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Brown Rice Snacks - 150 g

Kick away unhealthy snacking and switch to nutritional healthy snacking with the Nourish Organics Brown Rice Snacks which is crunchy puffed brown rice drizzled with Indian spices and high in fiber. This is the perfect healthy snack for the fast, modern working youth.

Rs. 130

By Nature Spirulina Powder - 100 g (Pack Of 2)

Enriched with essential amino acids, iron, protein, B vitamins, and vitamins C, D and E, this pack of two of spirulina powder from By Nature is pure and organic. Use this organic spirulina powder as a health and dietary supplement.

Rs. 760

Grenera Organic Spirulina Powder - 100 g

Spirulina is a blue-green algae, a superfood rich in antioxidants often recommended by doctors and nutritionists. It is a natural source of antioxidants and is packed with numerous health benefits. It is useful and helpful in detox of heavy metals from the body.

Rs. 300

Grenera Organic Spirulina Powder - 500 g

Spirulina is a blue-green algae, a superfood rich in antioxidants often recommended by doctors and nutritionists. It is a natural source of antioxidants and is packed with numerous health benefits. It is useful and helpful in detox of heavy metals from the body.

Rs. 1,080

Grenera Organic Wheatgrass Powder 500 g

An effective healer which contains all minerals known to man!! Mix 10-15 grams of Wheatgrass powder from Grenera Organics to water or juice for a pure wheatgrass shot or blend with fresh green vegetables for a healthy detox.

Rs. 1,035

Inner Being Live Nourish Quinoa - 500g

Quinoa is an ancient grain that has grown in popularity in recent years. It has been known as a good source of both protein and fiber. Quinoa is a grain that is high in protein and it is one of the few grains that is a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids with phytonutrients and minerals as well. Quinoa also acts as a perfect breakfast fix. Weight: 500g

Rs. 494

Naturally Yours Alfalfa Powder 100 g

Alfalfa a unique complete food was once known in ancient Arab civilisations as the “Father of all foods”. Scientific studies have revealed that alfalfa contains almost all the known vitamins, minerals and trace elements needed for premium health. Alfalfa also works as a detoxifier, infection fighter and cleanser, and is particularly noted for its diuretic effect, helping to expel retained fluid from the body. It is good for colon disorders and helps detoxify the liver.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 360

Naturally Yours Barley Grass Powder 100 g

Barley grass is one of the green grasses. The true beauty of barley is found in the leaves; the young green shoots of power that form before the grain. The young leaves have a tremendous ability to absorb nutrients from the soil. When barley leaves are 12-14 inches high, they contain all the vitamins, minerals, and proteins necessary for the human diet, plus chlorophyll. Barley grass is very high in organic sodium, which dissolves calcium deposited on the joints and also replenishes organic sodium in the lining of the stomach. This aids digestion by improving the production of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 360

Naturally Yours Spirulina Powder 100 g

Spirulina is a blue green algae and is aruguably one of natures most powerful green food. It has over 60% protein content and is the most digestable form available naturally. Spirulina powder being a super food today is used to help with number of chronic and regular illness. Popularly it helps to normalize your cholestrol naturally. As it is an excellent source of protein, it is ideal for vegetarians as a protein source and helps lose weight effectively.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 360

Naturally Yours Wheat Grass Powder 100 g

Wheat Grass Powder is the superfood which gives you abundance of vitamins. It has the ability to heal a number of ailments. It is enriched with Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, E, K, folic acid, iron and chlorophyll. Suitable for people who has vitamin deficiency or any health problem. It also has a number of health benefits such as boost immunity, reduce fatigue, weight loss and detoxification.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 360

Snalthy Hot Mexican chips - 100 g

A special mix of powdered tomato with potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. Potato is rich source of pottasium where as tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. In a finger licking hot mexican flavour. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186

