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Worshang & T Mashunring

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Eco-friendly Tea 'n Biscuits Set

Add some pizzazz to your afternoon tea & biscuits routine! And hey, it even makes for a spectacular showcase in your glass display or on your counter. It's just the perfect set to embellish your afternoons as much as your home. The longpi black pottery tea set includes a lovely round kettle, a quirky avant-garde square tea/coffee cup and a charming square nut bowl. You will also find a set of nifty eco-friendly water reed coasters. Don't miss out on the 15% flat off discount on this purchase!

Dimension: Square cup - 2.5 inches (height) x 2.5 inches (width) x 2.5 inches (depth); Teapot - Dimensions: 4.5 inches (diameter) x 4 inches (height); Square nut bowl - Dimensions: 5.75 inches (width) x 2.75 inches (depth)

Rs. 2,156 Rs. 1,833

Ashtray - Black Pottery

Trendy black ashtray shaped like a cup with a wavy rim. This ashtray with a traditional twist is hand moulded using natural raw materials. Can also be used as a decorative item. Diameter-10cm, Height-8cm Made in Manipur.

Rs. 530

Beer Mug - Longpi Black Pottery

Black, classy mug handmade out of Nungbi pottery stands for finesse of art. Made in Manipur

Weight: 600 g
Dimension: 3" (diameter) x 5.5" (height)

Rs. 465

Beer Mug with Semi D Shaped Handle - Longpi Black Pottery

Black, classy mug handmade out of Nungbi pottery stands for finesse of art. Made in Manipur

Weight: 500 g
Dimension: 3.5" Diameter, 5" Height

Rs. 606

Beer Sizzler Tray Set

They say the best way to enjoy a good ol' mug of ale is in good company. But we say, it wouldn't hurt to have a great set to go with it too! The black longpi pottery set includes a large D-shaped handle beer mug, a charming small nut bowl and a most esthetic designer oval-shaped serving tray. Serve a simple appetizer or a sizzler on the stylish tray and let the merry-making begin! Take advantage of our 15% flat off offer!

Dimension: Nut bowl - 5" Diameter, 1.6" Height; Serving tray - 10.4" Diameter, 1.5 centimeter Height; D shaped Mug - 3.5" Diameter, 5" Height

Rs. 2,128

Black Pottery - Soup Bowl

Handcrafted by skilled artisans, this plain unembellished bowl is perfect for having hot soups on a cold day. Made in Manipur. Dimensions: Diameter-15cm, Height-6cm

Rs. 624

Black Pottery Water Jug

Love black pottery? Then you will defintely want to add our lovely longpi pottery water jug to your collection. This jug is detailed with cane woven handle for easy and proper grip. Made in Manipur. Dimensions: Diameter-9.5cm, Height-21.5cm

Rs. 1,011

Bowl with Lid - Longpi Black Pottery

Beautiful handmade black pottery bowl with a stylish lid. Made in Manipur

Weight: 750 g
Dimension: 7" Diameter, 2.5" Height (without lid)

Rs. 671

Casserole - Longpi Black Pottery

Royal casserole, handmade with striking patterns that is elegant with a historic touch. Made in Manipur

Weight: 950 g
Dimension: Dimensions: 7 inches (diameter) x 4 inches (height)

Rs. 1,313

Coffee/Tea Set - Longpi Black Pottery

Set of black tea pot, three mugs and a tea-tray for beautiful, exquisite home decor set, handmade with care. Made in Manipur

Weight: 2000 g
Dimension: Mugs - 2.5 inches (height) x 2.5 inches (width) x 2.5 inches (depth) Kettle - 5.5 inches (diameter) x 4.5 inches (height) Tray - 14 inches (length) x 8 inches (width)

Rs. 2,734

Designer Cooking Pot - Longpi Black Pottery

Perfect for slow cooking meat and stew on a low flame, this black pottery cooking pot is a must-have in your kitchen. Made in Manipur

Weight: 2500 g
Dimension: 7" Diameter, 9" Height, 23.5" Mid Circumference

Rs. 1,888

Designer Glass - Longpi Black Pottery

Simple and exquisite handmade drinking glass made of black pottery. Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g
Dimension: 3" Diameter, 4.3" Height

Rs. 377

Designer Kettle - Black Pottery

An exclusive and classy designer kettle for your kitchenware collection. Uniquely designed with a handle for convenience, this kettle is handmade and moulded manually using natural raw materials. Height-12cm, Top diameter-11cm, Bottom diameter-8cm Made in Manipur.

