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True Elements Chamomile Tea 100 g

True Elements Chamomile Tea is exquisite tea with 100% pure green tea wonderfully infused with the essence of Chamomile flowers to add to taste and health for making the perfect brew. It has a delicate, distinctive infusion with a mellow taste and sunny golden colour making it desired by all and great for regular use.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 220

True Elements Spearmint Green Tea 100 g

Spearmint Green Tea is a blend of Ceylon green tea leaves and selected spearmint leaves from the Himachal region. Unlike regular green tea, it has a unique refreshing flavour and scent. Mint based tea has regularly featured in Mediterranean, Indian and Asian cuisines. Spearmint is a native to Central Europe and during the 1500s, it was used to prevent and treat scurvy because of its high Vitamin C content. It is a remedy for a multitude of disorders and the most effective way of consuming it is in the form of a tea.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 300

True Elements Darjeeling Black Tea 100 g

Darjeeling Black Tea is sourced only from fields grown in the foothills of the Himalayas in India. This great exquisite tea is one of a kind and has a distinctive taste to it and is often referred to as the Champagne of Teas. It is 100% pure Indian black, leafy tea from the Darjeeling estates with no additives making it completely natural and suitable for all. Tea leaves are handpicked to ensure the best collection before sending for processing. Brew a cup of health and freshness every morning!
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 180

True Elements Spearmint Infusion Tea 100 g

Spearmint Infusion Tea is a healthy and completely natural alternative for treating hirsutism - an imbalance of testosterone among women that manifests in an abnormal, masculine hair growth. Its potency against acne and other skin allergies makes it a common product among people with sensitive skin. It makes your face look shiny and healthy.
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 250

True Elements Oolong Tea 50 g

Also known as wulong (or wu long) tea, Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea commonly used by tea drinkers looking to lose weight and manage blood sugar levels. An exciting combination of Green tea with extracts of Oolong flowers makes True Elements Oolong Tea highly desirable by all. The exquisite packing and its taste make it the perfect gift for tea connoisseurs. Green tea is very beneficial for health and is considered one of the most refreshing drinks.
Weight: 50 g

Rs. 270

True Elements Green Tea with Tulsi 100 g

Your early morning tea couldn’t get any better with True Elements Tulsi Green Tea! Be a part of this tea’s exquisite taste, which is delicate and smooth, coupled with its floral and subtle fruity aroma. This wonderful combination provides a natural energy boost with half the caffeine! Make your mornings a completely new experience with Tulsi Green Tea!
Weight: 100 g

Rs. 160

True Elements Safflower Tea 50 g

Yellow saffron tea, a rare variety of tea, has a very specific taste and fragrance. It gets its name because of the yellow color it takes after brewing. True Elements Yellow Saffron Tea is a one of its kind blends, having significant digestive health benefits. It is 100% pure leaf tea with no additives making it completely natural and suitable for all
Weight: 50 g

Rs. 259

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