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Bagan Fresh Cinnamon Tea Bags - 50 g

Exotic Cinnamon Tea Bags in Orange Handmade Paper Pack with an Orange Elephant Zari Lace from Bagan Fresh! The slightly woody note of Cinnamon with its pervasive fragrance is enlivening and compliments the Assam tea perfectly, adding a touch of sharpness. This pack contains 25 tea bags. Enjoy the fine taste with some honey!

Rs. 274

Nargis English Breakfast Tea - 20 Round Pod Bags

It is a robust, full-bodied beverage with light floral undertones (sometimes referred to as "coppery"). A unique and Perfect blend of Taste of Assam and aroma of Darjeeling giving us a full bodied cup of tea. This healthy, fresh Indian black chai tea bags pack makes 20 cups of tea.

Rs. 254

Nargis Fine Nilgiri Black Tea - 20 Pyramid Tea bags

Exotic, new harvest, garden fresh South Indian fresh loose leaf tea for a refreshing and rejuvenating brew! These Pyramid tea bags are made from nylon strands that are woven into a small net like mesh thus giving it a structured shape. Grown in the nilgiris or the Blue mountains in Southern India, the leaves produce a tea that is full of flavor!

Rs. 544

Teafloor Arya Moonshine Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

An extraordinary tea with a simple taste and uncountable health benefits, this tea will surely going to leave you jaw-dropping once you taste it. Its unforgettable taste is surely the result of the special tea favoring climate at Darjeeling since the queen of the hills unfolds her mysteries is an extraordinary experience. The bright yellow liquor obtained after steeping is surely going to leave you mesmerized!

Rs. 1,919

Teafloor Arya Ruby Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

This is a rich, warm, easy-to-like tea from the prominent Arya tea estate. Reddish, boldly-twisted leaf with earth tone accents of cocoa. khaki and amber, sets off a smattering of velvety silver tips and a few green highlights. "Ruby" reveals a warm-toned amber liquor that exudes notes of toast, cinnamon and a pleasant, light spiciness. Subtle, without being plain, quiet and unassuming, without being tedious, it's a nice mahogany cup for the quiet afternoon or early evening.

Rs. 1,151

Teafloor Assam Special Clonal Black Tea - 100 g

Straight from the tea estates in Assam, this tea comes with a natural flavor which is brisk, malty and often strong. Often referred to as the “breakfast tea,” this tea keeps you active throughout the day. Its copper infusion and the dark bright appearance are irresistible and will make you try it out at-least once. The tea has a “clonal taste” which is highly appreciated among the tea lovers, can be considered as an additional bonus for this tea. This blend promotes a healthy immune system and supports your overall health. So, don’t wait up. Pitch that tea-mind and order it right away!

Rs. 464

Teafloor China Special Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

The original Giddapahar style First Flush tea made from pure china tea bushes. Giddapahar Tea Estate is one tea garden where 95% of the tea plantation area is under chinery tea bushes.

Rs. 334

Teafloor Clonal Light Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

This particular tea is made from the famous Jethi Kupi clone. What makes this special is the flavour. When we talk about clones we normally think of soft delicate flavour but this tea is different. It has a good body which is not as soft as the traditional clonal teas from Darjeeling and not as robust as a normal black tea. The tea has almost everything that we expect. It is high on floral notes, it has a good body which is just perfect!

Rs. 334

Teafloor Clonal Wonder Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

Due to the temperature, this tea bushes from the Darjeeling estate produce a fine bouquet with great aromatic quality and a delicate floral smell. This muscatel tea is all personality. Its flavors are not complex, but definitely persistent. It has a luscious mouthfeel, a dense and vibrant profile, and that is everything that we look forward to in a Darjeeling muscatel black tea.

Rs. 1,004

Teafloor Darjeeling Arya Rose Black Tea - 100 g

Give your day a delightful fresh start with this incredible Darjeeling tea. This cup of tea will surely keep you energized throughout the day and yes, it has some incredible health benefits too! Consuming black tea reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease and boosts your immune system. From the famous tea estate “Arya” which is well renowned for producing a mild yet enriching cup, its flavors are fresh, delicate and unassuming, emblematic of Darjeeling’s sedate and pristine micro-climate. Make this tea a positive addition in your daily diet and just see the difference!

Rs. 460

Teafloor Darjeeling Classic Chinary Black Tea - 100 g

A classic clonal from the glamourous estates of Glenburn. A brisk, mellow & smooth spring black tea with a delicious sense of astringency. The tea offers grassy & citrus notes with a rich mouth-feel. The bright color is enchanting and aromatic. The lingering finish is sweet and delicate.