Wheat Grass - 100 g

Wheatgrass is the luscious green grass that comes from the very young wheat plant. Organic Wheatgrass powder is said to be a 'complete' food, containing all of the vitamins and most of the minerals needed by the human body for health and well-being. It corrects blood disorder and purifies the blood. Improves blood sugar disorder for diabetic patients and detoxifies the kidney and liver. Weight: 100g

Rs. 399

Naturally Yours Amla Powder - 100 g

Amla, aka Indian Gooseberry is one fruit that packs many health benefits into a really small package.  Known for its various antioxidant and antiseptic properties, this rich in nutrient fruit has proven to be the best herbal medicine for most of the body or skin issues.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 140

Naturally Yours Black Rice Flakes - 200 g

Made from wholesome black rice, these flakes, also known as poha are a winning combination of nutrition and great taste. Black rice are rich in antioxidants, fibre, minerals, essential vitamins etc. The flakes are an easy way to include the goodness of black rice in our diet.
Weight: 200 g

Rs. 95


Dry fermented fish, mostly mixed with curry and chutney, to give your food an exotic flavour. For those who love to tickle their taste buds. Made in Manipur. Also called Shidool in Tripura.

Weight: 250g

Rs. 166

Dried Fermented Mustard Leaves (Tam-Um) - 50 g

This very endeared ingredient among the Northeaterns is savoured in differents ways, be it as a hot soup in cold weather or a delicious chutney in all seasons, and it comes with a lot of health benefits too. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 100

Dried Alocasia Fornicata Spadix (Baibing Rep) - 40 g

Whether you pickle them or prepare with rice as a hot stew, either ways this Dried alocasia fornicata spadix (baibing rep), is a lovely vegetable with its distinct flavour, and rightfully considered one of the favourite among the Mizo people. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 40 g

Rs. 171

Uchina - Black Slimy Mushroom or Wood Ear Mushroom - 25 g

With its soft and rubbery texture and earthy flavour, these wood ear mushrooms are the perfect ingredient to add to your winter soup or summer salad. Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 157

Dried Acacia Pennata Leaves (Khanghu Rep) - 20 g

Prepare this dry Acacia Pennata leaves (Climbing wattle), like how the Mizo's do, and discover a whole new way of preparing exotic dishes that is deliciously healthy. Fry Khangkhuh or Climbing wattle (Acacia pennata) with Onions, Tomato, Turmeric powder, Chili Powder, Green Chili and Salt to taste and there you have a perfect side dish to your meal. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 20 g

Rs. 100

Dried Bean Leaves (Behlawi Rep) - 50 g

This dried cow pea leaves, serves as one of the favourite green vegetable among the Mizo people, as they use it in making stew or broth, either with other vegetables or along with meat. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 100

Dried Fruits of Mock Tomato - Solanum Aethiopicum (Samtawk Rep) - 60 g

Enhance the flavour and aroma of your dish by adding this dry mock tomatoes. Solanum Aethiopicumknown as the bitter tomato or mock tomato is a popular vegetable in Northeast India. Also known as 'Khamen akhaba' in Manipuri and 'Samtawk' in Mizo. You can also mix it with a fresh bowl of salad and enjoy its bitter sweet taste! Made in Mizoram.

Rs. 89

Dried Fermented Bamboo Shoot - 50g

A key ingredient in many North East delicacies especially pork or other meat dishes, dry bamboo shoot enhances and intensifies the flavour of the curries and is adored by the North-easterners for its storage value. Made in Manipur

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 156

Dried Bamboo Shoot (Mautuai Rep) - 60 g

Bamboo shoots are the sprouts that spring out beside the bamboo plant. Known as one of the fastest growing grass in the world, they are popular and used widely for their unique flavour. Made in Mizoram.
- Dried hygienically
- Does not contain carcinogenic soot
- Natural & organic

Rs. 85

Dried King Chilli/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost Pepper- 45 g

The king of chilies you can say! Hot as they come, the king chili which is also known as Ghost pepper or Bhut Jolokia owns an exquisite spicy flavour. If you're seeking to indulge in something hot, we suggest you add this to your meal! From Nagaland.

