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Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel - 100g

Rustic Art Aloe Vera Gel with Fresh Lemon Extracts is a natural moisturiser. It has natural astringent properties that controls acne by balancing excess oil. It is anti septic and heals skin inflammation, infections, allergies, blisters and even insect bites.It can used to heal baby nappy rashes, as an after shave gel and as a night gel.-No Animal Ingredient/ No Animal Testing, Soft on skin, suitable for all skin types, Completely handmade, free of chemicals.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 200

Organic Aloe Vera - Orange & Cinnamon Gel - 100g

This gel is suitable for non-sensitive skin. It heals acne and removes blemishes. It tones the complexion and makes skin smooth and healthy. Slight tingling sensation for a few minutes is normal on application of this gel.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 290

Organic Aloe Vera - Papaya Gel - 100g

This organic gel is a natural skin nourisher. It regenerates skin and soothes inflammation. It clears complexion as well as removes blemishes. It makes skin smooth and healthy. It is also beneficial in healing cracked heals.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 300 Rs. 270

Organic Aloe Vera - Lavender Gel - 100g

This gel is best suitable for dry skin. It tightens pores, fades wrinkles, repairs skin, keeps skin moisturized, restores skin nutrients, cooling & soothing, heals minor cuts & burn, fades blemishes and relives itching.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 320

Rustic Art Organic Massage Oil - 200 ml

Rustic Art Divine Massage Oil is an age old Ayurvedic formula. It is also called 'Sarva Roga Nivarani' or the 'Master Oil. With goodness of Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Sesame & Camphor. Indulge in a traditional Ayurvedic massage that would calm your senses and leave you rejuvenated. In case of cold, running nose, asthma (wheezing) and problems caused by humidity, apply 2 drops gently on the nose, eyebrows, throat and chest for instant relief. In case of joint pain and back pain, apply uniformly and massage gently. It is useful for respiratory congestion, cramps, swelling, body pain, sprains, paralytic disorders, hypertension, rheumatic disorders, insomnia, and facial paralysis. It can be safely applied on nose, throat and back if suffering from cold. It is completely handmade and has no side effects.
Made of Certified Organic Ingredients
Hand-blended & Natural
Ayurvedic Formulation
Vegan Product
Weight: 8 gm

Rs. 250 Rs. 225

Rustic Art Lemon - Organic face wash - 100 ml

With goodness of Bergamot Lemongrass & Tea Tree, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients
- Hand-blended & Natural Vegan Product

Rs. 230 Rs. 207

Rustic Art Neem Basil - Organic face wash - 100 ml

With goodness of Geranium, Juniper , Lavender & Chamomile, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients.
Hand-blended & Natural Vegan Product

Rs. 230

Rustic Art Rose - Organic face wash - 100 ml

With Sunflower Oil & Sandal, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients
Hand-blended & Natural
Vegan Product

Rs. 230

Rustic Art Sandal - Organic face wash - 100 ml

With goodness of Jojoba,Sesame & Cedar Wood, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients
Hand-blended & Natural
Vegan Product

Rs. 230

Rustic Art Organic After Shaving Gel - 100 g

Organic Aloe Vera with Tea Tree Extract and Vit-E. It soothes the skin and replenishes it after a shave or waxing. It reduces the redness and prevents any outbreak on the skin. It even tones the skin and heals sunburn.

Rs. 320

24 Carat Gold Bleach Cream

Gold bleach cream is loaded with gold dust and natural anti-oxidants. It not only brightens the skin tone but also makes it look younger and beautiful.

Rs. 335

Haldi-Chandan Bleach Cream

Brimming with the goodness of Haldi Chandan Bleach, it serves as an excellent skin cleanser. It not only wipes off tan but also repairs skin damages caused due to excessive sun-exposure.    