Rs. 278

Teafloor Darjeeling Emperor Black Tea - 100 g

Delightful tea with a smooth full-bodied mouth-feel. Cocoa notes with almond like finish, warm and inviting over the palate pleasing in every way. There is a honeyed sweetness to this tea. The more the tea cools the fuller and more robust it becomes. A very pleasant tea in offering.

Rs. 817

Teafloor Darjeeling Okayti Full Wonder Black Tea - 100 g

Located just a little below 6,500 feet, Okayti is among the highest tea gardens in India. Here, the rigors of elevation combined with organic farming practices have led to some of the most delicate Darjeelings being produced each season. And this year too, their spring black tea lives up to the expectations. It tastes fresh, feels incredibly smooth and well-balanced.

Rs. 346

Teafloor Darjeeling Okayti Imperial Black Tea - 100 g

The soil and unique climatic conditions of this plantation produces teas of subtle delicacy. Teas from this estate were so highly acclaimed at London auctions that they came to be called as ‘the only okay tea’ and subsequently the estate was named Okayti. It has a green and black leaves appearance with light greenish liquor color having a very flowery color.

Rs. 1,382

Teafloor Darjeeling Queen Autumn Flush Black Tea - 100 g

This tea is incredibly balanced, and has a nice hint of lemon in it. Light, yet rather complex flavor. Very refreshing, enjoyable, and even other worldly. A truly remarkable tea showing what Darjeeling can do!

Rs. 269

Teafloor Darjeeling Royal Roasted Black Tea - 100 g

From the famous tea estate Okyati, this premium quality Darjeeling tea is full of flavor and comes with abundant health benefits, as it is loaded with tones of anti-oxidants. This tea blend is roasted, unmixed and free of any preservatives. The specialty of the tea is its “Malty taste.” With a smoky flavor and earthly aroma, you can enjoy this tea anytime of the day. This tea can be enjoyed without the need of adding milk to it. Enjoy this Darjeeling tea and give your day a fresh start.

Rs. 307

Teafloor Darjeeling Silver Leaf White Tea - 100 g

This is much awaited white tea. It is made only from the bud and one leaf making it one of the best white tea in purest form. The leaves are covered in bloom and have silver sheen covering through-out. Freshely made teas have a special aroma and so is it with this tea. The leaves have floral attributes and freshness.

Rs. 2,111

Teafloor Darjeeling Special Twirl Black Tea - 100 g

Make that Perfect Cuppa with a robust blend of quality black leaves, and steal anyone’s heart with a smile! A special tea from the estates of Darjeeling (Glendale Tea Estate) which is known for its brilliant taste and exceptionally stunning good looks. The tea has an exclusive flavor with a blissful combination of honey, lemon and ginger which just penetrates into your soul and promotes a calming effect. This tea is perfect for anytime of the day- morning, day, or night!

Rs. 279

Teafloor Darjeeling Spring Silver Tips Black Tea - 100 g

A refreshing spring black tea with iridescent floral flavors, this is surely a jewel of all teas. A highly demanding Darjeeling tea produced at one of the famous tea estates known as “Marionbarie” at Darjeeling, it locks all the possible flavors naturally present in the Darjeeling tea. With lots of antioxidants, the tea is a sure health elixir. For all the health conscious tea lovers out there, this product is perfect for them! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity and go grab your cup of tea today.

Rs. 237

Teafloor Darjeeling Thunder Delight Oolong Tea - 100 g

This is a special reserve tea tagged as "Clonal Thunder". Clonal Thunder, as the name suggests is really powerful in terms of taste and clonal is a great influence in quality and overall taste of the tea. In fact its got a perfect Second Flush appearance which a true clonal variety should actually possess. A very high quality tea which is also a limited edition one exclusively for you!

Rs. 1,835

Teafloor Dharamshala Black Orthodox Tea - 100 g

A spectacular first flush black tea from the ​Mann tea plantation in the region of Kangra in Northern India. It is one of the most premium teas, renowned for its taste worldwide. This tea is as much about the experience as it is about the flavours. The taste of the mountain soil and the thin crisp air entwines with the plants and infuse them with the captivating aroma and flavour that sets them apart. The delicious fresh grassiness of this tea is what makes it unique & splendid.

Rs. 315

Teafloor Earl Grey Black Tea - 100 g

This unique Earl Grey blend combines a smoky, high-fired black tea from the highlands of Northern India with citrusy bergamot extract, producing a tea with a bold and assertive flavor profile. The dominating note in the infusion is that of a high-fired black tea, which lends a tobacco-like taste to the brew, complemented by a sweet and fragrant flavor of bergamot which arrests the intense smoky notes in the just the right amount.

