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Rural Resource and Training Centre

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Pure Honey - 250 g

This pure, fresh and high quality honey produced by Apis Cerena Indica (Indian Honeybee) will add rich and luscious flavour to your breakfast and fresh drinks and tickle your taste buds while working wonders on your health. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 319

Red Chili Pickle - 200 g (veg)

Spicy and superb! Experience the taste of Northeast through their traditionally made pickles. Made with hot chilies, you will get a kick out of this one. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 144

Sohphie Pickle - 200 g (veg)

Experience a lusciously pulpy and sweet with a pleasant tanginess zest to your meals with this Sohphie pickle. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 113

Sohphoh Khasi Pickle - 200 g (veg)

Brought to you from the Khasi Hills of Meghalaya, this exotic Sohphoh or Wild apple pickle, with its sweet-sour taste which is perfectly preserved in pickled form, is surely going to win your heart and make a permanent place in your plate. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 113

Sohshang Pickle - 200 g (veg)

This sour wild, red pulpy olive sort of fruit will instantly bring water to the mouths of those who know of it. Red dotted with minute white spots, its very appearance is typical of a acidic, drool inducing, summer fruit. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 140