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Future Organics Pure Palm Jaggery Powder

Future Organics brings you the finest quality palm jaggery powder which is also diabetic friendly ! Palm Jaggery is made from the extract of palm trees. It is in its purest form without chemicals and preservatives. Palm Jaggery is known to have many medical benefits from the ancient times like curing cough ,cold, asthma, digestion problems and migraine. It is also a very good natural remedy to increases hemoglobin. It also helps in curing hiccups. It has a great taste and can be used as a safe substitute for sugar.

Rs. 249

Organic Jaggery Powder - 500 g

This jaggery powder is 100% organic and natural. It helps in digestion and is a rich source of iron. Jaggery is an alternative to refined sugar. Weight: 500 g

Rs. 64

ORNA Organic Jaggery Powder Vacuum Packed - 500g

Vacuum Packed for retention of freshness and protection of quality of food and its nutrition, ORNA Organic Jaggery or "Gur" is a pure, wholesome, traditional, unrefined, whole sugar. It contains the natural goodness of minerals and vitamins inherently present in sugarcane juice and this crowns it as one of the most wholesome and healthy sugars in the world.

Rs. 98

Dear Earth Jaggery Block - 400 g

Jaggery block from Dear Earth that is produced from 100% pure and organic sugarcane sourced from small scale farmers and local producers. The quality of this jaggery block is checked and ensured. Jaggery has health benefits. It helps in the treatment of anaemia and also prevents constipation. It also helps in cleansing liver and building immunity.

Rs. 59

Dear Earth Jaggery Powder - 500 g

weeten your food the organic and natural way with jaggery powder from Dear Earth that is 100% pure and organic and has been duly certified as per the requirements of US and Indian Organic standards. A multi purpose sweetener that can be used to sweeten milk, tea, coffee and even desserts. Jaggery is made from sugarcane juice that is grown without the use of any harmful chemicals and fertilizers.

Rs. 64

Future Organics Pure Palm Jaggery - 250 g with Moisture

This Organic Pure Palm Jaggery from Future Organics is made from the extract of palm trees. It is in its purest form without chemicals and preservatives. Palm jaggery is known to have many medical benefits from the ancient times like curing cough ,cold, asthma,digestion problem, migraines. Use this wonderful natural sweetener as an alternative to sugar. Weight: 250 g

Rs. 249

Naturally Yours Liquid Jaggery 250 ml

Liquid Jaggery is an intermediate product obtained from concentrating sugarcane juice after clarification for making Jaggery. It is semi-liquid and is also known as sugarcane juice concentrate. It helps cleanse the lungs, throat and respiratory tract, especially for those exposed to dust and pollution. and is a natural source of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.
Weight: 250 ml

Rs. 95

Natureland Organics Jaggery 500 g

Natureland’s Organic Jaggery is processed from organic sugarcanes from Maharashtra by one of expert organic farmer group, It is processed by crushing the organic sugarcane to sugarcane juice and boiled till it starts solidifying to prepare best quality of Jaggery which is best in taste, brownish black in color. In Ayurveda Jaggery is defined as a medicine itself and is used as sweetner in many ayurvedic medicines, Jaggery is a rich source of iron, calcium and magnesium. Usage of Jaggery instead of sugar prevents many diseases as well as helps you lead a healthy lifestyle.

Rs. 64