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Lainingthou Bamboo Shoot Pickle - 200g

Tickle your taste buds with this best ever condiment that is rich in quality and superb in taste! Every bite is going to be extra delightful and delicious with this yummy bamboo shoot pickle which saves your boring routine meal! Savour the taste of this exquisite bamboo shoot pickle which is both delicious and nutritious and offers a great treat to your taste buds!

Rs. 251

Lainingthou Chicken Pickle - 200g

Made from locally sourced premium quality chicken, this chicken pickle seasoned with exotic Northeast spices is a yummy addition to your meals! It will make your meal ever so finger licking good with every bite. It is made with the most basic of spices and preserved in vegetable oil bringing out the core flavour of the chicken. Enjoy every bite with this delicious pickle which is full of rich, natural flavor!

Rs. 277

Lainingthou Fish Pickle - 200g

Made with premium quality, locally sourced fresh and seasoned with authentic northeast spices, its a truly delicious treat to your taste buds! With its strong and distinct flavour, this fish pickle will be your instant favourite. Spread this spicy fish pickle into a warm bread or a roti roll, eat it with rice or enjoy a quick & tasty snack anytime!

Rs. 277

Lainingthou Garlic Pickle - 200g

A scrumptious mix of garlic and spices, this exquisite pickle will impress your taste buds instantly from the very first bite! It is prepared using the fresh and carefully selected cloves of garlic adding oil and spices where you get the pungent smell and spicy taste of it. It's a perfectly delicious accompaniment for every meal time of your's! It tastes simply great with any meal owing to its spicy flavours and vegetable oil seasoning.

Rs. 251

Lainingthou King Chilly Pickle - 200g

Made with the finest quality King Chilli, this exquisite pickle will set your mouth on fire! The tiniest of a bite will bring fiery effect in your mouth that will drive you crazy in taste. Those who love to eat hot and spicy pickles, this authentic King chilli (Bhut Jolokia) pickle is the one for you! Liven up your meal time by adding this as a side dish along with rice, roti or you can eat it as a snack.

Rs. 277

Bhutanese Red Rice - 500 g

Heirloom red rice from the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is organically grown and family farmed! Grown in the foothills of the Himalayas, nearly 9,000 feet above sea level, 'Dreams of Bhutan’ Bhutanese Red Rice is abundant with nutritional, culinary and environmental benefits. It is a whole grain and medical research has indicated that the regular consumption of whole grains helps maintain healthy weight, improves cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and even certain cancers. Unlike white rice, which undergoes a refining process that removes the most nutritious parts of the grain, Bhutanese Red Rice is harvested to retain both the bran (fibre-rich outer shell of the grain) and the germ (vitamin-rich inner seed of the grain). This results, not only, in a healthier food, but a tastier one too!

Rs. 185 Rs. 166

Lichi's Kitchen Dried Prawn Pickle (Chutney) - 100 g

Tasty, delicious Dried Prawn Pickle to spice up your meal time! This yummy, homemade style naturally dried prawn pickle gives you a distinct flavour that is going to make any mundane and boring meal instantly great. The unique flavour and spice level of king chilli in it enhances the distinctive taste of this pickle! Enjoy the delightful taste and let your tastebuds keep asking for more!

Rs. 337

Sikkim Supreme Dalle Chilli Crush (Paste) - 200 g

Sikkim Supreme's hot and spicy Dalle Chilli Crush Paste from the gardens of nature! Add a distinct flavour to your meal time with this homemade style chilli paste which is made with pure and natural ingredients and enhanced with mouthwatering taste and hotness. This simple yet delectable Dalle Chilli Crushed Paste is simply a burst of spicy hot flavour with every bite!

Rs. 272

Hawaiian Herbal Anti Diabetic Tea - 250 g

Anti Diabetic herbal tea is a mixture of very effective herbs like gymnema sylvestre , vijaysar (pterocarpus marsupium), karela dry fruits, bilva patra, (aegle marmelos) neem dry leaves & stems, shilajeet & many other effective rare herbs. Only the finest quality herbs are used in these products. It supports in reducing blood sugar levels and controls urination. It also controls sugar in urine and promotes healthy digestion.