Rs. 190

Gold Spa Facial

Gold Cleanser - Aryanveda Gold Cleanser is enriched with beneficial properties gold dust and other natural cleansing agents to impart a gold like glow on your face.
Gold Scrub-Aryanveda Gold Scrub is enriched with beneficial properties of time tested Ayurvedic herbs.
Gold Massage Gel-: Aryanveda Gold Massage Gel is fortified with health benefits of gold dust and naturall herbs.
Gold Massage Cream-Aryanveda Gold Massage Cream is enriched with natural health benefits of gold and other skin protecting and beauty enhancing natural herbs
Gold Pack-Aryanveda Gold Pack is enriched with the time proven of gold dust and botanical extracts.

Rs. 622

Silver 3X Home Spa Kit

Sliver Cleanser-Silver cleanser penetrates deep into skin and takes out skin impurities while preparing the skin for further skin treatment.
Sliver Scrub- Silver scrub gently exfoliates and improves skin complexion.
Sliver Massage Cream-Silver massage cream gently seeps into the skin and regulates moisture balance consequently the roughness and dryness of skin disappear.
Sliver Pack- Silver pack beautifies your skin in true sense.

Rs. 200

Silver Spa Facial

Silver Cleanser - An Ultimate blend of botanicals and silver dust to remove all dark, dust and dirt particles from your skin which affects the skin complexion.
Silver Scrub - Silver scrub is a beautiful combination of silver dust and natural botanical herbs to re-incarnate your beauty.
Silver Massage Gel - Aryanveda Silver Face massage gel gives you that perfect chic look
Silver Massage Cream - The pure silver particles present in this massage cream rescues and tame stressed out skin.
Silver Pack-Arayanveda Silver Pack has harnessed the healing and rejuvenating properties of silver to really get the skin glowing.

Rs. 550

Pearl Healing 3X Home Spa Kit

Pearl Cleanser - Pearl cleanser nourishes the skin with amino acids and calcium absorbs excess of oil present in pores.
Pearl Scrub - It gently removes all the dead epithelial cells & environmental toxins deposited on skin.
Pearl Massage Cream - Pearl Massage Cream is loaded pearl dust which are very effective in cleaning the skin from deep.
Pearl Pack - Pearl pack is a beautiful combination of pearl dust and botanicals herbs.

Rs. 200

Diamond Dazzle 3X Home Spa Kit

Diamond Cleanser-diamond cleanser cleanses the skin from deep.
Diamond Scrub-diamond scrub comes with natural environment dust and herbal actives.
Diamond Massage Cream-pearl massage cream is a bliss for skin it provides nourishment and detoxifies the skin from the toxins stuck on epidemics.
Diamond Pack-Diamond pack cleans the skin pores from follicular debris and environmental dust.

Rs. 225

Diamond Spa Facial

Diamond Cleanser-Diamond cleanser is ideal for dull and exhausted skin.
Diamond Scrub-Diamond Scrub is truly bliss for a dull and exhausted skin.
Diamond Massage Gel-Diamond Nourishing Gel is a therapeutic step.
Diamond Massage Cream-The diamond Massage cream treats tanned skin caused due to excessive exposure to sun & environmental pollutants.
Diamond Pack-Diamond Face Pack unpacks beauty for you.

Rs. 730

Wine Wow 3X Home Spa Kit

Wine Cleanser- Wine scrub immaculately removes dehydrated layers from skin and surfaces a perfectly cleaned skin.
Wine Scrub-Wine scrub is a great exfoliator.
Wine Massage Cream - Detoxifies the skin
Wine Pack-Wine Pack is brimming with the natural actives and herbs.

Rs. 225

Aqua Cool Mint Active Moisturisation 3X Home Spa Kit

Aqua Cool Cleanser-Aqua cool cleanser is a bliss for an exhausted skin.
Aqua Cool Scrub-Aqua cool scrub is a boon for dehydrated skin.
Aqua Cool Massage Cream-Aqua cool massage cream is ideal for dehydrated skin.
Aqua Cool Pack-Aqua cool skin pack unloads a very nice and refreshing feeling on skin.