Rs. 297

Teafloor English Breakfast Tea - 100 g

Rich and robust, this breakfast blend is just the tea to turn to when you need a quick pick me up tea( first thing in the morning). The flavor profile of this tea is of a gradient nature, taking you from mellow sweet notes to stronger, high-fired ones. Taste notes of honey, malt and just a hint of tobacco as you take a sip of this velvety-smooth tea. Finishing on brisk note, this tea is the just best way to start a day.

Rs. 259

Teafloor Gopaldhara Special Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

A very fine quality pure autumn flush Darjeeling tea plucked from the high elevation pure china young bushes of this reputed garden of Darjeeling. This delicious Darjeeling tea is well withered and high fired as a result of which the dry tea leaves has a dehydrated appearance. A delicious and refreshing autumn flush Darjeeling tea which can be enjoyed throughout the day!

Rs. 269

Teafloor Himalayan Well Rolled Oolong Tea - 100 g

Himalayan Oolong is an exotic variant from speciality tea manufacturing unit in Nepal. The tea has been crafted with the right amount of fermentation to give it a distinct taste and the characteristics of a good oolong. It is a great tea to start your day fresh as well as to refresh your mind at the end of a tiring day.

Rs. 899

Teafloor Kashmiri Kahwa Chai - 100 g

This is classical Persian delicacy where green tea is infused with a range of spices including cardamom and cinnamon. It also has a touch of saffron with almonds which is responsible for its blissful flavor. The specialty of this tea is that its flavor resonates around Indian spices which make it 100% natural, fresh and really tempting! Once you drink this Kashmiri drink, you will crave it forever. It is free of any artificial colours and flavors.

Rs. 549

Teafloor Namring Exotic Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

The flavors in this tea are clear, unimposing, extremely smooth and palate-coating. There is an easy quality of this tea which makes it an ideal first flush tea for Darjeeling tea novices. It is light first-flush tea that is recommended for beginners.

Rs. 366

Teafloor Namring Upper Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

A distinct Darjeeling second flush black tea with a marvelous woody notes in every sip. Sourced from the iconic Namring plantations of Darjeeling, this is peak summer harvest from superior china bushes. The dry leaf is well manufactured and offers an aromatic scent. The bright liquoring cup offers a long sensational finish.

Rs. 211

Teafloor Nilgiris Silver Tip White Tea - 100 g

Juiciness of ripe tropical fruits tugs at your senses right from the moment these tea leaves start steeping. Made of high quality clone, this scrumptious white tea is great for someone who is new to this class of tea and wants to explore more.

Rs. 1,295

Teafloor Peppermint Chai - 100 g

Teafloor's peppermint chai is a unique blend of the traditional Assam black tea and peppermint, one of the most highly appreciated herbs of the world. With some matchless health benefits ranging from improving digestion to boosting our immune system and more, this tea is a sure crowd puller when it comes to both taste and health. The tea is loaded with a burst of freshness, and the splendid cooling effect of peppermint is beyond description. Gentle on stomach, it can be consumed at anytime of the day, and since it aids in sleeping, it can even be consumed prior to bed. A 100% natural tea which is free of any artificial flavors and preservatives.

Rs. 394

Teafloor Premium Big Leaf Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

This King of teas is harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas, is one of the highest-grown teas, from bushes more than a century old. With a muscatel flavor and a full bodied-robust personality, it will definitely set you up for something new!

Rs. 538

Teafloor Special Muscatel Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

Simple but blissful, you cannot miss out on this lovely Darjeeling delight. With an eye soothing light golden appearance, natural muscatel flavor and a pleasing instinct, it steals your heart the very moment you take your first sip. This tea takes you with a surprise since you cannot describe its flavor, as it is not too tart nor too astringent but brisk enough to brighten up the palate. A perfect tea for the “nascent tea admirers” who are on a path to discover the magic of tea world.

Rs. 445

Teafloor Summer Darjeeling Organic Black Tea - 100 g

Now who doesn’t like organic tea these days? One prominent reason is that organic tea is cultivated naturally without any artificial substances. This is a specialty tea as they are from the Turzum estate which in turn holds a repo of being “Quiet and Ethereal.” They have layers of flavors, complex ones too, and yet never overwhelm. Get ready to indulge yourself into the flavours of this smooth and earthy tea this summer.

Rs. 614

Teafloor Summer Special Darjeeling Black Tea - 100 g

The tea from Giddapahar Estate is very delicate due to the lower temperatures here and also because the area itself is covered by mist for a good part of the year. Due to the temperature, the tea bushes from the estate produce a fine bouquet with great aromatic quality and a delicate floral smell.