Rs. 658

Hawaiian Herbal Berry Blues Tea - 250 g

Enjoy a smooth and slightly tart blend of blueberries, apple pieces and hibiscus flowers for good health! Blueberries are called a “super-food” by nutritionists and researchers have plenty of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C and E. Together, they help you stay healthy! It has the highest antioxidant capacity of all fruit. It helps to neutralize free radicals which can reduce the risk of disease and premature aging in the body. It also helps to raise Hemoglobin and oxygen concentration in blood.

Rs. 634

Hawaiian Herbal Bio Life Slim Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Bio Life Slim Tea contains vitamins and minerals and also supports overall immune functioning. It also helps to control blood glucose levels and controls appetite by causing a feeling of fullness. It reduces fatigue, anxiety, excitation and stress. It provides mental energy, motivation, and concentration. It also increases overall cognitive performance. Beta glucans might lower blood cholesterol by preventing the absorption of cholesterol from food in the stomach and intestines. It stimulates the immune system and decreases high glucose levels in blood while preventing diabetes.

Rs. 634

Hawaiian Herbal Bronchial Wellness Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Bronchial Wellness Tea contains strong antioxidants and prevents the cells from oxidative damage. It builds strong immunity system and prevents against different types of allergies. It promotes complete lung health and helps to increase stamina, strength, and endurance. It has anti-inflammatory property that can help reduce inflammation in the lungs and also helps in detoxifications of entire respiratory tract.

Rs. 666

Hawaiian Herbal Cardio Tea - 250 g

Cardio Tea from Hawaiian Herbal may enhance the heart health by boosting cardiovascular activities. It is designed to boost metabolism to higher levels so the body can break down unwanted bad cholesterol. It may provide healthy heart & long life while strengthening cardiovascular system. It also controls cholesterol production and provides improved cholesterol level. It also acts as a herbal energy booster.

Rs. 616

Hawaiian Herbal Chamomile Tea - 250 g

Chamomile tea is a simple, healthy and delicious way to relieve anxiety, and current scientific studies support this tea's long-time reputation as a stress reliever and nerve relaxant, showing it to be an effective way to reduce anxiety and depression. Regular intake of chamomile tea can help you get good sleep and can give you relief from troubled sleep.

Rs. 619

Hawaiian Herbal Cleanse & Detox Tea - 250 g

Cleanse & Detox Herbal Tea supports healthy liver function that is essential to maintaining wellness. This unique formulation is characterized by the presence of herbs with well-known purifying action such as burdock and artichoke, combined with the antioxidant properties of rooibos. The gentle herb blend is complemented by essential oils of lemon and peppermint, giving a pleasant taste to this tea.

Rs. 624

Hawaiian Herbal Digest Tea - 250 g

Herbal Digest Tea from Hawaiian Herbal is useful for every day digestive distress. It offers a naturally pleasant taste through its balance of aromatic and digestive ingredients. It is a 100% natural, halal and kosher certified product produced under international GMP regulations. It helps break down and digest food and aids in absorbing nutrients.

Rs. 614

Hawaiian Herbal Fenugreek Seed Tea - 250 g

Fenugreek Seed Tea from Hawaiian Herbal can help you obtain the health benefits of fenugreek. It heals bone & joints pain. It promotes anti inflammation in the body and promotes healthy sugar level. It normalizes hormonal secretion in the body. Fenugreek seeds have a distinct maple aroma and are commonly used in Indian and Asian cooking. As per many scientific clinical trials it has proved fenugreek has strong healing effects and is considered to be very valuable anti-inflammatory herb and may help relieve symptoms related to joints pain, stiffness & also known to possess good effects on healthy uterine functions in the body.

Rs. 629

Hawaiian Herbal Ganoderma Tea - 250 g

Ganoderma Tea is multi-beneficial organic tea which may help to strengthen the normal healing process, scan the body, neutralize the free radiacls, detoxify toxins and metabolic wastes, enhance the oxygen supply to the various organs in the body, normalize body functions and helps to eliminate body disorders and beautifies skin. It is known as the best known adaptogen, i.e non toxic, no side effects on prolonged use and helps in overall normalization of body functions.

Rs. 634

Hawaiian Herbal Gas & Bloating Tea - 250 g

Gas & bloating is a common occurrence due to eating too quickly or eating foods that your body may not agree with. This may result in a feeling of fullness accompanied by digestive gas and bloating. This unique tea formulation combines natural herbs to sooth your digestive system and provide fast acting relief for occasional indigestion. It promotes healthy digestion and healthy bowel movements. It relieves from constipation and prevents from flatulence and bloating.