Rs. 175

Aqua Cool Spa Facial

Aqua Cool Mint Cleanser is an excellent combination of mint, herbs and other body cleansing components and is suitable for all types of skin
Aqua Cool Scrub-Aqua Cool Mint Scrub promises to have all the ingredients that add glitter to your skin.
Aqua Cool Massage Gel-The active cooling ingredients makes the products more natural, giving treatment for skin radiance.
Aqua Cool Massage Cream-Loaded with mint, cucumber, sandalwood, lavender and roses extracts, herbs and other skin essentials Aqua Cool Mint Massage Cream is an ideal application in summer.
Aqua Cool Pack- Aqua Cool Mint Pack is an herbal preparation used by beauty therapists, beauty professionals, cosmetologists, ayurvedic practitioners and others.

Rs. 393

Fruit Secrets 3X Home Spa Kit

Fruit Cleanser-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Cleanser is enriched with natural goodness of fruits.
Fruit Scrub-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Scrub is formulated using natural ingredients
Fruit Massage Cream-Aryanveda Fruit Massage Cream is beautiful combination of natural ingredients to impart a natural glow on your skin unseen ever before.
Fruit Pack-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Pack has time tested herbs which are ideal to impart a beautiful radiant skin.

Rs. 180

Fruit Spa Facial

Fruit Cleanser-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Cleanser is enriched with natural goodness of fruits
Fruit Scrub-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Scrub is formulated using natural ingredients
Fruit Massage Gel-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Massage Gel is a beautiful combination of using natural ingredients.
Fruit Massage Cream-Aryanveda Fruit Massage Cream is beautiful combination of natural ingredients to impart a natural glow on your skin unseen ever before.
Fruit Pack-Aryanveda Fruit Kit Pack has time tested herbs which are ideal to impart a beautiful radiant skin.

Rs. 424

Papaya Plump 3X Home Spa Kit

Papaya Cleanser-Papaya cleanser is fully charged with papaya enzymes which are known for deep cleansing and exfoliation.
Papaya Scrub-Papaya scrub is one of the best exfoliator of all time.
Papaya Massage Cream-Papaya Massage cream detoxifies the skin abd smoothens skin texture by performing anti-inflammatory action on skin.
Papaya Pack-Papaya nourishes the skin with vitamin A, E and C, and other anti-oxidants, & smoothens it.

Rs. 175

Papaya spa Facial

Papaya facial spa has a unique combination of papaya extracts and other beauty essentials that wash away layer of dark skin formed due pollution and dust particles and you find you're looking new and refreshed. The presence of papaya enzymes & botanical actives makes it an excellent skin exfoliator. The natural properties of Papaya help fight free radicals that delaying skin ageing process,imparts natural glow on your face and keep your skin fresh and appealing for longer.

Rs. 550

Chocolate Spa Facial

Nothing can beat the energizing aroma of chocolate. The presence of Cocoa butter and other oils treats your skin gently and makes it soft, supple and sensual. In just one application, your skin looks tempting and appealing. The Vitamin E helps in lightening, tightening the skin and reduce puffiness. Obviously, the rich chocolate aroma will sweep you off your feet!

Rs. 550

Banana Spa Facial

Enriched with Banana Extracts and botanical extracts it has gentle fragrance that makes your experience more delightful while giving health and vitality to skin. The presence of iron in Banana provides health and make it firm and youthful. Its refreshing fragrance keeps you one beat up all day long!

Rs. 550

Fairness Spa Facial

Want to steal hearts with your stunning fairness! Tune it up with Aryanveda fairness spa. Aligned with natural herbal actives, it does a magic with your skin by penetrating deep into your skin and brilliantly cleaning the dark and oily skin. Its application gives visible results in no time and you are ready to outshine the glow of gold with your skin that looks so clear, so bold!

Rs. 550

Wine Spa Facial

Discover an inexplicable divine glow with Wine spa. It is enriched with natural extracts which are very effective . Being light in texture, it seeps deep into skin easily and nourishes the skin while healing the minor skin damages caused by environmental pollutants. It is a perfect treatment for your skin that detoxifies, smoothes & imparts anti -inflammatory action on skin. The skin is energized with a new look and you feel beautiful from outside and refreshed from inside.