Rs. 503

Teafloor Temi North East Special Black Tea - 100 g

Temi tea derives its name from the place in the Himalayan State of Sikkim, India where it is grown. A smooth, velvet-textured second flush tea. Don't let its slow, mellow start fool you. This tea slowly builds up to reveal an intense floral scent and a mild citrus taste. A smooth, lingering finish makes it a pleasant cup of tea. Since they discard the flow of agro chemicals, Temi Organic tea simply tastes better and is more flavourful!

Rs. 384

Teafloor Thandai Chai - 100 g

With every sip of this beverage, you will feel the saffron calming you down and relaxing your senses, while the nuts with the spices will add a sense of fullness and satisfaction. A blend of high grown Assam teas with real spices - no artificial flavours. It assures you to feel a magical effect on your tastebuds.

Rs. 474

Temi Tea Oolong - 200 g Pack

A smooth, velvet-textured tea from the Temi tea gardens. This tea slowly builds up to reveal an intense floral scent and a mild citrus taste. A smooth, lingering finish makes it a pleasant cup of tea. Made in Sikkim

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 275

Borguri Tippy Gold Leaf Tea - 100 g

A tea fit for royalty! Try the Borguri Tippy Gold Leaf from Assam. Top quality tea from the estate of Borguri, this tea is 100% pure and organic. Made from the finest tippy golden flowery orange pekoe of the Assam tea bushes, Borguri leaf, with dark liquor and robust characters. A tea that best compliments your breakfast. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 459

Halmari Golden Granules CTC Tea - 250 g

Is a nice, strong and flavourful cup of tea your thing? Then the Halmari Golden Granules is just the right one for you! Fall in love with this wonderful tea also known as "Cup of Gold" from the Halmari tea estate in Assam. This tea is strong and bodied and will definitely compliment your breakfast. What better way to start your day than with a kick! Weight: 250 g

Rs. 421

Temi Tea Magic - 200 g Pack

Magical as they come. Start your day with the perfect cup of organic tea. Picked with care, you cam expect nothing but the best. Flavourful and smooth, we assure you'll come back for more. Made in Sikkim.

Rs. 268

Temi Tea Sikkim Solja - 250 g

Start your day with a delightful flavour. Temi Tea estate is known for their impeccable tea. Filled with an aromatic punch, this tea is rich and absolutely divine. Made in Sikkim.

Rs. 208

True Elements Darjeeling Black Tea 100 g

Darjeeling Black Tea is sourced only from fields grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. This great exquisite tea is one of a kind and has a distinctive taste to it and is often referred to as the Champagne of Teas. It is 100% pure Indian black, leafy tea from the Darjeeling estates with no additives making it completely natural and suitable for all. Tea leaves are handpicked to ensure the best collection before sending for processing. Brew a cup of health and freshness every morning!
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 180

True Elements Oolong Tea 50 g

Also known as wulong (or wu long) tea, Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea commonly used by tea drinkers looking to lose weight and manage blood sugar levels. An exciting combination of Green tea with extracts of Oolong flowers makes True Elements Oolong Tea highly desirable by all. The exquisite packing and its taste make it the perfect gift for tea connoisseurs. Green tea is very beneficial for health and is considered one of the most refreshing drinks.
Weight: 50 g

Rs. 270

Korangani Green Tea - 125 g

Rich in antioxidants and a multitude of health benefits from Anti-cancer to Weight Loss in one pack of this 100% Garden Fresh Assam Green Tea (Super Fine grade). Made in Assam

Weight: 125 g

Rs. 163

Korangani CTC Tea blend with Darjeeling Tea - 250 g

100% Garden Fresh Assam CTC (Cut Tear Curl) teas blended with 100% Garden Fresh Darjeeling Broken grade teas for a royal combination of Rich Strong Liquor & unique Muscatel Flavour! Made in Assam

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 163

Korangani Green Tea - 250 g

Relax and rejuvenate with this exotic green tea from Korangani! It is rich in antioxidants and offers a multitude of health benefits from cancer prevention to weight loss in one pack of this 100% Garden Fresh Assam Green Tea (Super Fine grade). Made in Assam

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 367

Earthy Green Tea - 100 g

Pick up the best partner for health with taste! Organic green tea from Amonar, is harvested in small batches from pristine tea gardens in Nagaland that use natural, organic and sustainable methods of farming to offer you the finest quality green tea! Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 245

Original Naga Hill Green Tea - 100 g

Indulge in the taste of Original Naga Hill Green Tea for a memorable experience straight from Naga Royale Tea Estate. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 322