Rs. 639

Hawaiian Herbal Ginger Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Ginger Tea boosts adrenal gland functions, relieves from stress and increases fertility in women with polycystic ovary syndrome. Peppermint in it reduces spasms in the digestive tract and relieves pain. It is used for the common cold, cough, inflammation of the mouth and throat, sinus and respiratory infections. It is also used for digestive problems including heartburn, nausea, vomiting, irritable bowel syndrome, cramps of the upper gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts, upset stomach, diarrhea, bacterial overgrowth of the small intestine and gas.

Rs. 698

Hawaiian Herbal Glyco Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Glyco Tea is the perfect blend of most researched and studied low carb enhancing ingredient GCA which is also is the answer for reducing carbohydrate and calorie absorption in the digestive and hepatic systems without stimulants and causing gastrointestinal discomforts. GCA reduces the amount of carbohydrates (sugar and starch). Even when you are not eating, GCA inhibits stored sugars from supplying energy needs, forcing our bodies to initiate the burning of fats as an energy source.

Rs. 648

Hawaiian Herbal Go with the Flow Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Go with the Flow Tea helps to boost digestibility and it is an instant energy enhancer. All the ingredients have many health and fitness benefits as per many clinical studies and indeed a good source of fiber.

Rs. 654

Hawaiian Herbal Green Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Green Tea provides healthy heart & long life. Hawaiian Green Tea Has potential health benefits like detoxifying body, reducing weight, decreasing constipation and helping improve energy levels. It provides healthy and radiant skin and manages weight. It also relieves from stress and slows down aging and keeps you young.

Rs. 666

Hawaiian Herbal Liver Care Powder - 200 g

Liver Care Powder contains different vital herbs in optimum concentration required to provide complete benefits to restore liver function parameters, which may help to check degeneration and promote regeneration of liver cells. Liver care powder also has antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune- modulator properties.

Rs. 595

Hawaiian Herbal Milk Thistle and Dandelion Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Milk Thistle and Dandelion Tea can reduce drug and alcohol induced liver damage. It can help in acute viral and chronic active hepatitis. It may also prevent from alcoholic cirrhosis. it can prevent liver from environmental sensitivities and toxins and also helps with intestinal or indigestion issues. It aids in improving gall bladder functions and works as a free radical scavenger and powerful antioxidant.

Rs. 619

Hawaiian Herbal Nutricharge for Men Tea - 250 g

Nutricharge for Men is specially formulated to help heart healthy, sharpens immune system, hair and skin health and improves energy. This is an advanced daily health product designed to meet daily nutritional requirement of men. It is used for preventing heart disease like atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can also help in preventing cancer of the prostate, breast, lung, bladder, ovaries, colon, and pancreas.

Rs. 624

Hawaiian Herbal Nutricharge for Women Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Nutricharge for Women Tea contains a unique blend of ingredients that are vital for good health. This is excellent combination of herbs, fruits, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Rs. 629

Hawaiian Herbal Organic Premium Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Organic Premium Tea is a perfect combination of color, taste and strength which is also good for your health. It is also rich in naturally occurring flavanoids and has been known to improve blood circulation. The antioxidant properties in tea can help prevent cancers of the mouth, stomach, pancreas, lungs, esophagus, colon, breast and prostate. The antioxidants in a single cup of tea is equal to those in one serving of vegetables. It helps to maintain mental alertness and stabilizes fluid levels.

Rs. 609

Hawaiian Herbal Organic Sage Tea - 250 g

Sage Tea (salvia officinalis) from Hawaiian Herbal is a potent source of antioxidant such as flavonoids (including apigenin, diosmetin, and luteolin), and phenolic acids, including the rosmarinic acid. Antioxidants act as scavengers to clean up the free radicals of metabolism and other environmental toxins like smoke and pesticides in the body. Antioxidants work to prevent free radicals from attacking the cell tissues, prevent the signs of early aging and the risk of conditions like cancer and heart disease. It can also act to reduce inflammatory responses.

Rs. 644

Hawaiian Herbal Organic Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Organic Tea can also help to provide healthy heart and long life. It is loaded with green tea leaves extract, leonurus cardiac, salvia miltiiorrhiza, vaccinium myrthus, terminalia arjuna and pterocarpus marsupium which are known to contain so many health enhancing nutrients. It contains antioxidants that help protect the cells from free radical damage. It can also help to lower high blood pressure. It helps to reduce the high cholesterol and triglycerides levels while improving blood circulation.

