (Vetiver) Body Scrub

Scrub away stress and tension with the Etheric Khus Body Scrub which enhances blood circulation and also releases a rich earthy fragrance.

Rs. 125

Etheric laundry soap - 150 g

Your delicate fabrics deserves delicate treatment and the Etheric Laundry Soap provides just that. Chemical free & handcrafted, it contains only pure natural ingredients.

Rs. 130

Etheric Methi Seed (Fenugreek)  Powder - 100 g

The Herbal cure to balding and premature greying of hair, the Etheric Methi Seed Powder is enriched with Proteins, Vitamin C and Potassium.

Rs. 150

Etheric Multani Mitti Hand Crafted Soap - 75 g

Add a dash of earthy goodness to your face and skin with the Etheric Multani Mitti Hand Crafted Soap.

Rs. 120

Etheric Multani Mitti Powder - 100 g

The natural and organic solution to beauty and skin problems. Multani Mitti Powder from Etheric cleanses your skin and also rids of pigmentation.

Rs. 125

Etheric Neem Powder - 100 g

Care for your skin with the Etheric Neem Powder which possesses powerful health promoting properties.

Rs. 150

Etheric Orange Peel Powder - 100 g

Natural source of Vitamin C and excellent for your skin, add some zest with this naturally dried and fine Orange Peel Powder.

Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Etheric Pure Copper tongue Cleaner Set of Six

Dental hygiene is just as imtportant. Get rid of tongue impurities effectively with the Etheric Pure Copper Tongue Cleaner.

Rs. 600

Etheric Pure Neem Wood Comb ( 19 cm) with handle

Herbally medicated comb. Detangle your hair with natural wooden comb made from the wood of Neem Tree.

Rs. 250 Rs. 125

Etheric Pure Neem Wood Comb ( 19 cm) without handle

Herbally medicated comb. Detangle your hair with natural wooden comb made from the wood of Neem Tree.

Rs. 250 Rs. 125

Etheric Reetha (Soap nut)  Powder - 100 g

Made from Natural Soap nuts or soap berries, this fine powder from Etheric ensures healthy, shiny, lustrous hair.

Rs. 150

Etheric Rose Petal - 100 g

Etheric Rose Petal Powder is a natural solution to your skin problems like uneven skin tone and also prickly heat.

Rs. 150

Etheric Sandal Powder - 100 g

Fine powder of pure & natural Sandalwood. Ideal for an additive for any face pack.

Rs. 230 Rs. 115

Etheric Senna leaves Powder - 100 g

Condition your hair with the organic Senna Leaves Powder from Etheric. Get natural smooth and silky hair.

Rs. 140

Etheric Shikakai Powder - 100 g

Your very own herbal hair therapist, the Etheric Shikakai Powder can be used as shampoo, hair wash or even hair pack.

Rs. 150 Rs. 75

Etheric Skin Lightning Kit

Organic and pure Skin Lightening kit from Etheric which comes with Sandalwood, Wild Kasturi Turmeri and Indian Rose Petal Powder.

Rs. 300

Etheric Tulsi Leaves Powder - 100 g

Pure and natural Hair and Skin solution. The Etheric Tulsi Leaves Powder can be used for treating both hair and skin problems.

Rs. 150

Etheric Wild Turmeric Powder - 100 g

Enjoy the natural goodness and benefits of turmeric. The Wild Turmeric Powder enhances your complexion and also reduces dark circles.

Rs. 160