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Mooi Naturals Chocobrews Skin Brightening Face Pack- 30g

ChocoBrews by Mooi is an ideal mask that injects life into a dull and tired complexion. While the anti-oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory face mask reminds you of your morning cup of coffee and the irresistible Chocos, it literally "drinks" oils, toxic substances and impurities, exfoliates gently, acts on trouble spots and nourishes skin from deep within. It improves skin tone and texture with its incredible tightening effects. Use it in the morning on days when you’re feeling puffy and sluggish and your face will instantly change !

Rs. 359

Mooi Naturals Radiant Skin Clay And Activated Charcoal Face Mask- 30g

A very potent skin cleansing formula from Mooi Naturals that comes with enormous absorbent powers that literally drinks all toxic substances, impurities from the skin and stimulates your skin by bringing fresh blood to skin cells, gently cleanses and softens skin. Each application of the mask leaves your face looking and feeling super purified, healthy and radiant. Ideal for normal, combination, blemish-prone and oily skin types.

Rs. 449