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Dining Table Runner

Dining table runner comes in black and white checks with red border, handmade with utmost care and precision. Made in Manipur

Weight: 300 g
Dimension: 14" x 36"

Rs. 323

Handcrafted Magnetic Fridge Fish Set

A pair of colourful fish handcrafted in wood and coloured with natural dyes. Can also be used at office on a magnetic white/chalk board or any flat iron surface.

  • Dimension: 8 cm x 3 cm x 10.5 cm
  • Weight: 280 g

Rs. 235

Instant Ngari (Fermented Fish, Ready-to-Eat) (non - veg) - 200 g

This instant Ngari (Fermented fish) is a ready to eat product. Mixed with curry and chutney to give an exotic flavour to your food. Made in Manipur.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 288

MEG Certified Organic Green Tea -100 g

Start your day with a cup of aromatic and rejuvenating Green tea that is 100% organic from the virgin hills of Meghalaya.

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 145

Meira Dried Fermented Soya Beans (veg) - 130 g

Have a great dose of proteins with the yummy fermented dried soya from Meira Foods. Soybeans are one of the major food resources that supplement high-digested plant protein in the diet with low fat/cholesterol content and high nutritive value as well as antioxidant and other health-promoting properties. Made in Manipur

Weight: 130g

Rs. 99

Natural Fiber Scrubber (Loofah) - Large

Made from natural loofah (Sponge gourd), this natural fibre body scrubber will help you not only to cleanse your body without damaging natural balance but also stimulate blood supply to your skin surface and re-energize you. Made in Mizoram

Weight: 40 g
Dimension: 12" x 3.5"

Rs. 115

Red Cedar Round wooden Bowl ‐ 7" x 4"

Handcrafted, eco-friendly and gorgeous. Designed by masters of the trade, this bowl is crafted from Red Cedar Wood. Elegant and stylish, it is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Made in Tamil Nadu.

Rs. 1,926

Small Chilli Pickle - 100 g (veg)

Tired of the same boring rice, dal and veggie menu which now feels like sand and dust in the mouth? Add this small chilli pickle with basic masalas that will add instant spice and thrill to your meal. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 196

True Elements Hazelnuts 150 g

Hazelnuts are a nutritious and healthy nuts that are rich sources of mono-unsaturated fats and poly-unsaturated fats. Raw hazelnuts retain their goodness thus giving you all the nutrients it contains. It has a multitude of health benefits and also helps prevent cancer.
Weight: 150 g

Rs. 460

True Elements Neem Honey 350 g

Traditionally, Neem Honey has been used to boost the immunity and is considered to be one of the finest types of raw honey available. As the name suggests True Elements Neem Honey is obtained from the flower of the Neem Tree with all its qualities, herbal medicinal power and flavour intact. Neem Honey is a wonder product for those with skin problems such as infections, acne and so on.
Weight: 350 g

Rs. 280

Wooden Naga Coasters

Wooden coasters, handcrafted with traditional Naga prints are an accessory that adds class to your kitchen table. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 250 g
Dimension: 5" x 2.5", Diameter - 4"

Rs. 650

Box -Risers

We love these eco-friendly designs that are handcrafted by skilled artisans. These architecturally inspired risers has taken the presentation of cakes to a whole new level by giving chefs a platform to showcase their creativity. Made in Manipur. Dimension: Length: 200mm / 7.9" Width: 200mm / 7.9" Height: 200mm / 7.9"

Rs. 2,105

Chicken Bhujia - 220 g (non-veg)

Made from local premium-quality chicken, this product is full of natural and rich flavor with a careful mix of basic spices to satisfy your hunger pangs! Made in Manipur

Weight: 220 g

Rs. 345

Cubby - Wooden Stacking Toy

Cubby is a cute little bear cub model wooden stacker containing five brightly coloured rings.

