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Tea Treasure Oolong Tea - 50 g

The taste of oolong is sweet and fruity with honey aromas, green and fresh with bouquet aromas. This Oolong Tea from Tea Treasure requires nothing but the tea itself. Oolong tea is best consumed on its own to savor the complexity and depth of the beverage. This is a rare oolong tea with each leaf made in a signature style to preserve the fragrant tea oils with a unique hint of roastines and notes of ripe plum and sea butter. Oolong tea is partially fermented, so it contains quality of black tea and Green Tea as well.

Rs. 389

Tea Treasure Oolong Tea Handcrafted Tea Bags - Pack of 1

Oolong is a very unique tea as each leaf is prepared to preserve the essential tea oils which effectively help in reducing weight, regulate cholesterol and gives the skin a healthy glow. Start your day with a healthy combination of ripe plum and shea butter. This cup with its eccentric fusion and hints of roastines is enough to keep you going.

Rs. 349

Tea Treasures Tea For Two - Lemon Tulsi And Oolong Darjeeling Tea - Wood Box

Wherever you go, never miss out on the invigorating experience of Tea Treasure's tea infusions. Now get a pack for two suitably crafted for couples in a luxurious wooden box. Featuring a pack of gourmet tea infusions, it is perfect for a getaway or for pure indulgence at home!

Rs. 1,359

Woods And Petals Chamomile - Oolong Tea Combo

Two exotic, flavourful teas from Woods And Petals in a combo pack ! Oolong tea is Semi green tea, where the fermentation process is halted as soon as the leaf starts to change color. Oolong tea has characteristics of both green and black tea. It helps in breaking down fat , thus aiding weight loss. Regular use helps to minimize effects of ageing on your skin. Chamomile is naturally sun dried and withered, thus retaining its natural aroma. Chamomile relieves anxiety and treats sleep disorders such as insomnia. It also eases digestive pain or discomfort.

Rs. 517 Rs. 492