Rs. 640

24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit

Imagination do not hold when skin gleams gold! Aryanveda Gold Kit packs the charisma of Nano technology, Gold Particles & botanical actives that add luster to your persona. It treats your skin deep, removes skin impurities, replenishes the skin with health & vitality and tightens up the sagging skin. Its miraculous effect reduces visible signs of ageing and you look years younger.Gold particles present in this Facial System is converted into finest form for better bioavailability so that gold particles could reach the deepest layer of skin.

Rs. 2,350

Silver Skin Healing Kit

Grab attention with your silvery shine. Aryanveda Silver Kit gives a holistic care to your skin. Presence of silver particles, jojoba, aloevera and Nano technology gives a complete makeover to your personality. It heals the damages caused to skin by environmental factors, hormone imbalance and other skin impurities. It cleanses the skin, provides health supplements, tones up the skin texture and brightens up your skin.

Rs. 1,270

Pearl Skin soothing Kit

When a pearl sparkles it mesmerizes you deep to the soul. Imagine the same spark on your skin, its not that hard with Aryanveda Pearl Kit. Alignment of pearl particles, botanical extracts and Nano technology treats your skin delicately and makes your skin pearly beautiful! It repairs & soothes the damaged cells & provides protection against irritants while other products only repair.

Rs. 1,900

Diamond Skin Polishing Kit

Diamond Kit packs a divine combination of ancient herbs and contemporary scientific inventions to impart a divine look to your skin. Time-proven properties of diamond particles enhance the glow of your skin while the presence of other natural & cosmetic repairs the damage caused to skin due to hectic life style. It makes skin re-hydrated and exude glow just like diamonds.

Rs. 2,440

Platinum Skin Energising Kit

Most rare, most precious and most graceful ...thy name is platinum. Aryanveda's Platinum Kit with Nano technology and other natural actives, it wipes off the stress marks, repairs the damage caused by skin irritants present in environment and helps reduce pigmentation. Consequently, your skin looks fresh, energized and most importantly beautiful.

Rs. 2,440

Chocolate Moisturising Kit

Let hearts melt away in the temptation of chocolate. Chocolate Kit is fully loaded with the goodness of cocoa, Nano technology and herbal actives that sway hearts to fall in sin. The natural goodness of chocolate makes your skin luscious by removing visible signs of ageing. It improves the complexion and tightens up your skin. Your skin will become inviting and irresistible.Chocolate facial System helps to tighten the skin and reduces puffiness. Purifies the skin and repairs skin cell damage.

Rs. 2,260

D Vine Detoxifying Kit

Nectar of your skin shine, let your admirer drink it deep just like a wine. Aryanveda’s d’vine Kit is liquefied with the bliss of Nano technology, grapes, raspberry and other herbal actives that combat the skin irritants, control the itching sensation on skin and tighten the skin pores. Aryanveda d’vine facial system eliminates the dead cells and enhances the blood circulation. Vinothermy is the best treatment for pigmentation, dull or dry and tanned skin.

Rs. 2,260

Aqua Cool Mint Kit

Aqua cool mint kit is ideal to rub a cool look on your face. Its aqua based formula takes away dehydration and makes your skin waft with fresh look other body cleansing components. It cleanses the skin pores, removes dry and dehydrated layers by deeply penetrating into the skin. It removes excess sebum and gives natural sheen to the skin resulting in a natural and cool feeling. Aqua cool mint facial system gives long lasting hydration without leaving sticky sensation or a greasy coating. Water therapy nourishes the skin deep within.

Rs. 1,900

Fairness Skin Lightening Kit

Skin is the most important part of human persona as it is your skin that gives your introduction.. It is an insignia of what you are from within. Fairness kit exclusively addresses the issue of skin's darkness and offers a unique combination of traditional cure and contemporary inventions to combat extra melanin produced due to constant exposure to direct sunbeams or any hormonal changes. It lightens up your skin and helps retain its natural glow that shows nothing artificial about it. Aryanveda fairness facial system stops the melanin production in melanocyte and reduces the amount of previous melanin

Rs. 1,900

Ozone Kit

Let your skin exude confidence in all its magnificence with Ozone Kit. A new age blessing that combines the amazing attributes of Nano technology, ancient herbs and other modern cosmetics. It brings a freshness as it cleanses the skin deep making it free from blemishes. It forms a protective layer on your skin to protect it from harmful UV rays. Aryanveda Ozone facial system provides firmness to your skin without much pulling or over massaging that slackens and weakness your skin. Ozone therapy helps to cleanse and detoxify the skin while other not.

