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Omved Dab On Soothe After Shave - 100 ml

This nutrient rich Aloe Vera based gel with an aromatic blend of natural essential oils works wonders on rough and tough skin! Specially formulated to rebalance skin's natural moisture while soothing skin irritations and inflammations, this gel makes an excellent after-shave gel. The deep woody aroma of Cedarwood, accentuated with fresh Lavender ensures your skin smells as good as it feels! perfect for all skin types, this wonderful sooth on gel should be a part of the grooming kit!

Rs. 689

Omved Foam On Glide Shaving Gel - 100 ml

Start your day with a shave that will leave your skin soft! Omved's Foam-on Glide gel makes your shaves gentle and smoother with its easy-gliding, non-razor clogging, all-natural formula. It has a rich base of Aloe Vera that moisturises your skin while you shave, so you get a soft, silky shave without nicks and cuts. The unique soap-free formula of this gel, derived from coconut oil, softens the beard for a close and comfortable shave, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated. The energizing rosemary along with with the warm, spicy cinnamon and clove oils lend a subtle, woody aroma to this wonderful shaving gel. Suitable for all skin types and effective in remedying the shaving woes of both and women.

Rs. 689

Rustic Art Organic After Shaving Gel - 100 g

Organic Aloe Vera with Tea Tree Extract and Vit-E. It soothes the skin and replenishes it after a shave or waxing. It reduces the redness and prevents any outbreak on the skin. It even tones the skin and heals sunburn.

Rs. 320 Rs. 288

Rustic Art Organic Shaving Bar - 50 g

With goodness of Grape Fruit Seed Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Neem Oil and Lemon Oil. This is a unique shaving bar which is completely organic and gives a smooth finish. Swirl wet shaving brush over the surface of the soap. Lather wet face. Use Rustic Art Aloe Vera-Tea Tree After Shave Gel for best results. Keep the soap dry after use.

Rs. 170