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Awesome Twosome Tea - 100 g

Lemongrass flavored green tea for a healthy dose of refreshing tea. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 260

Axone and Chili in Oil Pickle - 85 g (Veg)

Yum! Absolutely delicious and a must try, if you haven't before. Packed with flavour, this axone and chili pickle is a Northeast favourite. Spicy and tangy, the Axone and Chili in Oil Pickle is a perfect condiment to your meal. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 135

Bamboo Shoot Pickle With King Chilli/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost pepper - 150 g (Veg)

Tickle your taste buds with this sweet and tangy bamboo shoot pickle mixed with king chilly (bhut jolokia) that will make your boring meal lively and zesty. King chilly, also known as U-morok or Naga Morich, is one of the hottest chillies in the world. Eat this spicy and irresistible bamboo shoot pickle blended with exquisite ghost pepper along with your dal rice or anything that your heart desires to! Made in Nagaland

Rs. 276

Dry Chili Paste - 95 g (Veg)

Delicious and hot! The pickle factory has got their ingredients 'band-on' for your meal to meal condiment. Infused with ginger, garlic and other complements, you will love it's flavour. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 123

Earthy Green Tea - 100 g

Pick up the best partner for health with taste! Organic green tea from Amonar, is harvested in small batches from pristine tea gardens in Nagaland that use natural, organic and sustainable methods of farming to offer you the finest quality green tea! Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 245

Fermented Soya Bean (Axone) (veg) - 65 g

Mouth watering delicious fermented soya bean! Make it a part of your meal time and get unmatched nutritional benefits and finger licking taste! Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 65 g

Rs. 140

Green Hills Pickled Bamboo Shoot (veg) - 160 g

Bamboo shoot pickle mixed with rice makes simple food tasty! Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 164

King Chilli/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost pepper Hot Sauce - Flaming Hot - Veg - 60 ml

Super spicy, hot and fiery King chilli sauce made from one of the hottest chillies in the world- The Naga King Chilli to give you burning hot, spicy incredible flavour and lingering taste! Spice up your snacks, meals or anything that you desire with this flaming hot sauce that can set your mouth on fire with just a small lick! Give an incredibly hot flavour for your food by adding this sizzling hot yet irresistable sauce made with world renowned Naga king chilli and it is definitely not for the faint hearted! Made in Nagaland

Rs. 167

King Chilli/Bhut Jolokia/Ghost pepper Pickle - 150 g - Veg

Those who loves to eat hot and spicy chutneys, this one is for you. You can have this as a side dish along with rice, roti or as snacks. With over tones of both the ethnic and indigenous flavors, it is distinctive with world's hottest King chilli (Bhut jolokia) . Made in Nagaland

Rs. 276

Nutty Peanuts and Chili Sauce - 150 g (Veg)

A perfect combination of sting and nutty flavor! It goes well as a side dish with almost anything! Made with hot king chili sauce, you will surely get a kick out of this Nutty Peanuts and Chili Sauce. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 217

Pik A Cha Black Tea - 50 g

Fresh and vibrant organic black tea for a quick pick me up! Pick a chai or Pik A Cha, both means same! Enjoy the delightful taste of great black tea organically harvested from Nagaland. Indulge yourself in a cup of Pik A Cha Black Tea to experience the true goodness of nature!

Weight: 50 g

Rs. 185

Pork with Axone Pickle - 150 g (Non-Veg)

Smoked pork pickled in a traditional Naga manner. Enjoy them with your everyday meals.

Rs. 239

Smoked Pork Naga Style Pickle - 120 g (Non-Veg)

Home made pickled meat for your meat cravings. Smoked to perfection, every bite will take you back to the traditional Naga kitchen. This pickle is made with oodles of love and a whole lot of flavour. So go ahead and enjoy WOW pickle with steaming hot rice, noodles or even sticky rice. Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 198

Spicy Meat Medley Pickle - 120 g (Non-Veg)

Home made pickled meat for your meat cravings. Pickled to perfection, it will surely add a zingy finish to your meal. This pickle is made with oodles of love and a whole lot of flavour. So go ahead and enjoy WOW pickle with steaming hot rice or add them to your bowl of noodles. You can also turn this delicious pickle into a curry, without breaking a sweat, by adding a medium sized parboiled potato and some water! Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 212