  • Age: 1 - 2 Years
  • Finish: Natural dyes and lac Finish
  • Dimension: 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 13.5 cm
  • Weight: 177 g
  • Rs. 565

    Earthenware Clay Designer Oval Shape Serving Tray - Longpi Black Pottery

    Beautiful and unique oval shaped Earthenware serving tray made of black pottery! Handcrafted with natural and eco-friendly materials, this earthenware clay serving tray is free from any toxins or harmful substances. It features an intricate handwoven design on the handles which gives it an earthy finish. A stylish way to serve your guests, indoors or out, this earthenware clay serving tray is a fine addition for your modern table decor! Made in Manipur

    Weight: 1500 g
    Dimension: 10.4" Diameter, 1.5 centimeter Height

    Rs. 1,037

    Foot Massage roller

    Have you been on your feet all day? No one around to give you that relaxing massage? Not to worry because we've got an eco-friendly wooden foot massager for you! Made in Tamil Nadu.

    Rs. 492

    Kola Joha - Aromatic Wild Black Joha Rice - 450 g

    Kola Joha rice is the best grade of Joha rice. It is a special class of rice sati rice (winter rice). It is the sweet aromatic nature, delicate texture and excellent taste of the Joha rice that makes it unique and ideal for making fragrant pulao, delicious Assamese desserts like payash and is the perfect match for a number of ethnic delicacies. This packaged aromatic rice is organic for a healthier meal. Made in Assam

    Rs. 176

    Meg Certified Organic Green Tea - 200 g

    Whether it is to kick start your morning, to keep pace during the day or during a moment of quiet reflection, Meg Certified organic Green Tea, is the healthiest choice, that brims with freshness and good health. Made in Meghalaya

    Weight: 200 g

    Rs. 238

    Red Chilli Pickle - 200 g (veg)

    Add an instant explosion of spicy flavour to your meal with these delightfully pungent long, slim red chillies that are picked straight from the hill of Meghalaya & preserved as a pickle when in prime condition. Made in Meghalaya

    Weight: 200 g

    Rs. 112

    Rice ladle (Small)

    There is something about using a wooden spoon to serve your meals. Auronand Handcraft, creates these sophisticated ladles, in an eco-friendly manner, to make your servings better. Made in Tamil Nadu.

    Rs. 378

    Rustic Art Organic Coconut Oil - 200 ml

    A must have in every home! This oil is multi-purpose and can be used on skin as well as hair. Heals skin diseases like fungal infections, acne, eczema, keratosis pilaris, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. Strengthens & conditions & hair, reduces skin bags, puffiness & wrinkles, soothes sunburned skin, heals burns & blisters. Removes makeup easily, prevents nosebleeds by mild application inside nostrils, heals diaper rash. Removes scars & stretch marks.
    Weight: 200 ml

    Rs. 350

    Smoked Tank Goby Fish (Nylon Ngamu) - 50g

    Smoked to perfection, this tank goby fish adds a refreshing taste to your meal. Traditionally Northeast, it is infused with oodles of flavour and is simply delicious. Make sure you cook the fish thoroughly before consumption. Made in Manipur.

    Weight: 50 g

    Rs. 245

    Bamboo Tea Mug - Dark Brown

    Dark Brown bamboo tea mug, has a unique naughty touch to it, yet is an incredibly fancy thing. Made in Nagaland.

    Weight: 200 g

    Rs. 199

    Earthenware Clay Designer Nut Bowl - Longpi Black Pottery

    Beautiful, Earthenware Clay Designer nut bowl, handmade with intricate cane patterns to a black, antique piece! Perfect to keep your munchies handy, it can even be used as a dipping bowl for versatility. Made from earthenware clay, this exquisite handcrafted bowl is suitable for every day use as well as for special occasions. This exotic longpi Earthenware Clay Designer Nut Bowl is handmade with natural and toxin- free biodegradable materials and hence makes a perfect eco-friendly addition to your kitchenware and table decor! Made in Manipur

    Weight: 200 g
    Dimension:5 inches (width) x 3 inches (depth)

    Rs. 301

    Evergreen Rose Scented Candle

    Hand made green candle with pretty white and green roses. Not only will the decorate your room when lit, they lend a soothing fragrance as well. Made in Sikkim.
    - 13cmx11cm
    - 500gms
    - Scented

    Rs. 787

    Fish Pickle (Rohu) - 250 g (non-veg)

