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B’Atude Exfoliating Body Scrub

A scrub with creamy and fondant texture for the whole body ! This body scrub exfoliates the whole body by buffing away the roughness of the epidermis. B’Atude Exfoliating Body Scrub encourages the cells to renew themselves by sweeping away the dead skin cells and the skin impurities. This cream rich scrub contains a blend of organic green tea, organic shea butter, witch hazel and organic argan oil and its active ingredients provide detoxifying, moisturizing and regenerating properties.

Rs. 1,999

B’Atude Exfoliating Organic Scrub

This gentle and mild face scrub encourages the cells to renew themselves by sweeping away the dead skin cells and other skin impurities. Fine particles obtained from the shells of Argan nuts are tolerated by the most sensitive skins. Scrub particles are at the heart of a cream, rich in organic shea butter and organic argan oil with moisturizing properties. Organic witch hazel extract decongests the skin while organic tea extract prevents time effect. This scrub reveals a unified complexion and your skin will be smoother and particularly softer.

Rs. 1,899

B’Atude Eye Contour Cream

B’Atude Eye Contour Cream is specially designed for your delicate under eye zone exposed to external environmental UV rays, pollution, stress and other elements. It is a cocktail of organic plants and active ingredients which allow to protect, decongest and regenerate the eyes contour, while removing fine wrinkles and smoothing the tired marks. Day after day the skin firms up, giving a fresh and young look to your eyes !

Rs. 2,599

B’Atude Soothing Foam

This light soothing foam gives a soap free cleansing for your skin. Thanks to the Organic Glycerin with its softening and moisturizing properties, the treatment is tolerated by even the most sensitive skins. It eliminates impurities without aggression on the epidermis. Organic witch hazel extract provides astringent property, reducing the sebum excess and tightening skin pores. Witch hazel decongests and soothes the skin irritations. This unique foam which helps cleansing and toning of the skin is free from SLS as well.

Rs. 1,999

B'Atude Organic Massage Gel

Formulated with pure jojoba oil, B'Atude Organic Massage Gel is ideal for dehydrated and very dry skin that needs flexibility, elasticity and youthfulness. With a similar composition as sebum, jojoba oil is easily absorbed by the epidermis and leaves your skin healthy. With a sweet scent of gingerbread the massage is a great way to achieve serenity at the end of a spa treatment. Massaging with this gel also provides a feeling of well being, with muscular tensions released, and stimulation of blood pressure.

Rs. 2,199

B'Atude Regenerating Night Cream

This firm and unctuous B'Atude Regenerating Night Cream associates refreshing active ingredients (argan oil, Antarcticine®- a restructuring glycoprotein), protective ingredients (green tea, beeswax) and moisturizing ingredients (glycerin, beeswax) in a treatment suitable for all skin types. Each night it fights against the diurnal problems like pollution, UV exposure, stress etc and smoothens the wrinkles. It renews your skin from inside leaving a youthful glow on the face in the morning.

Rs. 2,699

B'Atude Rejuvenating Day Cream

Formulated with protective and anti-ageing natural, organic ingredients like green tea, argan oil and a restructuring glycoprotein (Antarcticine®), the B'Atude Rejuvenating Day Cream is a global anti-time treatment to nourish the skin and to maintain its suppleness and elasticity. The nourishing ingredients allow to fight against dry skin and to smoothen it. This rejuvenating day cream leaves the skin better moisturized and gives you a flawless, radiant complexion naturally.

Rs. 2,499

B'Atude Revitafirm Organic Mask

B'Atude Revitafirm Organic Mask with an unctuous texture and a fresh green tea perfume offers your skin a true refreshing and rejuvenating effect and it is suitable for all skin types. The association of active ingredients with moisturizing, protective and nourishing properties gives elasticity and suppleness to the skin. The high content of anti-oxidant rich ingredients help to prevent cutaneous ageing. It boosts your skin and helps to recover freshness and softness.

Rs. 1,949