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It's in the wild that true beauty lies. The wild is pure, untampered and honest. At 'Wild Earth' we believe in creating products in sync with nature. We strive to retain the goodness of ingredients in our products without tampering with their purity or simplicity. Our products are free from sulphates & parabens and packed with only what's good for you and your skin.

All 'Wild Products' are handcrafted, natural and eco friendly. Transparency is very important to us and you will always know what ingredients go in each of our products. The only ingredient not listed is Love which is sprinkled lavishly on all our products. However, we promise you will feel that love whilst using 'Wild Earth' products.

Wild Earth is a socially conscious organisation and believes in giving back to society. A significant part of our earnings from the sale of 'Wild Earth' products goes towards supporting 'The Bluebells Community', a community dedicated to bringing smiles on the faces of the underprivileged. We thank you for being a part of this lovely cause by using our products.

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Wild Earth Anti Aging Face Cream - 50 g

Do you worry often about your fine lines? And that worry in turn causes more fine lines? While you cannot reverse the effects of ageing, you certainly can delay them. Wild Earth's Anti Aging Cream is a potent cream with the benefits of papaya, almonds, aloevera and ginseng to fight fine lines and wrinkles, delay their appearance and leave skin youthful and fighting fit.

Rs. 524

Wild Earth Cinnamon Black Pepper Soap - 100 g

Spice up your day the Natural and Herbal way with the Wild Earth Cinnamon Black Pepper Soap. A hot favourite of both men and women!
Weight:100 g

Rs. 175

Wild Earth Dark Chocolate Lip Balm - 9 g

Slab on the richness of Cocoa butter on your lips. The Dark Chocolate Lip Balm from Wild Earth protects and nourishes your lips from UV rays and dryness.

Rs. 199

Wild Earth Drunken Wine and Beer Soap - 100 g

A one-of-a-kind soap which will leave you heady & high. A must have for all wine and beer lovers!
Weight:100 g

Rs. 176 Rs. 88

Wild Earth Exotic Orange Mandarin Soap - 100 g

Handcrafted and made with care, awaken your senses with the Exotic Orange Mandarin Soap from Wild Earth.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 175

Wild Earth Exotic Travel Kit - 30 ml + 30 ml + 30 ml

Make travelling lighter and easier and with the Exotic Travel Kit from Wild Earth. Easy to fit and carry.

Rs. 245 Rs. 123

Wild Earth Ginger Lemongrass Body Scrub - 100 g

Refreshing Ginger Lemongrass Body Scrub is so fresh smelling and packed with the goodness of natural ingredients that it will become your favourite weekly ritual. Just scrub it in, rinse away and feel like a queen drenched in exotica. Does not contain sulphates, parabens or any plastic beads as exfoliating agents.

Rs. 549

Wild Earth Ginger Lime Extra Conditioning Shampoo - 210 ml

This Sls/SLES & Paraben Free Conditioning Shampoo is made with raw and active plant ingredients that strengthen, protect and moisturize hair to leave it soft and full of body. Bhringraj, neem, reetha and other ayurveda herbs are expertly blended to help regenerate hair, protect it against environmental influences and stimulate circulation in the scalp. The gentle purifying shampoo with citrus lime, mint & 100% vegan ingredients, refreshes and invigorates both hair and scalp.

Rs. 424

Wild Earth Grape Wine Lip Balm - 9 g

Get the luscious and lingering taste of grapes on your lips with the Wild Earth Grape Wine Lip Balm.

Rs. 199

Wild Earth Handmade Ayurvedic Turmeric Soap - 100 g

Go Ayurvedic! Nourish your skin and restore its glow with the all natural Handmade Ayurvedic Turmeric Soap from Wild Earth.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 145

Wild Earth Honey Oatmeal Milk Soap - 100 g

Get the goodness of pure honey and oatmeal with the Wild Earth Honey Oatmeal Milk Soap. Ideal for sensitive skin.
Weight:100 g

Rs. 175

Wild Earth Indulgence Gift Set

Gift your loved ones a lovely box full of natural goodies they will love and cherish. This gift box contains 2 handmade natural soaps, 1 Ginger Lime Shampoo and a Saffron Almond Moisturising Body Lotion. Excellent as a travel kit, sample box or gift set.

Rs. 494

Wild Earth Lavender Grapefruit Body Scrub - 100 g

Refreshing Lavender Grapefruit Body Scrub is so fresh smelling and packed with the goodness of natural ingredients that it will become your favourite weekly ritual. Just scrub it in, rinse away and feel like a queen drenched in exotica. Does not contain sulphates, parabens or any plastic beads as exfoliating agents.

Rs. 549

Wild Earth Neem Aloe Vera Tulsi Soap - 100 g

A Herbal soap with multiple benefits!! Good for pimple, acne and rash prone skin and also smoothes out wrinkles!
Weight:100 g

Rs. 145 Rs. 73

Wild Earth Oceanic Calm Body Wash - 100 ml

The smell of the ocean, the freshness of the waves, a sense of calm and renewed energy of the waters all packed in this beautiful body wash which is sulphate & parabens free. With it's heady oceanic fragrance, it goes well for both men and women who literally want to bring the ocean home. What's more, it's sulphate and paraben free and packed with natural ingredients. Go on. Try it. Surf in the oceanic waves while you shower, each morning, every morning.

Rs. 274

Wild Earth Peach Grapes Cherry Body Butter - 50 g

Moisturise and hydrate your skin with this rich Peach Grapes Cherry Body Butter. Leaves a lasting and lingering sweet smell.

Rs. 550

Wild Earth Refreshing Jasmine Peach Soap - 100 g

Add some floral-fruity twist to your bath! Lather up with this delightful combination of Jasmine and Peach
Weight:100 g

Rs. 175

Wild Earth Rose Aloe Vera Face Mist - 100 ml

Now beat the summer blues with Wild Earth cool 'Rose Aloe Vera Face Mist'. Blended with pure rose and aloevera extracts, this face mist replenishes lost moisture to your face skin and keeps you feeling fresh all day. A must have in summers for everyone be it men, women or youngsters.

Rs. 449

Wild Earth Rose Honey Face & Body Wash - 100 ml

Dive into a bed of rose with this fragrant body wash which will add the freshness of rose petals to your everyday bath.

Rs. 250

Wild Earth Saffron Almond Body Lotion - 210 ml

This wonderful smelling body lotion has the goodness of Saffron and Almonds or Badam Kesar as we know it. It keeps the body moisturised while the vitamin E in almonds keeps skin young and supple. An all year moisturiser this one's light to use without being greasy. A great summer time must have.

Rs. 474

Wild Earth Strawberry Lip Balm

Lip balms help protect your lips from harmful UV rays and harsh weather like cold and wind while providing nourishment to them. 'Wild Earth' Lip Balms are made with a blend of shea butter, cocoa butter and kokum butter and exotic oils like carrot seed, sesame, Almond and Vitamin E oil which leaves your lips moisturised, soft and supple. It does not contain petroleum jelly.

Rs. 198

Wild Earth Vanilla Coffee Loofah Soap - 100 g

Enjoy the natural benefits of Vanilla and Coffee incorporated in this unique soap that has been embedded with a loofah inside, designed just for you!
Weight:100 g

Rs. 175

Wild Earth Woody Sandal Face & Body Wash - 100 ml

For the love of Sandalwood! Soak your senses in the earthy and woody fragrance, this body wash is for those who love and know the benefits of sandalwood.

Rs. 250