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GISKAA Green Rewards Loyalty Program

GISKAA Green Rewards

GISKAA Green Rewards Loyalty Program

What is Green Rewards?

Green Rewards is a loyalty/rewards program designed to promote eco-friendly purchases. GISKAA promotes environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle by promoting and increasing awareness of unique eco-friendly and natural products sourced from across the country. As an online shop we promote our products extensively on Social Media and other channels. As company with a vision to encourage use of environmentally friendly and healthier products, we are taking this to the next level by rewarding customers who make more eco-friendly purchases. This was most logical step for us to take, and we hope this takes us closer to our vision.

How are Green Points calculated?

Each product purchase on earns you certain number of Green Points. Green Points are analogous to Carbon Credits. The more eco-friendly and natural a product is the more points you earn! So, how do we define how eco-friendly and natural a product is? The GISKAA team has come up with a unique rating system through which each product is rated over a scale of 1 to 5. We arrive at this aggregated score by taking each product through an intensive and comprehensive rating algorithm which takes into account the Health, Environment and Social impact. 

All products are assigned ratings across 3 Impact Areas - 

  • Health – ratings based on whether a product meets certain criteria like: 
    • Usage of artificial dyes, chemicals, preservatives, taste enhancers etc. which could be harmful to health
    • Designed in such a manner that the product poses minimal health and safety hazards
  • Environmental – ratings based on certain criteria like:
    • End product is biodegradable
    • Non-toxic properties
    • Renewable/recyclable/sustainable
    • Handmade without use of mechanised processes
    • Whether testing on animals were involved in the making process
  • Social – ratings based on criteria like:
    • Contribution to local employment generation. Review for discrimination and exploitation of workers/artisans
    • Provision for safe working environment
    • Does not employ child labour
    • Contribution towards women empowerment

The aggregated ratings for each Impact Area are then subjected to different weightage percentages depending on whether a product falls under which category - Food, Fashion, Home Décor, Kitchen, Personal Care, Office Accessories and so on. For example, food products will have a higher weightage in the Health Impact area. The end result of this methodical and intensive process is a Weighted Score for each product that falls between a range of 1 to 5. For Food & Personal Care products we call this as the NATURAL SCORE, whereas for Fashion, Home Décor and others we call this the ECO SCORE.


You will see these scores visually represented on each product page. Green Points for each product is then calculated based on the ECO or NATURAL SCORE of the product as a percentage of the Product Price. For example, a product priced Rs 1,000 with a score of 5/5 will earn you 100 Green Points. Another product priced at Rs 500 with a score of 3/5 will earn you 25 Green Points. 

*Note that these percentages may change from time to time depending on the promotions and deals prevailing at that particular time. The Green Points are clearly displayed on each product page.


We kept it really simple – 1 Green Point = 1 Rupee! If you have 100 points in your account you can redeem for Rs 100. Go ahead – shop and start earning. Happy shopping!


How to earn points?

On the product page the number of eligible Green Points is displayed. You will also see the eligible earnings in the Shopping Cart page. Once you complete your order (payment complete for online payments / verified for COD payments) these points will be credited into your Green Rewards account. Please note that for cancelled orders the reward points will be reversed and the points will be deducted from your points balance at the time of cancellation.

How to redeem points?

It is very simple. You can redeem Green Points on the Shopping Cart page at checkout. Just type in number of Green Points you will like to redeem and then click/tap Apply. You will observe that the Payable Amount has been reduced by the number of Green Points applied. 

Note - you may redeem Reward Points up to a maximum of 20% of total order value.

Where can I see my Green Points balance?

You can see your Green Points balance by logging into your Account. After you log in go to My Account section and then click on Rewards Program.

Can I earn points as a Guest user?

No, you need to be a registered user in order to join the Rewards Program. If you checkout as Guest you will not earn any points for your purchase.