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Necterrain Nature Products

About Us:

Necterrain Nature Products is a company with a vision. A vision of a healthier young India, nurtured by it's very roots. We are a country with a rich, diverse variety of flora and fauna and a wealth of ancient knowledge in science and medicine. We believe that we can revive that knowledge and bring about a change. A change, where our youth adapt a healthier life style, unique to our nation. Our endeavour is to bridge the gap between the ancient and the new and create line of products that have all the benefits of that ancient knowledge and are also suitable to today's times. We believe that we at Necterrain Nature Products can be that catharsis and see India shining with health and happiness.

We relentlessly propagate to embrace all that is naturally provided to us and adapt to nature as NATURE ALWAYS NURTURES. 

Our line of natural products are procured without any abuse to the environment. This is the belief (Beeleaf) that we pursue as a company. Our company's premium line of honey variants comes under the brand name Beeleaf. We source and supply the very best honey, offering both variety and value to the health conscious consumer. Each variant has its unique medical and therapeutic quality. All processes from collection to packaging are done under extremely hygienic conditions and we remain committed to providing quality products and services.

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Beeleaf Acacia Honey - 350 G

A delight to your taste buds with its subtle, unfiltered and all-natural flavour. This honey is very pale and almost looks like liquid glass. It has a mild, sweet, floral flavour with a hint of vanilla. The consistency of this delicious natural product stays fluid for a long time. Acacia Honey tastes as lovely as it looks. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 329

Beeleaf Cinnamon In Honey - 350 G

Get the rich and distinctive taste of cinnamon and honey with this rich and delicious all natural Cinnamon honey from Beeleaf. Cinnamon is well known as one of nature's most powerful antioxidants and has traditionally been used in the treatment of cholesterol, diabetes, obesity. The combination of honey and cinnamon has been used for centuries as a natural cure for many diseases and a formula for many health benefits. Enjoy the taste and health benefits of this honey. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 299

Beeleaf Eucayptus Honey - 350 g

Eucalyptus honey from Beeleaf is a distinctive flavoured robust, medium-dark, smooth honey. It is not overly sweet and suitable for everyday use. Eucalyptus honey is a time honoured medicinal honey, with its famous antiseptic qualities, a lovely all-round honey great for the kitchen as well as the medicine cabinet. Eucalyptus honey can have a strong woody after taste but this version has a beautifully rounded mellow flavour with a subtle complex finish. Darker honeys and tree honeys typically have more antioxidants and minerals and can have more powerful antibacterial qualities too.

Rs. 274

Beeleaf Ginger In Honey - 350 G

A balanced combination of ginger and honey, get a taste of the Ginger In Honey from Beeleaf that is 100% organic and natural. Traditionally, ginger has been used in the treatment of persistent cough and sore throat. The consumption of one teaspoon of ginger in honey tonic is very useful for people who have a weak digestive system. A sensational blend of natural honey and ginger extracts to combine all the health benefits and distinctive tastes of both. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 299

Beeleaf Himalayan Honey - 350 G

This honey is a culmination of the delicate and sweet flowers of the Himalayan range. It offers a mild and extremely sweet taste to the honey. Sourced from regions free from pollution and the higher altitudes, giving it a distinctive pure flavour. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 329

Beeleaf Lychee Honey - 350 g

Lychee honey from Beeleaf is made by bees on sunny orchards at the height of the blooming period when they collect nectar from flourishing and fragrant Litchi blossoms. It has a very delicate and sweet flavour with a taste slightly reminiscent of roses and a distinct lychee after taste. Its fresh character, flowery taste and golden yellow colour make it an exquisite natural product. It is enriched with anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties. It promotes body and digestive health, is a powerful antioxidant, strengthens the immune system, and eliminates allergies.

Rs. 239 Rs. 120

Beeleaf Multiflora Honey - 350 G

Multiflora honey, a unique blend of exquisite honey from Beeleaf. This honey has a good appearance along with a unique flavour derived from a variety of floral nectars. Multiflora honey is pure and natural. It carries all the benefits of natural honey as also all the properties of monofloral varieties making this honey a complete all-rounder. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 229

Beeleaf Raw Forest Honey - 350 G

100% natural raw wild forest honey from Beeleaf. Raw Wild forest honey has the strongest flavour, and is considered the most medicinal. A dark to very dark coloured honey sometimes with a green fluorescence and cloudy appearance. Its taste is intense, woody and warm, having a medium sweetness with weak acidity, has no bitterness and a medium aroma, leaving a lingering after taste. Weight: 350 g

Rs. 329

Beeleaf Tulsi Honey - 350 g

Tulsi honey is a general health tonic having antibacterial, antifungal and antiallergic properties. Tulsi in honey taken regularly can cure the most chronic allergy related ailments and acts as a blood purifier. Traditionally Tulsi (holy basil) has been used to treat flu, common cold, cough, sore throat, respiratory disorders & ailments in children and improve memory. It can be used in tea, baking, salad dressings or juices. Treat yourself to a spoonful for therapeutic benefits.

Rs. 349