Rs. 207

Smoked Mola Carplet fish (MUKA-NGA) - 50 g

This smoked Mola Carpet fish, known as Muka Nga in Manipur, is a very popular fish among the Manipuri's, who dote it for it's taste and health benefits. The smoked fish can be cooked into a stew, chutney or curry and will make you meal twice as delicious. Made in Manipur

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 274

Dried Knotweed - 25g

A vast growing weed, that is accused of being a pest. What most people are unaware of is that this weed is edible and, oh yes, it can be healthy for you too. Use the dried knotweed to add a unique flavour to your food. Made in Nagaland

Rs. 64

Sen Sen Dried Bamboo Shoot (veg) - 100 g

A yummy and natural treat to your taste buds, also enhancing flavours when added to any dish. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 193

Kuji Thekera - Sun Dried CoCum - 100 g

Kokum or cocum is categorised under the 'Kool King' of Indian fruits. The outer cover of the fruit is dried under the sun and used a spice in many North-eastern, Goan, Karnataka cuisines and even some parts of Maharashtra. In most of these cuisines it is used as a replacement for tamarind. Being slightly sour in nature it compliments the curries beautifully. It is aptly categorised as part of the 'Kook Kings, because the sherbet made from this fruit acts as a cooling agent. Made in Assam

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 129

Smoked Swamp Eels (Ngaprum) - 50g

Eel is an indegenous cuisine prepared by the Manipuri's and savoured by mostly those who have an inclination for an acquired taste. However, once you have got the hang of the taste, you will be hooked to it for life. This packet of smoked eel is packed with a promise of high nutrition and delicious taste. Made in Manipur

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 279

Uyen - Dried Shiitake Mushroom - 25 g

Uyen, Shiitake mushroom famously known as "Queen of the plant" with its aromatic flavour and intense meaty flavour makes a perfect ingredient for soups and stir fries. Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 173

Dried Traditional Mushroom- Schizophyllum Commune (Pasi Rep) - 50 g

The unique flavor and the high nutritious value of split gill mushroom brings in the treasure of nature in your cooking. Now your delicious healthy eating is just a click away. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 154

Kanglayen - Dried Split Gill Mushroom - 25 g

With its heavenly aroma and a perfect base for any cuisine, this dried split Gill Mushroom is every chef's dream ingredient. Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 157

Dried Roselle Fruits (Anthur-Rah Rep) - 50 g

Prepare it as a tea or drink, dry Roselle fruit is either ways tart, fragrant, colourful and healthy, too! The herbal tea or drink enjoyed hot or chilled by people in many countries around the world is not only a delightful and effective thirst quencher (especially the iced version!), but it also has a rich, varied history in traditional medicine. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 81

Dried Mizo Traditionally Fermented Soyabeans (Bekang rep) - 100 g

Those who know it love it and those who can get past its pungent smell to taste it, most often fall in love with it too. Dried mizo tradionally fermented soybeans or bekang rep goes really well with any meat or fish dish and is brilliant as a stand-alone chutney as well! Made in Mizoram

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 100

Smoked Orientalis fish (Ngamu Leirou) -50 g

Ngamu fish, scientifically known as Orientalis Schneilder, is a very nutritious and tasty fish, often caught from marshes and swamps. In Manipur, smoked Ngamu fish have high importance and are dearly loved not just for its health benefits and delicious taste, but also due to its cultural value. Made in Manipur

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 274

Dried Taro Plant - Colocasia Esculenta (Dawl Rep) - 40 g

The taro plant comes with many health benefits. That being said, it's become famous for its delicious starchy corm. Neither the leaf or the root can is edible without being cooked. Add these tasty dried Taros to make a scrumptious dish. Made in Mizoram.
- Dried hygienically
- Does not contain carcinogenic soot
- Natural & organic

