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MT Pickle

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MT Pickle - Beef with Ginger - 150g

Experience the irresistible combination of beef and ginger and its finger licking taste! Made with the finest quality meat and blended with natural spices and condiments, it offers a distinctive flavour that your spice buds will instantly fall in love with! Preserved in oil, It goes wonderfully well with rotis, rice or anything that you want to eat with. Go ahead and dd some to your meal time to enjoy the impeccable taste!

Rs. 289

MT Pickle - Dry Beef Bastenga- Fermented bamboo shoot - 40g

Liven up your meal time with this traditional style Dry Beef Bastenga that will give a delicious, mouth watering twist to your food! A true delight for all beef and non-veg lovers, this Dry Beef Bastenga made with high quality meat and pickled with the simplest of organic spices and preserved in oil is definitely going to leave your taste buds asking for more!

Rs. 289

MT Pickle - Red Chilly - 150g

Spicy, flavourful and finger licking pickled red chilly to add a distinctive taste to your meal time! It is a delightful combination of red chilly showered in spicy wonders and preserved in oil for exotic taste. If you are terribly missing the yummy taste of home cooked meals, add this mouth watering pickled red chilly to instantly liven up any meal with its lingering taste and flavour!

Rs. 223

MT Pickle - Spicy Beef - 150g

Flaming hot and spicy, finger licking beef pickle to liven up your meal time! This home made style, authentic recipe pickled spicy beef is perfect to satisfy your meat cravings. Pickled to perfection with organic spices and preserved in oil for an exquisite flavour, it will surely add a zingy finish to your meal! Made with finest quality beef, this is the most delicious meat pickle to relish for all the meat lovers! Made in Mizoram

Rs. 289

MT Pickle - Tawkte - 150g(Veg)

If you have a serious love or strong inclination towards everything bitter in taste, this bitter berry (Tawkte) pickle will certainly make your taste buds go gaga! This pickle goes wonderfully well with rice or rotis and will leave you still wanting for more! Experience the delightful, pungent taste and flavour of bitter berries in exotic spices and oil which is made according to the traditional, authentic recipes! Made in Mizoram

Rs. 223

MT Pickle - Tumbu - Banana Flower - 150g

Enjoy the distinct taste and flavour of nutrition rich banana flower (tumbu) pickled in oil using finest quality banana flowers and organic spices. Try a spoonful of this delightful pickle that is surely going to make your taste buds ask for more! It goes wonderfully well with rotis, rice or anything that you want to eat it with. Go ahead and some to your meal time to enjoy the mouth watering taste!

Rs. 223