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AROMATIC SPICES (Pack of 7 aromatic spices)

Love cooking? This bundle of aromatic spices are going to drive you crazy out of joy! Carefully chosen and put in one bundle, this pack of 7 aromatic spices can now be brought at 10% discount. Offer last only for limited time so hurry and place your order!

Rs. 1,480 Rs. 1,332

Best of Bee Honey Combo

Pure, fresh honey of superior quality from Wild Nectar. Best of Bee pure honey combo pack that includes Pure Honey by Wild Nectar 350g and 400g each. Experience the rich and pure taste of this honey that is loaded with various health benefits. Full of natural goodness, this honey is from the beautiful hills of Meghalaya.

Rs. 935 Rs. 842

Breath of Fire Pickle Combo

This pickle combo pack will leave you breathing fire! Acclaimed as the world's hottest pepper, the Ghost Pepper or King Chilli is indeed the king of chillies. This chilli has been pickled in different forms and this combo pack includes Pork with Ghost Pepper, Meat with Ghost Pepper and Chicken with Ghost Pepper. Experience the taste of this world famous chilli with your favourite meat.

Rs. 747 Rs. 672

CANDIES (Pack of 4)

There is sweet and there is salty! Buy bundle of 4 packets of different flavoured candies and candy powder and get 10% discount. Hurry till the offer lasts!

Rs. 648 Rs. 583

CANDIES (Pack of 5)

If you are a lover of sweet and tangy candies, this bundle of 5 different varieties of exotic candies from the North East is definitely going to make your day. Buy all 5 packet and get a discount of 10%. Hurry and place and order while the offer lasts!

Rs. 830 Rs. 747


Just the varieties of pickles selected for this bundle is going to leave your mouth watering. This bundle has varieties of pickle from chicken, bamboo shoot, the famous king chilli, soya bean, lemon and garlic… and there is a 10% discount in this bundle. Dont waste time and place an order!

Rs. 741 Rs. 667

Chilli Dhamaka Combo

You may sweat, your tongue may burn a little, but it all just tastes and feels so good. These items can ease you into just a little heat, and a little sunshine. And they'll just add a little warmth to your dinner table. This bundle of 6 Chilli items is just the perfect pick for those who have spicy taste buds, and now at a discount of 10%. Grab you bundle quick!

Rs. 1,170 Rs. 1,000

Dried Berries Combo Pack

Boost your immune system with the goodness of dried berries. Not only packed with antioxidants, they are dried fruits spurting with nutrition and essence. Try out these dried wholesome berries as a treat for your palate.

Rs. 1,180 Rs. 1,062

Fiery Pickle Combo

Raise the heat and fire up this winter with the Fiery Pickle Combo Pack. For all you lovers of everything hot and spicy, this is defintely the right combo for you. This combo pack includes the popular Dalle Chilli (Fireball) Pickle 200g, Dalle Chilli Paste High Voltage 200 g, Dalle Chilli with Bamboo Shoot 200 g, Mixed Pickle and Lapsee Pickle. This winter is sure gonna be hot!

Rs. 869 Rs. 782

Fish Combo

If you are a fish lover, nothing will bring you more joy than seeing this single bundle of only fish items that too at a discount of 10%. Hurry before someone orders your favorite bundle.

Rs. 1,137 Rs. 1,023

FISH ITEMS (Pack of 7 )

Have a special soft spot for seafood? Here is an offer to die for. Buy this bundle of 7 packets of Seafood items and get a discount of 10%. Its getting over fast so hurry and order your bundle of joy!

Rs. 1,265 Rs. 1,139

Flavoured Tea Combo

Brew and drink a cup of goodness with this excellent organic tea combo. An assortment of healthy organic teas

Rs. 860

For the love of Pickle

A combo pack of pickle for all you pickle lovers out there. Mouth watering and lip smacking spicy and tangy pickles for the Indian taste buds. Grab the For-The-Love-Of-Pickle combo pack which includes Fresh King Chilli Pickle, Dry Red Chilli and Wild Sesame Pickle, Mixed Pickle and Etsuk (Bamboo Shoot) Pickle. Enjoy these absolutely delectable pickles.

Rs. 705

Fruit blast hamper

Fruit Blast combo pack of four different natural fruit jams. Fruit jams that are made from natural fruits and ingredients, your kids can now enjoy a fruity breakfast of their choice every morning. Select from an assortment of Pineapple Jam, Strawberry Jam, Mixed Fruit Jam and Orange Marmalade.

Rs. 673 Rs. 606

Fruit Candy Fest

This winter, pop an all natural fruit candy as you relax in your warm, comfy clothes. Choose from an array of different seasonal fruits. The Fruit Candy Fest combo pack contains a pack of Star Fruit Candy, Amla Candy, Wild Apple Candy, Tamarind Candy and Mango Candy. Enjoy the fruity delight with these fruit candies that also makes for a great after-food accompaniment.