Rs. 49

Dried Mizo Celery - Trachyspernum Roxburghianum (Pardi Rep) - 30 g

With a characteristic smell similar to parsley and a taste similar to celery, this variety known as wild celery is a very strong spice. Made in Mizoram.
- Dried hygienically
- Does not contain carcinogenic soot
- Natural & organic

Rs. 85

Dried Brinjal - 100 g

Recipes with brinjal and limitless. Tasty as they come, these dried brinjals add that lovely flavour to your meal. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 118

Dried Szechuan Pepper Leaf Shoot (Chingit Rep) - 20 g

With its sharp distinct flavour, dried szechuan pepper leaf shoot (chingit rep), are the favourite ingredient that the Mizo people add to their vegetable and meat soups, which makes it extra yummy, and now you can make yours too. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 20 g

Rs. 100

Dried Trevesia Palmata Buds (Kawhtebel Rep) - 80 g

Add dried buds of Trevesia Palmate (Kawhtebel rep) and discover a whole new dimension of flavour and aroma to your dish. It is usually the secret ingredient in many Mizo recipes. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 80 g

Rs. 70

Dried Eurya Japonica Leaves (Sihneh Rep) - 30 g

This very rare type of leaves used by the Chinese and in the Northeast as the substitute to tea, grown in the virgin Himalayan region of Mizoram, has a many health benefits and can now be at your door step at just a click of a button. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 30 g

Rs. 51

Dried Elsholtzia Blanda (Lengser Rep) - 10 g

Given a huge variety of dishes be it stews, broth, soup, salad or curry, that can be prepared using Dried Elsholtzia Blanda leaves (lengser rep), it is no doubt that this is one of the favourite vegetable leaves among the Mizo and other Northeast people. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 10 g

Rs. 57

Wild Orange (Citrus Macroptera) Dried Peel (Hatkora Kawr Rep) - 80 g

If you are one of those who loves experimenting with your culinary skills and try exotic recipes, this dried peel of Hatkora fruit (Citrus Macroptera, also known as Haribob in Manipur), is just what you need. Prepare your fish, meat or vegetarian curries using the dried peel and experience the aroma and flavor so unique and enchanting, that it will be your favourite ingredient instantly. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 80 g

Rs. 59

Dehydrated Roselle Leaves (Anthur Rep) - 30 g

Transform you daily boring meal into something exciting and exotic by preparing a non-vegetarian salad or stew using dehydrated Roselle leaves (Anthur rep) with smoked meat, king chilli, ginger and salt. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 60 g

Rs. 54

Dried Sorrel leaves (Sougri) - 50g

Given its mild tangy flavor and vast array of health benefits “Sougri” or sorrel leaves is a favourite among the North east people. If you have not tried this exiberant sorrel leaves yet, hurry up and order! Made in Manipur.

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 106

Dried Centella asiatica (Peruk ) – 25g

As kids many of us remember being cajoled by our parents to eat some green, bitter tasting vegetable to sharpen our brains. We discovered one of them to be Peruk or Pennywort as we grew older and which we started to like for its oriental, exotic taste. Now order this packet of dried Peruk and enjoy the absolutely delicious taste of the variety of Peruk dishes while reminiscing the good old memories attached to it. Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 106

Dried Alocasia odora (Yendem) - 25g

Dried Alocasia Odora, an oriental ingredient, that is prepared by the East Asians into variety of dishes, that are all equally yummy and healthy. This extremely difficult to find ingredient can be now at your doorstep, with just a quick click! Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 106

True Elements Fruit and Nut Muesli 400 g

Dried fruits and nuts are abundant in essential vitamins and minerals and can help you meet your nutritional needs, especially for women. The crunchy True Elements Fruit and Nut Muesli is a treat for you and your family loaded with flavor, nutrition and health benefits. Being low on calories it is perfect for kids, fitness freaks and weight watchers.
Weight: 350 g

Rs. 250 Rs. 210