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Zimyu Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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Snalthy Biscotti - 115 g

Fusion of dry nuts with wheat flour & cane sugar dough makes a splendid taste to biscotti. Perfect partner for your cup of tea. Weight: 115 g

Rs. 236

Snalthy Brownie - 115 g

Chocolaty thin brownies are sprinkled with chocolate chips made from natural cocoa powder & raisins which makes your mouth flooded with chocolaty melts of brownie. Because a brownie is not always sinful. Weight: 115 g

Rs. 236

Snalthy Hot Mexican chips - 100 g

A special mix of powdered tomato with potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. Potato is rich source of pottasium where as tomatoes are rich in vitamins A, C, and K. In a finger licking hot mexican flavour. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186

Snalthy Raagi Spinach Cookie - 100 g

In this delectable cookie, spinach is mashed and hidden with ingredients to offer a well-seasoned healthy cookie which tastes divine. Spinach supports in reducing hypertension. Snalthy raagi spinach cookie is health packed in a packet. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186

Snalthy Seed Rusk - 100 g

A bread slice with inter fusion of pumpkin,flax and watermelon seeds that are baked until dry, crisp and golden brown to give a break time rusky feast. Watermelon seeds supports normal heart function. Pumpkin seeds are good for the liver and flaxseeds aid weightloss. Weight: 100 g

Rs. 186