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Mooi Naturals

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Mooi Naturals Anti-dandruff Hair Tonic - With Tea Tree Essential Oil- 50ml

Mooi Naturals unique anti dandruff hair tonic with tea tree essential oil is a great essential oil blend to reduce dandruff, scalp irritation& itching. The anti-fungal and antibacterial formula helps stabilize sebum production, reduces scalp inflammation and combats hair loss due to dandruff. The oil also helps improve scalp health and promotes strong hair growth. Jojoba oil and olive oil nourishes and moisturizes the scalp and hair naturally and makes your locks healthy and bouncy.

Rs. 519

Mooi Naturals Aromatherapy Gift Set- 100 g

Aromatherapy Kit from Mooi Naturals includes A Vaporizer, 2 T Candles, Jasmine Essential Oil, 5 ml Lavender Essential Oil and 5 ml Sweet Orange Essential Oil. Treat yourself to an amazing spa like experience at home with this exotic aromatherapy gift set from Mooi Naturals! Indulge yourself or gift it to your loved ones to experience the goodness!

Rs. 749

Mooi Naturals Baby Diaper Rash Cream - With Tea Tree Essential Oil- 30g

Enriched with tea tree essential oil, Mooi Naturals Baby Diaper Rash Cream contains the strong, non-toxic, antiseptic, anti-fungal and antibacterial proprietary blend of oils that offers excellent remedy for diaper rashes caused by either fungal infections or wet diapers. Each application of the cream heals, soothes & turns the baby's irritated skin incredibly soft and gets back those lovely smiles on your baby's face.

Rs. 519

Mooi Naturals Chocobrews Skin Brightening Face Pack- 30g

ChocoBrews by Mooi is an ideal mask that injects life into a dull and tired complexion. While the anti-oxidant rich and anti-inflammatory face mask reminds you of your morning cup of coffee and the irresistible Chocos, it literally "drinks" oils, toxic substances and impurities, exfoliates gently, acts on trouble spots and nourishes skin from deep within. It improves skin tone and texture with its incredible tightening effects. Use it in the morning on days when you’re feeling puffy and sluggish and your face will instantly change!

Rs. 359

Mooi Naturals Chocomocha Set - For Skin Rejuvenation- 100 g

Exotic skin rejuvenation chocomocha set from Mooi Naturals! This exquisite skin care combo pack includes Scroffee Slimming & Scrubbing Bar, Chocowrap Body Butter, ChocoBrews Skin Brightening Face Pack and Lipicious Yum-Yum Candy Lip Balm. Refresh and rejuvenate dull and tired skin with this exotic combo pack and get a naturally glowing, radiant skin without exposing your skin to harsh chemicals!

Rs. 1,259

Mooi Naturals Cranberry Eye Contour Serum- 10ml

With the fusion of grapefruit, pomegranate and cranberry seed oil, Mooi Naturals 100% natural under eye serum is high in vitamins and antioxidants that help in skin cell regeneration, protects from sun damage and promotes collagen and elastin production! The serum also contributes to the skin structure, repairs and moisturises the under eye sensitive skin and is perfect for aging, rough, dry, and scaly skin.

Rs. 349

Mooi Naturals Flawless Skin Nourishment Kit

Flawless Skin Nourishing Kit from Mooi Naturals includes Pure Rose Refreshing Toner, Insta Glow Facial Serum, Lipicious Mango Sun Protection Lip Balm and Gentle Glow Rose Petals & Clay Facial Scrub! Get naturally glowing skin and look beautiful with this stunning skin nourishing kit which seamlessly blends natural skin care elements!

Rs. 1,159

Mooi Naturals Gentle Baby Care Set- 260 g

Get this complete natural baby care kit by Mooi Naturals which is free of harmful chemicals and harsh elements! This exquisite baby care set includes Rosemary Baby Hair Treat oil, Lavender Chamomile Baby Soap, Baby Almond Lotion - With Lavender Essential Oil, Baby Diaper Rash Cream - With Tea tree Oil and Non Talc Lavender Rose Baby Powder. Give your baby essential natural skin care with this amazing combo pack from Mooi Naturals. Ideal for gifting as well!

