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The Green Caravan, Kohima

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Dried Gooseberry (Amla) - Pack of 4 - (4 x 100 g)

When the goodness of this highly medicinal fruit can be prepared into a packet of delicious and mouthwatering sweet and tangy candy treat, it sure will make any candy lover feel ecstatic. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 4 x 100 g

Rs. 171

Dried Wild Apple - Pack of 4 - (4 x 100 g)

Tickle your taste buds with this sweet and tangy flavoured dried wild apple candy which also serves as a great appetizer after a hearty meal. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 4 x 100g

Rs. 287

Garuh (Buckwheat) - Pack of 2 - (2 x 80 g)

Add this extra nutritious and extremely healthy buckwheat leaves to your diet as tea supplement or vegetable and discover the delicious flavor the leaves have to offer. Made in Assam.

Weight: 2 x 80 g

Rs. 143 Rs. 129

Kerhu/Axone/Akhuni Chutney (dried soya bean chutney) - Pack of 2 - (2 x 50 g) (Veg)

Those who know of Axone (Dried soya bean) love it and while it is very much an acquired taste, those who can get past its pungent smell to taste it, most often fall in love with it too! Grab a packet of yummy 'NorthEastern-ness' now! Made in Nagaland

Weight: 2 x 50 g

Rs. 114

Naga king chilli pickle (semi paste) - 200 g (Veg)

For the love of everything hot and spicy, this hottest chili in the world can set your mouth on fire with just a small lick. This bottled King Chili is preserved in oil so that you can relish it any time you want. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 285

Rhododendron Jam - 200 g

Savor this delicious mouthwatering jam made out of Rhododendron and get lost in the flavor that the enchanting hills of the Northeast have to offer. This very rare and unique type of jam that will enhance your meal and is available online on Made in Nagaland

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 356

Dried Brinjal - 100 g

Recipes with brinjal and limitless. Tasty as they come, these dried brinjals add that lovely flavour to your meal. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 118

Dried King Chilli - 50 g

The king of chilies you can say. Hot as they come, the king chili is known or it's exquisite spicy flavour. If you're seeking to indulge in something hot, we suggest you add this to your meal. From Nagaland.

Rs. 207

Dried Knotweed - 25g

A vast growing weed, that is accused of being a pest. What most people are unaware of is that this weed is edible and, oh yes, it can be healthy for you too. Use the dried knotweed to add a unique flavour to your food. Made in Nagaland

Rs. 64

Kholar - Kidney Beans (rajma) - 1 kg

Naturally organic kidney beans for your Rajma & Chawal combo. Grown in the hilly regions of the Northeast, it is pestiside free and fresh. Made in Nagaland.
- 1 kg
- Naturally grown
- Pesticide & chemical free

Rs. 174