Rs. 866 Rs. 779

Fruity Fun Pickle Combo

Fruity Fun Pickle Combo is an assortment of pickles made from natural fruits. Luscious, rich and lip smacking pickles from fruits found in the hills of Meghalaya, this pickle combo pack includes Soshang Pickle, Sohphie Pickle and Jackfruit Pickle of 200g each. Enjoy them with your meals or as an after-food digestive.

Rs. 393 Rs. 354

Healthy Rice Combo

Step up your health game with this combo of exotic, super healthy and highly nutritious varieties of rice.

Rs. 568

Healthy Seeds Combo

Healthy snacking combo just for you! A combo pack of super nutritious and healthy seeds

Rs. 697 Rs. 627

HERBS (Pack of 4 Medicinal herbs)

Healthier choices make a healthier you, and if you have this bundle of 4 packets of renowned Ayurvedic herbs, rest assured you will be healthy at heart, mind and body. This bundle of 4 packs of medicinal herbs is available at 10% discount. What are you waiting for? Quickly place an order!

Rs. 843 Rs. 759

HERBS (Pack of 5 Medicinal herbs)

Traditional medicines are a dear companions to us Indians, young and old since time immemorial. For all you Ayurvedic herbs fans here is a bundle of 5 packets of medicinal herbs to keep your body and mind healthy and happy and they are at 10% discount. Order yours online quickly!

Rs. 1,209 Rs. 1,088

Honey Combo

Soak yourself in the goodness of honey with this Honey Combo pack from Societe Naturelle. Each jar of honey with its rich and distinct taste is loaded with health benefits.

Rs. 759 Rs. 683

Hot and Sweet Pickle Combo

Enjoy every bit of these lovely pickles. Absolutely mouth watering and finger licking pickles, the Hot & Sweet pickle combo is a mix of spicy pickles and fruity pickles. This pickle combo pack includes Small Chilli Pickle, Red Chilli Pickle, Mushroom Pickle and Jackfruit Pickle. Hot and spicy pickle or sweet and tangy, take your pick!

Rs. 742 Rs. 668

Jams pack

Make your breakfast yummilicious everyday with these jams with flavours of real fruits. Now you can buy this bundle of 3 jams rhododendron, mixed fruit and orange marmalade and get a discount of 10%. Hurry till offers last!

Rs. 614 Rs. 553

Just Jam Combo

If you're a fan of fruit jams then the Just Jam combo pack is the right pick for you. This pack contains Meg Plum jam and Meg Sohiong Jam. The plum jam with a fresh and smooth flavour has a slightly tart after taste. Enjoy the juicy flavour of Sohiong cherry jam from the hills of Meghalaya. Spread some jam of your choice on toast and make your breakfast more flavourful with this jam pack.

Rs. 538 Rs. 484

King Chilli/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost pepper Combo

A perfect combo to those who loves to tingle their taste buds. This combo brings in the taste of the World's hottest Chilli- King chilli(bhut jolokia). It is referred differently in different parts of the Northeastern regions as Bhoot jalokia, U-morok, Naga Jolokia, and Ghost Chilli. Get a 10% discount on the combo. Hurry till offer lasts!

Rs. 793 Rs. 714

Kitchen Spices Combo

Spice up your meal with this combo of assorted organic spices. A perfect Indian kitchen spice combo!

Rs. 1,494

Lip Smacking Fruit Candy Pack

Delight in the pleasure of natural fruit candies with this Lip Smacking Fruit Candy Pack. An assortment of fruit candies that is made from natural fruits with no added or artificial flavourings or preservatives, your kids can also enjoy these delightful candies. This combo pack includes Star Fruit Candy, Amla Candy, Wild Apple Candy, Wild Orange Peel Candy and Kiwi Natural Fruit Candy.

Rs. 536 Rs. 482

Love for Pork Combo

Pork for all moods! Here is a slice of heaven for all pork lovers: High quality organic pork pickled or smoked to drive your taste buds crazy! Buy a bundle of 4 pork items at a discount of 10%! Hurry till the offer lasts!

Rs. 1,209 Rs. 1,088


Happiness is when you have 10% discount in bundle of 4 packets of pickles for days when you are a vegetarian and those when you are only about meat. This bundle of meat and soya bean pickle is surely to leave your mouth watering. Hurry till offer lasts!

Rs. 882 Rs. 817

Meat Combo

If you are a person that has enormous fondness for everything meat, nothing will comfort you more than knowing that now you can buy this single bundle of 5 meat items, whether pickled or smoked, and it comes with a 10% discount too! I hear you have not ordered yet?

Rs. 1,401 Rs. 1,261