Rs. 2,239

Mooi Naturals Gentle Glow Rose Petals And Clay Facial Scrub- 30g

Mooi Naturals lovely and nourishing clay based scrub cleanses, moisturises, and gently exfoliates the skin, absorbing excess oil and dirt. It also brightens your complexion by gently exfoliating away dry, lifeless skin. Best suited for all skin types and an ideal blend even for the most sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Rs. 359

Mooi Naturals Insta Glow Serum - For Radiant Skin- 10 ml

Mooi Naturals Insta Glow Serum for flawless, radiant skin! The soothing, sensual and calming aroma blend works wonders on your skin making it spotless and gets a noticeable radiance turning skin soft and supple with each application. Get glowing naturally with this amazing Insta glow serum which is an incredible blend of pure and natural essential oils!

Rs. 374

Mooi Naturals Lavender Chamomile Baby Soap- 100g

Made with herbal roots and calming proprietary blend of essential oils, Mooi Naturals Lavender Chamomile Baby soap relieves skin inflammations, treats wounds, soothes and softens baby's sensitive skin. It also helps to calm anxiety, relaxes baby's mind and the magnificent floral aroma helps with nice sleep. It does not contain any harmful, harsh chemicals and it is gentle on baby's skin.

Rs. 399

Mooi Naturals Lipicious Ageless Icy Vetiver Vegan Lip Balm- 5g

Ageless Icy Vetiver Lip Balm - With Vitamin A, E and natural SPF protects the lips from UV rays and environmental toxins, and also helps in delaying the signs of aging. The jojoba-shea butter mixture gives the lip balm a lightweight texture that easily melts on lips and it moisturizes to prevent drying of the lips. The earthy, musty smell - much like the smell of a damp forest floor gives a cooling, peaceful and grounding effects on mind while the nutrient rich grape seed oil and maddar root lend a soft glossy shine sealing in all of the healing goodness.

Rs. 249

Mooi Naturals Lipicious Mango Sun Protection Vegan Lip Balm- 5g

The Antioxidant rich Mango Sun Protection Lip Balm from Mooi instantly hydrates, heals chapped and dry lips while rejuvenating and restoring elasticity. Candelilla wax, a vegan and natural alternative to beeswax in the lip balm makes it more nutrient rich and gets a nice texture to the lip balm that easily melts into the lips. The vitamin rich lip moisturizer provides excellent protection from UV radiation to reveal smooth, healthy-looking lips and your pouts will be super happy and it will love the fruity flavor!

Rs. 199

Mooi Naturals Lipicious Yum-yum Candy Vegan Lip Balm- 5g

Mooi Naturals Lipicious Yum-yum Candy Vegan Lip Balm to give your lips adequate moisture and protection naturally! The antioxidant rich cocoa and the power house of nutrients- Almond oil evens out the tone on lips, removes dark spots, protects from sun damage, pampers your lips turning them super soft, moisturized and yummy!

Rs. 219

Mooi Naturals Pure Peppermint Essential Oil - Refreshs And Uplifts- 15ml

100% pure, steam distilled oil extracted from the fresh or partly dried plant of Mentha piperita (Peppermint Plant) by Mooi Naturals! Studies have found that the fresh, sharp, menthol smell of Peppermint essential oil induces a cooling sensation which helps ease tensions. The oil is effective in relieving anxiety, pain, vomiting, headaches, muscular aches and pains. The aroma of peppermint oil has been shown to raise alertness and improve memory, concentration and focus on cognitive tasks.

Rs. 299

Mooi Naturals Pure Refreshing Rose Facial Toner- 100ml

Lose yourself in the mesmerizing fragrance of roses with Mooi Naturals Pure Refreshing Rose Facial Toner extracted from the steam distillation process of natural rose blossoms. No matter what your skin type is, this "wonder of nature" can bring you handful of goodness! The Pure Refreshing Rose Facial Toner has soothing, healing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties and is filled with anti-oxidants and various vitamins that help to cleanse, cool, soften, tone, rejuvenate, revitalize and bring beautiful glow to the skin.