Rs. 1,900

Papaya Enzymes Kit

Now enhance the glow of your charm with papaya, a fruit with very benefitting vitamins and enzymes that just recreate your beauty. It exfoliates and cleanses your skin deep, detoxifies your skin off skin blemishes and accelerates the healing process. Its natural goodness enhances the glow of your skin without any side effects and improves your skin tone in no time. Aryanveda Papaya facial system helps in exfoliating the skin to develop newer cells, moisturize and soften the skin. It also helps to reduce freckles or brown spots due to exposure to sunlight, smoothing the skin and creating healthier looking skin.

Rs. 1,270

Banana Vitamin boost Kit

Banana is an excellent source of vitamins and iron. Ayurvedacharyas used its beneficial properties in the treatment of many diseases and disparities. Being a rich source of iron, it fosters the blood circulation and promotes growth of new skin cells which makes your skin look shining from outside and healthy from inside. Discover the goodness of banana in combination of other beauty essentials in the Banana Kit that offers a holistic treatment for your skin. Its natural ingredients in combination with Nano technology foster the replenishment process.

Rs. 1,270

Wrinkled Skin Tightening Kit

Wrinkles on your face tarnish your look and just leave you in utter dejection. Your skin looks dull and lack of vibrance. Aryanveda Wrinklend Kit takes you back in your sweet youthful days. A combination of ancient herbs, Nano technology and other scientific inventions, it treats your skin deep, removes skin blemishes and tightens the body skin. Presence of anti-oxidants pace up the skin firming process and your skin looks younger and attractive. Aryanveda wrinkled facial system repairs wrinkles, unlike normal anti- wrinkle products that help to prevent wrinkles or help to reduce the effects of some of the environmental factors that speed up aging.

Rs. 1,900

Acnend Anti Pimple Kit

‘Acne’the word itself send shivers. These blotchy red scars really force you hide your face and gradually you shun yourself away from the festivities of life. Aryanveda’s organic Anti Acnend Kit brings a sigh of relief to all victims of acne. This revolutionary product is made with Organic Contents that insures 100% chemical free acne treatment. It is a beautiful comibation of Organic extracts and Nano LPD.

Rs. 1,900

Tanend UV Protection Kit

Dark skin due to hectic life and direct exposure to UV rays steals the charm of your persona, leaving your skin dark and dull. Worry no more! Aryanveda Tanend Kit simply casts magic on your skin. Its formula combining the bliss of Nano technology and natural herbs lightens up you skin tone, improves your skin texture and makes it look fairer. Aryanveda tanend facial system repairs Sun damaged cells providing protection against Sun rays, while other products only repair.

Rs. 1,900

Rustic Art Organic Blueberry Baby Wash - 200 ml

Keep your baby clean and fragrant with this organic body wash especially made for the sensitive skin of a baby.

Rs. 450 Rs. 405

Rustic Art Organic Baby Shampoo - 100 ml

* Gently cleans and moisturises
* Suitable for baby's tender scalp
* Keeps hair nourished
* No chlorine, parabens, sulfates, phthalates or toxic chemicals
* Made with plant based ingredients
* Vegan & Organic
* Hand-blended

Rs. 300

Rustic Art Organic Baby Lotion - 100 ml

Its made of 80% certified organic ingredients and the rest being natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals, artificial enhancers or fragrances have been used in its making. Thus, it is a smooth, organic and natural nourishment for your baby's delicate skin; keeping it soft, supple and glowing all day long.

Rs. 550 Rs. 495

Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil (Evoke) - 100 ml

Say ‘hello’ to soft, supple and nourished skin for your baby. Rustic Art Organic Baby Oil is perfect for body & hair massage. Its regular use gives a lasting glow to the skin since it is completely natural & carries enchanting fragrance of organic essential oils. What's more, it can be safely used by adults too!

Rs. 250

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