Rs. 639

Hawaiian Herbal Passion Flower Tea - 250 g

Passion Flower Tea has been deemed as one of the best tea for soothing and relaxing those that are plagued with stress and anxiety. The healing properties of this tea makes it far better for use than many medications which can have negative and unwanted side effects. Passion Flower Tea can also be used for sleep problems such as Insomnia. It can also have an aphrodisiac effect. It prevents from anxiety, stress and restlessness. It may improve blood circulation, lower blood pressure and helps to treat physical aches and pains.

Rs. 639

Hawaiian Herbal Peppermint Tea - 250 g

Peppermint composes numerous plant derived chemical compounds that are known to have been anti-oxidant, disease-preventing and health promoting properties. Peppermint Tea from Hawaiian Herbal is a delicious and refreshing way to boost your overall health in a number of ways, due to its health promoting properties. It can aid digestion, relieves nausea, fever and cough. It can boost immune system and reduces bad breath. It can relieve stress and anxiety and acts as an appetite suppressant thus aids weight loss.

Rs. 644

Hawaiian Herbal Rasp Berry Tea - 250 g

Rasp Berry Tea provides healthy heart & long life. The chemicals in Red Raspberry Tea might have antioxidant effects and helps relax blood vessels. They might also cause muscles to contract or relax, depending on the dose and the muscle involved. Hawaiian Rasp Berry tea is naturally high in magnesium, iron & anti oxidants. It helps to improve sleep and beneficial for the female reproductive system. It strengthens the uterus and pelvic muscels and soothes and prevents bleeding gums which many pregnant women often experience. It also regulates irregular menstrual cycle and decreases heavy periods and offers a rich source of iron, calcium, manganese and magnesium.

Rs. 648

Hawaiian Herbal Rooibos Tea - 250 g

Rooibos Tea is rich in many mineral such as iron, calcium, potassium, copper, fluoride, manganese, zinc, magnesium and alpha hydroxy acid, antioxidants like aspalathin and nothofagin, and the extremely potent and versatile phenolic compounds. Many scientific studies suggest that antioxidants not only slow the aging process and fight inflammation, but they can protect us from chronic disease, such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease as well. Polyphenolic compounds are known to have anti-inflammatory, antiallergic, and immune boosting properties.

Rs. 654

Hawaiian Herbal Rosehip Tea - 250 g

Researchers have found that Rosehip enhanced activity of the important antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Antioxidants can play a role in preventing diseases related to oxidation, such as heart disease, arthritis and cancer. It is loaded with antioxidants and prevents from premature aging. It can also support healthy cardiovascular system and may help in cancer prevention. It can also help in curing inflammatory diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Rs. 658

Hawaiian Herbal Sleep & Relax Tea - 250 g

Sleep & Relax Herbal Tea features a blend of 100% organic herbs to enhance its relaxing action. This gentle, yet fast-acting tea encourages healthy sleep patterns and leaves you feeling refreshed upon waking. It can help to improve sleep and relieves from insomnia. It improves feeling and concentration. It reduces stress and anxiety and prevents from fatigue and exhaustion.

Rs. 569

Hawaiian Herbal Slim Tea - 250 g

Hawaiian Herbal Slim Tea contains many kinds of vitamins, food fibers, mineral substances and microelements that help to increase metabolism, shape the body, boost your energy level, lose weight, burn fat & feel young. Hawaiian Slim Tea boosts up the metabolism and enhances the body’s fat burning capabilities because of the natural herbs contained in it. It also prevents the storage of too much fat and is helpful in slimming, especially when the person feels that he or she needs to loose some calories. It possesses rich anti-oxidant properties due to presence of natural herbs which are very beneficial in reducing cholesterol level in the body.

Rs. 619

Hawaiian Herbal Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea - 250 g

Wild Strawberry Leaf Tea may be a great option for those who want to keep their antioxidant levels topped up and are looking for a caffeine-free alternative to green tea or black tea. Antioxidants prevent from many dreadful diseases by neutralizing free radical induced damage. Scientific studies have also proven that wild strawberry leaves are a good source of ellagic acid (compound with anti-cancer potential) and tannins (polyphenols that have been used to treat diarrhea).

