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East Indians Bottle Masala - Meat Curry - 100 g

East Indians Bottle Masala is a unique blend of 32 mixed spices, and is used regularly by The East Indian Community of Bombay on feasts and special occassions. The aroma and flavour it gives, brings out the best in many non vegetarian dishes.

Rs. 160

East Indians Chinchauni Masala - Fish Curry - 100 g

East Indians Chinchauni Masala is literally a daily used masala for dishes made out of sea food. Bombay Duck Chinchauni perhaps heads the list of favourites, but fishes like pomfret, prawns, surmai…etc are delicious. A ground paste is made out of Chinchauni Masala, Chinch (tamrind), chillies, coconut, garlic, ginger and corriander leaves. This paste forms the base to the curry (gravy) to which the fish is added.

Rs. 130

East Indians Indal Masala - Vindaloo - 100 g

East Indians Indal Masala is a spicy masala made famous by various vindaloo dishes. Some find this a little too pungent, but its flavour is awesome. This masala is often used in marination, be it meat, fish or vegetables.

Rs. 110

East Indians Temcherose Masala - Garam Masala - 100 g

East Indians Temcherose Masala is super classic blend of complementing spices and without any chillies. Temcherose work its wonders on light dishes like stews, chawli (black eyed beans) curry, soups and salads. Suitable for dishes that need to go beyond the spicyness of pepper by adding into the aroma of spices like cinnamon, cardamom, cloves and star anise.

Rs. 280