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Fresh Assam Lemon (Kaji Nemu) - 1 Kg

We bring forth an exotic variety of and juicy Assam Lemon also known as Kaji Nemu. Comparatively larger than the regular lemon, owing to its unique aroma and flavor it is famous as the “Queen of all citrus fruits” So fresh and natural all the way from Assam!
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Rs. 280 Rs. 190

Fresh Himalayan Kiwi Fruit - 1kg

Exclusive, exotic variety of fresh and plump Kiwi fruit, organically grown in the lush orchards of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh. Compare the freshness and juiciness of this Kiwi fruit to the deep-freeze imported ones available in the market. This is naturally ripened and the first pick of the season. Made in India.
Delivery available only for Bangalore pincodes. Limited stock. Average weight of 100g per fruit

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Rs. 420 Rs. 320

Premium Ajwa Dates - 500g

Most notably admired for its bold, distinctive flavor, Ajwa Dates are in a league of their own. These are unlike any other dates, not just for flavor but for their medicinal benefits which is why it has earned the title of, ‘The King of Dates’. It is also renowned for its healing and anti-cancer properties. Ajwa dates are dark colored with fine white lines and are delightfully soft and fruity. It is a dry variety of dates and is organically grown in Madinah Munawwara, Saudi Arabia. Enjoy this delectable royal dates or gift to your loved ones and share the happiness!

Rs. 938

Premium Luxury Khalas Dates - 500g

The Khalas variety of premium, mouthwatering, delicious Saudi Arabian dates are well known around the world for its impeccable taste and unique sweetness! These imported, finest quality dates with a distinctive flavour are moist, buttery and melts in the mouth. They are organically grown and procured from private farms in Al Qassim, Saudi Arabia. The nutritional value of these luxurious, exotic variety of dates are three times higher than that of fish. Enjoy this delightful collection of luxury dates or gift to your loved ones and share the happiness!

Rs. 350

Royal Sukkary Dates - 500g

Sukkary meaning ‘sweet’ dates are crispy and has a blonde gold color with a fresh, sweet pulp. It is known for its caramel-like flavor and is soft, moist and buttery. These imported finest quality Sukkary dates are also called, ‘The Queen of Dates’. It is organically grown and cultivated in Al Qaseem region in Saudi Arabia. These dates are a perfect addition to your breakfast smoothie, a healthy alternative to curb sugar cravings, and a powerful super food that boosts energy. So indulge! You’ll be glad you did.

Rs. 197