Rs. 624

Hawaiian Herbal Zallouh Extract Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Herbal Zallouh Extract Powder can enhance libido, loving pleasure, loving desire and loving performance in both lovers. It is made from harvested zallouh (ferulis harmonis) plant from massive Mount Haramoun, Lebanon, more than 6000 feet above sea level during its peak season from August to October.

Rs. 579

Hawaiian Herbal Zeta Tea - 250 g

Zeta Tea is sourced from only the most exotic and sought after places, ensuring the highest of quality not only in raw product but throughout the whole manufacturing process. This exotic Assam tea contains vitamin b1 (thiamine) and it enables the body to use its carbohydrates intake for energy-use, thus also enhancing blood circulation. Packed with full of antioxidants, Zeta Tea not only wins on taste but also on health benefits. It can help in decreasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and improves blood circulation. It also helps to enhance the immune system.

Rs. 634

Hawaiian Herbal Aloe Vera Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Aloe Vera Powder helps a person to maintain good health, known to help to detoxify the body and cleanse the colon. The detoxification properties of the juice also work to detoxify the blood stream, it is also said that aloe vera can benefit a person with intestinal or stomach problems, it can aid in the healing of ulcers and help the digestive tract to work smoothly. Aloevera improves blood circulation. Aloe helps dilate the capillaries and aids in cell growth.

Rs. 538

Hawaiian Herbal Arjun Chal Powder - 200 g

Arjun Chal is useful as an anti-ischemic and cardio protective agent in hypertension and ischemic heart diseases. Hawaiian Arjun Chal powder helps in effective cardiac functioning and regulates blood pressure. Arjun chal has been used in ayurvedic formation since ancient times. This has been used in ayurveda as a cardiac tonic as it contains the co-enzyme q-10 that is extremely beneficial for strong heart muscles.

Rs. 559

Hawaiian Herbal Artemisinin Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Herbal Artemisinin Powder can support healthy immune responses and skin health. It acts as a bitter and carminative. It gives nutritional support to the gastrointestinal tract. It can promote gut health and digestion by enhancing secretion of digestive enzymes and bile. It can relieve from constipation and indigestion and helps in maintaining a healthy balance of normal bacteria in the intestines.

Rs. 549

Hawaiian Herbal Asmagon Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Herbal Asmagon Powder can modulate immune response to allergens and arrest allergic manifestations and to build resistance against respiratory pathogens, control chronic cough and helps to prevent from asthmatic attacks. This new, all-natural formula can clear stuffy noses and help balance histamine production, so you can tackle all your tasks freely.

Rs. 565

Hawaiian Herbal Asthma Care Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Asthma Care powder is made from natural and pure herbs that are safe to use. It contains special ingredients that are completely effective in providing strength to the lungs and keep the breathing to the normal level. Hawaiian asthma care powder are equally effective for other respiratory problems such as coughing, wheezing & general body weakness. It cures the root cause of asthma by drying bronchial phlegm, so the lungs can work more conveniently.

Rs. 558

Hawaiian Herbal Baraca Powder - 200 g

The natural oil in baraka powder is well known for its efficacy in the treatment of a wide range of disorders and help in overall health and vitality. It can increase body vitality, overcome daily fatigue & weakness, improves body immunity, help in bronchial asthma, whooping cough, stomach pain, flatulence etc.

Rs. 545

Hawaiian Herbal Bilberry Powder - 200 g

Bilberry is high in flavonoids (anthocyanosides) that enhance microcirculation throughout the body particularly in the delicate blood vessels supplying the retina of the eye. Fresh whole bilberries in Hawaiian Bilberry Powder are extracted to provide an optimal level of 25 percent naturally occurring anthocyanidin. In several clinical studies it has been noticed to be supportive in visual adaptation to light, improving night time vision, microcirculation, promoting healthy connective tissues and provides antioxidant protection to the eyes.

Rs. 527

Hawaiian Herbal Black Cohosh Powder - 200 g

Hawaiian Herbal Black Cohosh Powder can help support a woman's body during natural transitional hormonal states. It can maintain estrogen balance and helps in improving blood circulation. It can promotes regular menstruation and tone up female generative organs. It may help in removing toxins from the blood and helps to relieve stress and anxiety.

Rs. 500