    We firmly believe that no meal is complete without chutney and this Rohu fish pickle definitely is high up there on the yummy pickle list! Get this packet of Rohu fish pickle, which is ready made and ready to eat right off the packet. Made in Manipur

    Weight: 250 g

    Rs. 294

    Pure Honey (Apis Cerena Indica)- 500 g

    This pure, fresh and high quality honey produced by Apis Cerena Indica (Indian Honeybee) will add rich and luscious flavour to your breakfast and fresh drinks and tickle your taste buds while working wonders on your health. Made in Meghalaya

    Weight: 500 g

    Rs. 502

    Roasted and Coarsely Powdered Bird's eye Chilli (Hmarchamuh) - 60 g

    Sprinkle a pinch of roasted and coarsely powdered birds eye chilli to your dish or your plate of meal to enhance the flavour and bring heat to your food. Made in Mizoram

    Weight: 60 g

    Rs. 96

    Rustic Art Organic Massage Oil - 200 ml

    Rustic Art Divine Massage Oil is an age old Ayurvedic formula. It is also called 'Sarva Roga Nivarani' or the 'Master Oil. With goodness of Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Sesame & Camphor. Indulge in a traditional Ayurvedic massage that would calm your senses and leave you rejuvenated. In case of cold, running nose, asthma (wheezing) and problems caused by humidity, apply 2 drops gently on the nose, eyebrows, throat and chest for instant relief. In case of joint pain and back pain, apply uniformly and massage gently. It is useful for respiratory congestion, cramps, swelling, body pain, sprains, paralytic disorders, hypertension, rheumatic disorders, insomnia, and facial paralysis. It can be safely applied on nose, throat and back if suffering from cold. It is completely handmade and has no side effects.
    Made of Certified Organic Ingredients
    Hand-blended & Natural
    Ayurvedic Formulation
    Vegan Product
    Weight: 8 gm

    Rs. 250

    Smoked out Pork Combo

    For all you pork lovers, here is a sight that will fill up your salivary glands till you no longer can think well until you order this bundle of 5 smoked pork items, with combinations that is so enticing. Wait its not over yet! You get a 10% discount as well. Now click on order already!

    Rs. 1,628 Rs. 1,465

    Soulflower Let Your Hair Down Shampoo Bar Soap - 150 g

    This shampoo bar adds shine to dull and limp hair. Nourishes hair as well as promotes hair growth. Get clean and fragrant hair that bounce happily.

    Rs. 200 Rs. 100

    Soulflower Aromatherapy Feel Sexy Roll On - 8 ml

    Spice up your love life with Aphrodisiac, naturally active aromatherapy. A unique synergy blend of pure and exotic essential oils reputed to enhance sensuality and restore sexual energy including Jasmine, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Patchouli. The scent of Ylang ylang oil is deeply relaxing, exotic, and sensuous. It has a rich, intense sweet floral fragrance.

    Rs. 150 Rs. 75

    Soulflower Aromatherapy Headache Relief Roll On - 8ml

    Quiet, cool and relieve yourself. The oils in this blend stimulate blood flow to the brain to help relieve vasoconstriction, and the dull ache or throbbing pain often associated with headaches. It helps you collect your thoughts and get on with your day.

    Rs. 150

    Soulflower Coldpressed Jojoba Carrier Oil - 30 ml

    Perfect for your face, great for removing wrinkles, controls hairfall, use as makeup remover & for chapped dry lips. Massage the oil is very light & has a very pleasant smell & doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy afterwards, lending a shimmering touch to the skin.

    Rs. 450 Rs. 225

    Soulflower Essential Oil Lemon - 15 ml

    A squirt of lemon is enough to brighten your dull complexion and it’s acidic properties will help to act as a deep skin cleanser. It also helps to keep bacteria causing acne away and is a natural deodorizer. Also, lemon is extremely beneficial for your hair as it disinfects your scalp.l

    Rs. 350

    Soulflower Essential Oil Lemongrass - 15 ml

    An amazing skin toner, Lemongrass essential oil has anti-aging properties which helps to keep your skin firm. It detoxifies your skin and reduces fine lines & wrinkles. Also, it works best as a natural deodorizer and a bug repellant.