Rs. 1,206

Designer Nut Bowl - Longpi Black Pottery

Designer nut bowl, handmade with beautiful cane patterns to a black, antique piece. Made in Manipur

Weight: 200 g
Dimension: Dimensions: 5 inches (width) x 3 inches (depth)

Rs. 610 Rs. 427

Designer Oval Shape Serving Tray - Longpi Black Pottery

Beautiful oval shaped serving tray made of black pottery. Made in Manipur

Weight: 1500 g
Dimension: 10.4" Diameter, 1.5 centimeter Height

Rs. 1,000

Designer Tray Set

When you want to go all out, this is the perfect set to do it with! This breathtaking set will collect all manner of praise for its gorgeous style and stunning finish. The black longpi pottery tray set includes an artistic ring-shaped kettle, a delightful rectangular serving platter and an exquisite oval nut bowl akin to an artist palette. Don't miss out on the 15% Flat off offer!

Dimension: Tray - 13" Length x 9" Breadth; Oval Nut bowl - Dimensions: 6 inches (width) x 1.5 inches (height); Kettle - Dimensions: 7 inches (diameter) x 7.5 inches (height)

Rs. 3,477

Drink & Dine Traditional Cooking Set

This set says it all, impress your guests while you drink, cook and serve! The hand-crafted ebony longpi pottery set is a gorgeous addition to your kitchen. The stunning traditional double-handle cooking pot is an authentic regional kitchenware. The set also includes a large beer mug and a beautiful plate with an engraved border pattern. Get this set and get 15% flat off!

Dimension: Large cooking pot: Height: 9", Width: 10.5", capacity - 7.5 litres; Plate - Dimensions: 10 inches (diameter) x 2 centimeters (depth); Beer Mug - 3.5 inches (diameter) x 5.5 inches (height)

Rs. 4,638

Handmade Ashtray - Black Pottery

A flat bottom black clay ashtray with a traditional touch. This attractive piece can also be used as a decorative item. Handcrafted and hand moulded by expert artisans of Manipur. Diameter-12cm, Height-3cm Made in Manipur.

Rs. 449

Handmade Longpi Container - Black Pottery

A small handy container that comes with a lid and two small handles on the side. This black container can be used to store sugar, mouth fresheners, sauces and chutneys, etc. It is hand made using natural raw materials. Diameter-10cm, Height-10cm Made in Manipur.

Rs. 787

Kettle - Medium Elongated - Longpi Black Pottery

A bit tall for a tea pot, this is a different specimen handmade with touch of classiness. Made in Manipur

Weight: 500 g
Dimension: Dimensions: 5.5 inches (diameter) x 7.5 inches (height)

Rs. 1,338

Kettle - Medium - Rounded - Longpi Black Pottery

Very exquisite in pattern, this black tea pot is handmade with black body with utmost elegance. Made in Manipur

Weight: 850 g
Dimension: Dimensions: 5.5 inches (diameter) X 4.5 inches (height

Rs. 1,159

Large Beer Mug - Longpi Black Pottery

Black body with cane-twirled holder, this mug looks like a royal accessory. Handmade in Manipur

Weight: 650 g
Dimension: 3.5 inches (diameter) x 5.5 inches (height)

Rs. 599 Rs. 419

Longpi Art of Cookery Set

This will seriously impress any master chef. The beautiful onyx cooking set will be the envy of every house and not just because of its ultra-classy look but because whatever you put in it will come out being a huge hit time and again! The all-black longpi set includes a rounded cooking pot, a flower-inspired long serving platter and a round plate. By the way, don't miss out on the 15% flat off offer!

Dimension: Cooking pot - 5.7" top Diameter, 9" Height, 23.5" Mid Circumference, capacity - 1.8 - 2.0 litre; Plate - Dimensions: 10 inches (diameter) x 1.5 centimeters (depth); Nut bowl - Dimensions: 5 inches (width) x 3 inches (depth)

Rs. 3,266

Longpi Black Pottery Jug

"Beautiful in design and intricately made by hand, it's an eco-friendly product that's free from the touch of any machine. The handle of the jug is decorated with cane, which is also eco-friendly, for a fine finish.Made in Manipur. Dimensions: Top diameter-9cm, Bottom diameter-7cm, Height-17cm"

Rs. 1,044