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Chicken Bhujia - 250 g (non-veg)

Made from local premium-quality chicken, this product is full of natural and rich flavor with a careful mix of basic spices to satisfy your hunger pangs! Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 249

Smoked Pork and King Chilli Pickle (non - veg) - 150 g

Naga Smoked Pork & King Chilli Pickle - The best combination ever and a must try! from Kohima, Nagaland.

Weight: 150 g

Rs. 187

Fish Pickle (Rohu) - 250 g (non-veg)

We firmly believe that no meal is complete without chutney and this Rohu fish pickle definitely is high up there on the yummy pickle list! Get this packet of Rohu fish pickle, which is ready made and ready to eat right off the packet. Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 246

Green Hills Pickled Bamboo Shoot (veg) - 160 g

Bamboo shoot pickle mixed with rice makes simple food tasty! Made in Nagaland.

Rs. 156 Rs. 117

Chicken Pickle - 250 g (non-veg)

Made from locally sourced country chicken, this chicken pickle with its simple recipe is a yummilicious addition to your meal and will make your meal ever so finger licking good with every bite! Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 246

Lakadong Turmeric Powder - 200 g

Lakadong turmeric powder is of the finest quality, that is pure and natural, which will enhance the taste, colour and flavour of your dish a notch high. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 101

King Chilli (U-Morok) Dry - 25 g

An exotic hot dried king chili that will tickle your taste-buds with a distinct flavor! Made in Manipur

Weight: 25 g

Rs. 173

Morok Apouba (Chilli Powder) - 100 g - Pack of 4

Coarsely ground Manipuri chilli for that extra hotness in your curries. Made in Manipur

Weight: 400 g

Rs. 224

King Chilli (U-morok) Pickle (veg) - 250 g

King chilli (U-morok) pickle for the fiery effect in your mouth that will drive you crazy in taste! Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 160

Machal Apouba - Spice for Veg Dishes 100 g - Pack of 5

Coarsely ground spice mix perfected for vegetarian dishes. Made in Manipur

Weight: 500 g

Rs. 351

Shaa Machal - Spice for Non-Veg Dishes 100 g - Pack of 5

The perfect blend of the best Indian spices to make this amazing mix for your non-veg curries. Made in Manipur

Weight: 500 g

Rs. 351

Star Anise - Pack of 4 (4 x 50 g)

Add just a tiny petal of Star Anise (Chakra Phhol) to your dish and discover a whole new dimension of flavour and aroma, and keep your guest guessing about the secret ingredient for a wide range of dishes that would other wise taste mundane. Made in Assam

Weight: 4 x 50 g

Rs. 540

Sen Sen Dry Prawn Chutney (non-veg) - 100 g

If seafood makes you go weak on your knees, taste some delicious dry prawn chutney. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 246

Sen Sen Dry Meat with King Chilli (non - veg) - 100 g

Naga chilli is a king of tangy flavours and when combined with beef, they become the most irresistible combination on earth! Beef with Naga chilli. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 182

Sen Sen Pork with King Chilli (non-veg) - 100 g

Pork with King Chilli to enjoy the spiciest dish with some really yummy meat, seasoned with Naga spices. Made in Nagaland

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 215

Garlic Pickle (veg) - 250 g

Garlic pickle tastes great with any meal owing to the spicy flavours. Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 160 Rs. 144

King Chilli Sauce - 100 g

Hot, burning yet irresistable world famous chilli sauce-king chilli. Made in Nagaland.

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 187

Mango Pickle (veg) - 250 g

Try the hot mango pickle from Meira Pickles, to tickle your taste buds. Made in Manipur

Weight: 300 g

Rs. 91

Lemon Pickle (veg) - 250 g

Try this tangy lemon pickle and tickle your taste buds. Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 127

MEG Chilli Pickle - 200 g (veg)

A must-have for all chilly lovers – the Chilli Pickle is delightfully spicy. This fiery pickle has fresh chilies that are combined with select spices, to create a sharp and fresh taste that goes well with your meals. Made in Meghalaya.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 138

Oyster Mushroom Pickle (VEG) - 250 g

Perfect to tickle your taste-buds with oyster mushroom covered in spices. Pure vegetarian pickle - does not contain oyster (Oyster Mushroom is just a mushroom variety). Made in Manipur

Weight: 250 g

Rs. 155

Zebrang (Schezwan Pepper) - Pack of 2 (2 x 50 g)

Experience unique tingling, numbing pins and needles sensation and keep your guests guessing about your secret ingredient with this unique spice. Also known as Schezwan Pepper, Chinese pepper, flower pepper, and Sansho pepper. Dried berries of the prickly ash tree with a peppery taste, citrus aroma, and lingering fizzy sensation on the tongue. Made in Assam

Weight: 2 x 50 g

Rs. 284

Besan Powder (Gram Flour) - 480 g - Pack of 3

You never quite get the real home 'bora' (pakoda) taste with chana/gram besan. Prepare perfect 'boras' with Machal besan made from white peas. Made in Manipur

Weight: 480 g

Rs. 75 Rs. 68

Black Pepper - Pack of 2 (2 x 100 g)

We all love that peppery effect in our dishes and get some packaged pepper to add special flavors to your curries! Made in Assam

Weight: 2 x 100 g

Rs. 209 Rs. 146

Cinnamon or Dalchini - Pack of 2 (2 x 100 g)

A spice that is everyone’s favorite for the unique sweet flavor it imparts to anything it is added to. It is widely known as Dalchini in India. Made in Assam

Weight: 2 x 100g

Rs. 284

Sikkim Supreme Mango Pickle - 200 g (Veg)

The exotic taste of Sikkim Supreme Mango Pickle will make you go drooling, and bring that delicious touch to everyday meals. Made in Sikkim.

Weight: 200 g

Rs. 107

SN Ktung Shira (Small Dry Fish) Pickle - 100 g (non-veg)

Add this delightful small dry fish pickle commonly known as Ktung Shira by the Khasis, to thrill your taste buds like never before. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 193

SN Chicken Pickle - 150 g (non-veg)

Here is a slice of heaven for all you chicken lovers, made from high quality locally sourced chicken this chicken pickle with its simple recipe is a great addition to your meal. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 150 g

Rs. 233

SN Bird Eye Chili Pickle - 100 g (veg)

For those from the North East, this right here is the taste of home! With this Chilli pickle, you truly have something wonderful for your taste buds. Made in Meghalaya

Weight: 100 g

Rs. 208