    Rs. 350 Rs. 175

    Soulflower Essential Oil Patchouli - 15 ml

    Patchouli Essential Oil is used in the house to help create a happy aroma. It is very beneficial for the skin, helping to reduce a wrinkled or chapped appearance when blended with carrier oils. Aphrodisiac aroma, Anti-infectious & anti-inflammatory.

    Rs. 450 Rs. 225

    Soulflower Essential Oil Turmeric - 15 ml

    Turmeric Essential Oil is known to have anti-inflammatory effects, and maybe used to prevent arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Inflammation usually includes pain, redness, and swelling in the damaged area.

    Rs. 450

    Soulflower Tea Tree Soap - 150 g

    Tea tree oil is regarded as one of the strongest natural antiseptics known to man. Because of its ability to inhibit and kill growth of bacteria, fungi & viruses, it makes a great medicinal soap for cuts & scrapes as well as a multi-purpose antibacterial and facial soap for every day use. All you smell is the invigorating, minty smell of tea tree oil.

    Rs. 200 Rs. 100

    Tuttu Turtle (Red) - Wooden Pull Toy with Rotating Ball

    Tuttu Turtle (Red) is a unique wooden pull toy. It's rotating shell fascinates children and adults alike.

    • Handicraft Product coloured with Natural Dyes
    • Toy Safety: Certified as per International Toy safety Standards
    • Dimension: 9 cm x 6 cm x 7 cm
    • Weight: 141 g

    Rs. 335

    Wooden Bread Plinth

    Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, this bread plinth with etched placings is designed with care and a keen eye for detail. Handmade and eco-friendly, it's the perfect addition to your kitchen. Handcrafted in Manipur. Dimension: Length: 280mm / 11.0" Width: 200mm / 7.9" Height: 25mm / 1.0"

    Rs. 1,705

    Artsy Handmade Scented Candle

    Artfully crafted by skilled artisans, this hand made candle is a delight to have in your home. Scented with fine fragrances, they look lovely when lit. Made in Sikkim.
    - 7 (D) x 7.5 (H)cm
    - 320gm
    - Scented

    Rs. 429

    Chilli Dhamaka Combo

    You may sweat, your tongue may burn a little, but it all just tastes and feels so good. These items can ease you into just a little heat, and a little sunshine. And they'll just add a little warmth to your dinner table. This bundle of 6 Chilli items is just the perfect pick for those who have spicy taste buds, and now at a discount of 10%. Grab you bundle quick!

    Rs. 1,170 Rs. 1,000

    Elifa - Handcrafted Wooden Pull Toy

    Elifa is a unique wooden pull toy. It's rotating shell fascinates children and adults alike.

    • Play Value: Develops eye-hand coordination and gross motor skills
    • Age: 1-2 years
    • Dimension: 10.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 8.5 cm
    • Weight: 150 g

    Rs. 380

    Fork salad spoon set (Regular)

    The perfect tools to mix and serve your salad with. Aptly designed, this set is handcrafted with care by skilled artisans. Three rounded prongs make the fork while a rounded spoon completes it. Made in Tamil Nadu.

    Rs. 634

    Handcrafted Wooden Bowl 9" x 4.5"

    The skilled artisans use their expertise to create a fabulous bowl for your dining needs. Handcrafted by artists, they are carefully made with a keen eye for detail. You will love this eco-friendly bowl. Made in Manipur. Diameter: 9 inches Height: 4.5 inches

    Rs. 2,255

    Mishmi Hills - Organic Certified Whole Leaf Green Tea - 100 g

    Rich in antioxidants and a multitude of health benefits from Anti-cancer to Weight Loss in one pack of this 100% organic certified Garden Fresh Green Tea (Super Fine grade) Made in Arunachal.

    Rs. 250

    Rustic Art Juniper - Organic face wash -100 ml

    With Jojoba Oil & Chamomile, an organic face care solution that leaves your skin clean, fresh and nourished. Certified Organic Ingredients
    - Hand-blended & Natural
    - Vegan Product

    Rs. 230

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