Rs. 249

Mooi Naturals Radiant Skin Clay And Activated Charcoal Face Mask- 30g

A very potent skin cleansing formula from Mooi Naturals that comes with enormous absorbent powers that literally drinks all toxic substances, impurities from the skin and stimulates your skin by bringing fresh blood to skin cells, gently cleanses and softens skin. Each application of the mask leaves your face looking and feeling super purified, healthy and radiant. Ideal for normal, combination, blemish-prone and oily skin types.

Rs. 449

Mooi Naturals Radiant Skin Gift Set- 100 g

Get naturally glowing, radiant skin with this amazing Natural Radiant Skin kit from Mooi Naturals. It includes Pure Rose Refreshing Toner, Lipicious Ageless Icy Vetiver Vegan Lipbalm, Gentle Glow Rose Petals, Clay Facial Scrub and Radiant Skin Clay and Activated Charcoal Face Pack. Get flawless skin naturally with this highly effective beauty combo pack from Mooi Naturals! It is a great choice for gifting as well!

Rs. 1,309

Mooi Naturals Rosehip Ageless Facial Serum-10ml

A powerful rejuvenating, all natural face serum from Mooi Naturals! Mooi's proprietary blend of essential oils improves skin tone & texture without sensitizing or irritating. It contains cellular-aging control agents and reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. The face serum gives a firmer, smoother and more elastic, younger looking complexion all naturally!

Rs. 389

Mooi Naturals Rosemary Baby Hair Treat Oil- 100ml

Mooi’s rosemary hair treat for babies with rosemary EO is a light weight, luxurious formula infused with pure drops of natural oils that leave your baby's hair nourished and revitalized with silkiness, softness and shine. Proprietary blend of carrier and essential oils help get a shinier, healthier hair and help in rapid hair growth when used periodically. This baby- friendly oil is formulated to specifically help protect your baby's hair and scalp, leaving them healthy and happy.

Rs. 322

Mooi Naturals Scroffee - Slimming And Scrubbing Bar- 85g

Mooi's proprietary natural slimming essential oil blend along with the antioxidant rich organic coffee smells freshly ground heaven and acts as a great exfoliant. It banishes cellulite, breaks down fat, drains away toxins and turns you in to super slim and ultra curvy, while also brightens and tightens skin revealing a more youthful you!

Rs. 359

Mooi Naturals Soothe Baby Body Massage Oil- 50ml

Massaging is a delightful way to create a loving and trusting bond with your baby. Mooi's proprietary blend of soothing and calming essentials is excellent for promoting sleep, stimulating circulation and relieving colic. The blend also helps refresh and comfort your baby making it fun and it is as pure as your Baby's smile!

Rs. 629

Mooi Naturals Talc-free Lavender Rose Baby Powder- 50g

An all natural, talc free and cornstarch-free baby powder, enriched with high quality, fabulous addition of ground healing skin care herbs and wonderful anti-inflammatory essential oils, naturally occurring moisture absorbent and skin safe clays! Made with the combination of anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing herbs, botanicals, therapeutic essential oils, this talc-free powder absorbs moisture, soothes it's sensitive skin and keeps your baby's skin delightfully dry. The anti-depressant essential oils and the mild fragrant herbs help to keep baby calm and pleasing while the aroma also uplifts the baby's mood and induces feeling of joy.

Rs. 349

Mooi Naturals Velvetty Vetiver Moisturizer- 30g

Mooi Naturals Velvetty Vetiver moisturising cream is a luxuriously non-greasy, smooth and creamy moisturiser with a silky, soft texture. It is made with the finest ingredients available including precious natural emolients like jojoba and fractionated light coconut oil which helps to soothe and nourish dry & sensitive skin and support a more youthful, healthy complexion. Blended with the earthy, musty smell of vetiver - much like the smell of a damp forest floor, the velvetty cream reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, lightens the mood and gives relief from stress and anxiety.

Rs. 359